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  1. 1. Thursday 28th November L.O: To understand a conversation at the bank and to give advice about opening a bank account
  2. 2. Entry 1,2 and 3 learners: 1 3 1-What are the different payment methods mostly used nowadays? 2-Which ones do you prefer? Why? 2 by cheque by cash 4 by debit card by online banking 2-I prefer to pay by…. because it’s easier /faster/ safer… whereas paying by…is more difficult/ time consuming…
  3. 3. The two main types of payment people use mainly are: Entry 3/ Level 1 learners: Extension: What does it show? In your opinion, who (age group) might use each payment option?
  4. 4. How does it help with your learning? Entry 1 & 2 learners: Match up words with pictures Entry 3 & level 1 learners: Match up words with definitions
  5. 5. Match them up
  6. 6. Who is who? Match the words below to the pictures. A B A customer A bank adviser
  7. 7. Who says what? The customer or the bank adviser? I would like some information about Opening a bank account. What can I do for you? When do you send out the monthly statements? Is there a service fee for this type of account? Would you be interested in that service? Thank you very much , you have been very helpful!
  8. 8. What do you notice about these sentences? I would suggest you to open a savings account. You should first bring your passport and your driving licence. You can deposit your money into the automatic cash machine. It would be a good idea to open a joint account with your parents.
  9. 9. To give advice Use : You can / You should + infinitive It would be a good idea to… + infinitive I would suggest you to You need to Extension: Write 2 sentences with any of the expressions above.
  10. 10. Sam recently came to the UK and would like to open a bank account. He doesn’t know anything about the bank system in here. Prepare a short presentation to explain how to open a bank account and what to do. Entry 1 Learners: Write using You can/ You should /I would suggest Sam to… Entry 2/3 learners: Use connectives , adjectives and adverbs
  11. 11. First , you should find the nearest bank in your neighbourhood as you may need to go there several times. Then, you need to bring your identification documents with you when opening a bank account. The bank adviser may also ask you for a recent photo ID. You should ask the bank adviser the different types of accounts available and suitable for you. Finally , you can ask if there is a service fee for it but it is usually free to open a bank account. However, you may only need to deposit a small amount of money.
  12. 12. Esol homework Correct spelling mistakes