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Farming and Gardening Products


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A shop for farming and gardening tools.Our range includes Fertilizers, Pesticides,Vegetable garden & terrace garden accessories

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Farming and Gardening Products

  1. 1. Farming and Gardening Products A shop for farming and gardening tools. With farming, gardening and selling experience of more than 50 years, carried over by 3 generations, we are confident to cater all your farming and gardening requirements. We are located in Kochi, Kerala with 10 outlets spread in 5 districts, with more than 80 employees and over 25,000 sq ft showroom area. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our products, quality, attentive service and in fact it’s absolutely guaranteed.
  2. 2. PRODUCTS Fertilizers, Pesticides, Sprayers, Seeds, Chainsaws, Brush cutters, Pressure washers, Irrigation kits, Garden tools, Pet accessories and foods, Indoor plants, pots and planters, Vegetable garden & terrace garden accessories, DIY gardens, vertical gardens, balcony gardens, Decorative pots, lawn mowers etc
  3. 3. FEATURED PRODUCT BRANDS • Scheurich Alaska • Flora • Concorde • Agricom • Abtec
  4. 4. CONTACT US AGRICOM FARM AND GARDEN 9/543,EVKV building,Near SBT,Kottarom J.N,Maradu P.O, Ernakulam, Kerala, India-682304 Mob : +91-9061314111 Web :