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Stegnography Techince

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  1. 1. Content 1.What is stegenograhy 2.Stegnograpgy terms 3.Stegnogarphy in modern days 4.Stegnography carrier files 5.Types of stegnography 6.Stegnography use 7.Stegnography tools 8.stegnolysis
  2. 2. What is steganography ? Steganography From the greek word STEGANOS meaning “covered And greek word GRAPHIE meaning “writing”  Steganography is the branch of science .it is used for writing hidden messages in such a way that no one can able to read the message only the sender and receiver can read.
  3. 3. Steganography Terms  Carrier File – A file which has hidden information inside of it.  Steganalysis – The process of detecting hidden information inside of a file.  Stego-Medium – The medium in which the information is hidden.
  4. 4. Steganography – Modern Day Carrier File Carrier File with Hidden Message Steganography in the modern day sense of the word usually refers to information or a file that has been concealed inside a digital Picture, Video or Audio file
  5. 5. Steganography – Carrier Files Steganography Carrier Files       Bmp - bitmap digital images Jpeg - Joint Photographic Experts Group Gif - Graphics Interchange Format Wav- Waveform Audio File Format Mp3- music file Amongst others…
  6. 6. TYPE OF STEGNOGRAPHY  SECRET MESSAGE IS HIDDEN IN DIFFERENT FORM.. Steganography In Images  Steganography In Audio  Steganography In Video  Steganography In Documents 
  7. 7. A steganograhy System
  8. 8.  The U.S. government is concerned about the use of Steganography.  Common uses in include the disguising of corporate intelligence.  It’s possible that terrorist cells may use it to secretly communicate information.  It’s also a very good Anti-forensics mechanism to mitigate the effectiveness of a forensics investigation 10
  9. 9. What is stegnograpy tool ?  With the help of stenography tool .we can see the hidden message inside the picture ,audio,documents etc.
  10. 10. Steganography Tools Steganography Tools  Steganos  S-Tools (GIF, JPEG)  StegHide (WAV, BMP)  Invisible Secrets (JPEG)  JPHide  Camouflage  Hiderman  Many others…
  11. 11. Steganalysis Identification of hidden files
  12. 12. Steganalysis  By identifying the existence of a hidden message, perhaps we can identify the tools used to hide it.  If we identify the tool, perhaps we can use that tool to extract the original message.