How to Farm and School Partnershp Guide


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How to Farm and School Partnershp Guide

  1. 1. How to Begin the Farm and School PartnershipI. Guiding Questions - Who Do You Know?What school district(s) do you want to partner with?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is your broad goal for the partnership? Explain in two or three sentences:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________School District Contacts - List the highest level contacts you know within the district:1. Name _______________________________ Position ___________ District ________________ Contact Information: Email ________________________ Phone: __________________________ When will I contact - list a date: _______________________________ Interest Level? _________ Follow-up: ______________________________________________________________________2. Name _______________________________ Position ___________ District ________________ Contact Information: Email ________________________ Phone: __________________________ When will I contact - list a date: ______________________________ Interest Level? __________ Follow-up: ______________________________________________________________________3. Name _______________________________ Position ___________ District ________________ Contact Information: Email ________________________ Phone: __________________________ When will I contact - list a date: _____________________________ Interest Level? ___________ Follow-up: ______________________________________________________________________Board Member Contacts - Who else on your board or what volunteer do you know that mightconnect you to district administration?1. Board Member Name _____________________ Who might they know ____________________Contact Information: Email ________________________ Phone: ___________________________ When will I contact - list a date: ______________________________ Interest Level? __________
  2. 2. Initial Conversation Notes: _________________________________________________________2. Board Member Name _____________________ Who might they know ____________________Contact Information: Email ________________________ Phone: ___________________________ When will I contact - list a date: ______________________________ Interest Level? __________ Initial Conversation Notes: _________________________________________________________II. Broad Conversation Steps 1. Begin the conversation - Start at the highest level you can reach (example: superintendent and your director) ○ This is a time to gauge and garner interest 2. Continue the conversation while making broad plans ○ Refine, specify, and solidify the plans i.Involve many levels of participation ii.School and farm administration, teachers, instructional coaches, school and farm volunteers, parents, students iii.Define your specific farm’s logistics. Example: We can accommodate up to 50 students on any given day. We only schedule programs Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. 3. Write down and circulate target goals ○ Ranges are fine for goals. i.Example: We will serve 300-400 4th grade students. ii.Example: Students will visit the Farm 1-2 visits per year. 4. Complete the plans and schedule visits i.It is great to visit the classrooms before the students ever visit the farm and provide an introduction and questions and answer time ○ Assess each visit with teachers and make changesProgram DatesPress release, email blast, school and farm communications date for program kick-off:__________________First program date: Students visits Farm:______________________________________________________Pre-visit date: Farm visits school: ____________________________________________________________Post-visit student presentations of learning: ____________________________________________________Post-visit assessment: Teachers and farm staff: _________________________________________________III. Program Decision PointsPartnership Title:_________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Program Goals:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________District Lead Person:____________________________________Title:______________________________Farm Lead Person:______________________________________ Title:_____________________________Target Students (ex. 4th grade): _____________________________________________________________How many students: ______________________________________________________________________What will students learn? List broad topics and integration points. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________IV. Communication ToolsWhat communication tool will you use to keep all Farm and School staff on the same page?Suggestions: Group emails, blogs, posterous groups,________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What communication tools will you use for students to collaborate?Suggestions: Blogs, Skype, shared presentations, videos, photos________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Any tool you use with have Help Sections and FAQs. Some tools will have forums where people askand answer questions. Use these resources to learn more about the digital and internet tools you use!V. Technology Specific ComponentsTeachers Must Train Their StudentsTeachers must train their students to work with the specific technology you are using. Don’t have studentscome to your site to use technology if they have never been trained on the technology. The teachers we workedwith did a great job to train their students on the iPod Touches.Prepare Expectations for Digital Tool Use on the FarmAlso, prepare expectations for the visit. When will students be able to use the iPods during the program? Weinitially told them they could only use them at the end of any activity but quickly found out they wanted todocument what we were teaching in the moment. Pretty cool! So we let them assign one person to record whenwe might be teaching a specific concept or the group was doing a specific activty.Ensure Their Is a Follow-up Plan for Students to Use the Digital Data They CollectMake sure there is a solid plan in place for students to use the data they collect on their digital devices. Thisis a great reflection and learning opportunity, but a significant amount of time will be needed in the classroomfor students to develop a presentation of learning.