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Designing a regional heritage program


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Published in: Technology
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Designing a regional heritage program

  1. 1. VINOVIVM.ORG Binchester Roman town and the northern borders - Britannia/Caledonia designing a regional heritage program Michael Shanks Stanfo rd University, California
  2. 2. reframing the Roman Empire
  3. 3. raising the bar on an archaeological summer school
  4. 4. wo r l d h e r i t a g e s i t e s
  5. 5. the challenges regi on a l study - how to do c ument a region cu l t u r al , as well as ec o no mic , enrichment and development academic outreach - the academy in the community coordinating professional, amateur, and community stakeholder interests i n t e r- i n s t i t u t i o n a l c o l l a b o r a t i o n
  6. 6. strategy creat e a di verse , dy namic , pro cess-bas ed ecolog y of publicatio n/ manifestation active alliances of institutions, agencies, associations, c o mmunities, individuals con n ect i n g lo cal fo c us with international s cope ar ticulating matters of common human concern en ab l ed thro ugh pro fessio nal exper tis e
  7. 7. t act i c synthetic themes focus on matters of common and pressing human concern
  8. 8. c it i e s a n d tow n s ?
  9. 9. l o c a l s a n d n ew c o m e r s ?
  10. 10. m i l i t a r y o c c upa ti o n?
  11. 11. what became of Rome?
  12. 12. me di eva l my t h o g r ap hy Joyous Ga rde - La ncelo t’s c astle (acc o rding to Thomas Malor y)
  13. 13. borde r l a n d s
  14. 14. t act i c shift from histor y to historiography making the past
  15. 15. l e a r n i n g t h ro u g h d o i n g
  16. 16. t act i c project and performance-based pedagogy student and community initiated “do it - don’t just tell it!” Cocreating Cultural Heritage - a Stanford/Göteborg project, Wa l l e n b e r g F o u n d a t i o n 2 0 0 5
  17. 17. t act i c sociality and inclusivity
  18. 18. t act i c active amateur involvement particularly those typically marginalized by professions (eg metal detector enthusiasts)
  19. 19. t act i c We b 2 . 0 and Archive 3.0 active IT enabled co-creation and collaboration
  20. 20. t act i c social software complementing sociality/inclusivity - community building
  21. 21. t act i c storytelling - against narrative and consider the potential of digitally-enabled storytelling
  22. 22. i n c l u s i v i t y - a m a t e u r a n d c o m mu n i t y i nvo l ve m e n t
  23. 23. t act i c deep mapping temporal topography
  24. 24. t act i c theater/archaeology th e re - a r tic ul at i on of fragment s of the past as real - t i me event c o lla borat i on wi t h t he fi ne ar ts
  25. 25. Tri Bywy d (Three Lives ) - 1995
  26. 26. t act i c chorography learn from old and familiar genres
  27. 27. one of the richest archaeological landscapes in the world
  28. 28. Lordenshaws - Coquetdale
  29. 29. Lindisfarne
  30. 30. t act i c chorography the itinerary Dere Street
  31. 31. Dere Street - the road north - Ad Fines - Chew Green
  32. 32. t act i c located media GPS enabled tagging (eg Google Maps) first-person peripatetic video itinerant learning
  33. 33. t act i c reception studies “ Ta l e s o f t h e F r o n t i e r ” a p r o j e c t l o o k i n g a t v i e w s o f H a d r i a n ’s Wa l l from the 15th centur y
  34. 34. t act i c flat management structures networks rather than hierarchies avoiding gatekeepers
  35. 35. t act i c artifact life stories rooted in quotidian detail the “thing” as a gathering
  36. 36. t act i c complementary synergetic components excavation - interpretation center - TV - exhibition - re-enactment - analysis
  37. 37. replication and reenactment in cyberspace
  38. 38. Roma - a community in Second Life
  39. 39. the “ Ti me Te am” @ Binchester 2009 t he most popul ar archaeological TV program in the world
  40. 40. a new interpretation center
  41. 41. an international summer school
  42. 42. v isito rs we l come - col l ab or ation welc om e
  43. 43. mi chael shanks.o rg mshanks. com a rc h a e o g r a p h e r. c o m