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Toxic Free and FIELD Get Down and Dirty with        CEFS Youth Gardening and SAF DocumentaryCollaborationbetween Toxic Fre...
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NC FIELD Newsletter Summer 2011 Press 1


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NC FIELD Newsletter Summer 2011 Press 1

  1. 1. NC FIELD • leadership • educationNewsletter Summer 2011 • dignity Fun in the Summertime for NC FIELD!Farmworker families celebratedthe completion of Home Ownership andFinancial Management classes given byTelamon Corporations’ Housing CounselorIsmelda Rosario Ortega this past Septem-ber. Their certificates of completion sym-bolize a wonderful collaboration betweenNC FIELD, AFOP, and Telamon Corpora-tion in serving the migrant and seasonalfarmworker families of North Carolina.On July 10th Grace Weng and Zama Coursen-Neft from Human RightsWatch Youth council spoke to the farmworker youth council, Poder Juvenil Campesino(PJC) at the Kinston Public Library. They spoke about their positions as human rightsactivists internationally and how stories and testimonies are important ways of docu-menting what really happens in marginalized communities in rural areas. SAVE the DATE: YouthSpeak Symposium 2011 Wed. November 30th, 2011 Kinston NCYouthSpeak Symposium is a youth created and led event in which they aregiven the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns, and experiences with membersof the community. The event consists of four panel themes with youth directing paneldiscussions about issues such as child labor in farm work, access to education, at-riskyouth, among others. There will also be an exhibition of photographs by youth photog-raphers and video screenings. The entire Kinston community is invited to participate. Keep posted for venue details!
  2. 2. Toxic Free and FIELD Get Down and Dirty with CEFS Youth Gardening and SAF DocumentaryCollaborationbetween Toxic FreeNC, Lenoir MEP and NC FIELD en-abled migrant and seasonal youth and par-ents from eastern North Carolina to attenda fall planting session at the Center for En-vironmental Farming Systems in Goldsboroon Saturday, September 24th. During the workshop everyone learned about composting, crop rotation, pesticide and in- secticide mitigation/alternatives, cover crops, dug for ginger root and harvested some pep- pers! Lunch was courtesy of Toxic Free NC. Afterwards, youth assisted with making the supplies list, choosing which seed and plants they would grow, as well as deciding on which method they preferred: cold frame or low tun- nels. Student leaders representing the differ- ent groups accompanied Billie Karel and staff to buy supplies for seven small gardening projects. Hats off to PJC youth Yesenia, Nef-tali, Mildre, and Elvis for sharing their sto-ries and raising awareness about the harmsof pesticides for farmworker youth by par-ticipating in the filming of the documen-tary Overworked and Under Spray: YoungFarm worker’s Pesticide Stories produced byToxic Free NC’s Ana Duncan Pardo andStudent Action with Farmworkers’ intern AbiBisette. The six-minute documentary sharesstories from young farm workers about re-sulting health effects from their exposure You can view the documentary atto pesticides in the fields, with commentaryfrom health outreach and advocacy experts. Great job guys!!
  3. 3. Wake Forest Grant Community SpotlightWake Forest University- School of This Summer, NC FIELD familiesMedicine and NC FIELD, Inc. received had the pleasure of taking housing fi-a grant from the National Children’s Cen- nance classes with Ismelda Rosario fromter for Rural and Agricultural Health and Telemon Corp. Ismelda, originally fromSafety for a project titled, Youth Health San Francisco de Macoris, DominicanEducator Program to Prevent Heat-Related Republic, has been actively working withIllness among Child Migrant and Seasonal the Latino community over the past threeFarmworkers. years  This Youth Health Educator project is based As Telamon Corp’s financial literacy in-on a community-academic partnership to structor, she feels her experiences as aaddress the following project goals:  Housing Counselor have helped her reach out to the community. In her own words: “I 1. Develop a Youth Health Educator discover my art of helping people discov-program to reduce heat-related illness er ways to help themselves and achieveamong child migrant and seasonal farm- their financial goals, by providing themworkers and children who accompany their with essential education and tools.”farmworker parents into the fields; 2. Implement, evaluate, and revise the In the future, Ismelda would like to finishYouth Health Educator program; and her Master’s in Business Administration. 3. Disseminate the revised Youth Aside from her professional commitments,Health Educator program so that it can she would love to travel to amazing plac-be used by other farmworker communities. es and continue meeting wonderful peo- ple. The NC FIELD community sends a big “Thank You!” to Ismelda for sharing her Media Team Update knowledge and dedication.The PJC Media Team spent this Sum-mer hard at work refining their photographyand video skills. We learned about com-position and the “rule of thirds”, exposuretechniques, and the basic elements of vi-sual storytelling. The Media Team aims touse photography and video to tell theirstories, document NC FIELD events and be-come the “go to” photographers of EasternNC’s farmworker community. To date, par-ticipants include: Jonathan, Milly, Adriana, Photos of Blunt St. housing project byYesenia, Neftali, Jose, Noe, Elvis, and Peter, Jonathan, Milly andplus Jose R. and Antonio, who are also in- Noe (L to R)strumental in providing transportation. NC FIELD has wheels! A huge thank you to Grace Fellowship, Jimbo Perry, Tristan Bruner, and Wade, our trusty mechanic, for their assistance with the very generous donation of a 15 passenger van to help with transportation for NC FIELD and PJC activities!
  4. 4. OVACIONES! Poder Juevenil CampesinoPJC has been invited to be a part of The NC YouthFood Council (YFC) which aims to support and developyouth leadership that is specifically dedicated to buildinga sustainable, local food system across the state anddriven by the needs, knowledge, and vision of young people committed to good food ac-cess and children’s wellness. During the fall of the school year of 2011-2012 these found-ing organizations will network and convene to develop an organizational plan. With funding,Phase II will begin in the spring of 2012, where outreach to broad membership and initia-tion of programming plus a public and/or policy campaign will begin. Other organizationsparticipating are YES!, 4-H, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, RAFI, and CEFS.Youth photographer Jose Godinez Photos For Salehad a photograph published in the Asso-ciation of Farmworker Opportunity Program’s The Youth Council- Poder Juvenil Campesino - continues to develop me-book America’s Farmworker Children: Harvest dia for use in documentaries and photoof Broken Dreams. Below is the image in- exhibits as part of their efforts to raisecluded in the book- just one of his many awareness for child labor in agriculture.excellent photos! In 2010, they showed their photos and videos at the gallery ROOM 100 in Dur- ham, among other exhibits across North Carolina. Show some love and spread the word! They are selling their prints of their photos- all proceeds from sales go to pay for youth ou can find their work at: Buy some excellent photography and support our youth activities! NC FIELD, Inc. 327 N. Queen Street, Suite 110 Kinston, NC 28501 email: Mission: To create strategies and initiate collaborative actions that will promote justice and equality by increasing access to opportunities for farm working communities in North Carolina. Goals: End child labor in agriculture Develop and create additional migrant educational programming specifically for unaccompanied minors and migrant children and youth Eliminate food scarcity among the farmworker communities Provide dignified housing for migrant farmworker families and unaccompanied youth Chair: Peter Eversoll Co-Chair: Melissa Bailey Secretary: Rachel Wright Treasurer: Pedro Sanchez Executive Director: Emily Drakage Legal Counsel: Scott BrownPhotos courtesy of: Jose Godinez, Ivan Rodriguez, Melissa Bailey and Peter Eversoll unless otherwise noted.