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Heritage and wellbeing of longterm hospitalized patients | Rob Belemans


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Netwerkmoment Erfgoedcollecties, gezondheid en welzijn, 30/11/2017

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Heritage and wellbeing of longterm hospitalized patients | Rob Belemans

  1. 1. Heritage and wellbeing of longterm hospitalized patients KU Leuven, Histaruz & UZ Leuven
  2. 2. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed2 KU Leuven Art & Heritage Part of the Rector’s Office, Services Staff of 14 colleagues - University archives - Art collection - Public services (tower & library) - Cultural programm (exhibitions) - Supporting collection holders New ways of heritage valorisation
  3. 3. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed3 6.12.2016 – Round table ‘Gathering the evidence …’ PC Caritas Melle => Nuala Morse, The University of Manchester/University College London Public and Cultural Engagement 6.3.2017 – Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds Museums for Health and Wellbeing Conference 2017 National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing => Heleen Chatterjee of UCL & UK Inspiration (before the Brexit)
  4. 4. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed4 Main idea for the pilot project 1)Using museum loan boxes in the hospital to aprove the wellbeing of long term hospitalized patients 2) Researching the possibilities to reproduce 3D printed replicas of heritage objects that could achieve the same evidence based results
  5. 5. Partnership for the start-up Heritage collections of the Louvain university Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed5 Volunteers of Histaruz Clinical medicins of the academic hospital
  6. 6. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed6 > 30 collections of academic disciplines  Finding the right objects  Gatering knowledge about the characteristics that make them useable in this specific context of health care and patients wellbeing  Proving the social relevance of heritage collections and of taking care of them
  7. 7. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed7 Histaruz = +30 volunteers - many of them retired nurses and medicins - Familiar with the hospital environment and procedures - Hands-on training on the stimulation of patients wellbeing by heritage manipulation  a new challenge => Proving the added value of retired employees for their former organisation
  8. 8. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed8 UZ Leuven biggest academic hospital of the country: - 4 campuses - almost 2000 beds - staff of 9000 people  1 or 2 departments participating in the pilot project (oncology ?)  involvement of the nursery school  in- & outside dissimination of a good practice => networking with other hospitals to improve and develop the methods
  9. 9. Diensten Rectoraat - Kunst & Erfgoed9 Phase 2 ?? partnership with => online 3D printing service to select and order a personalised set of heritage replicas for every patients loan box => printing schemes from all over the world available in the cloud for all the users of heritage loan boxes