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Tutorial prezi

  1. 1. Hello! In this tutorial I'm going to explein you whow to create a presentation with a new tool. I'ts called PREZI. Prezi is an online program that have a free version wich let us creating presentations originaly and easly. •First we have to go to the internet and search this link: prezi.com •After we have creat a count we can start enjoing. When you acces to your count clik on the left side of the page, where it's wroted create new prezi. •Next step is write the tittle of our new prezi, in mi case is going to be “new technologies” then you have to choose one designe of the eigth wich you can see. We are going to select “idea “ one. Now say create. •Now you can see one neew window in wich appears the tittle of your preesentation and your designe so click in it. OPEN ME. •When you have clicked you have ti say OPEN ME again. It's located in the left side os the page.
  2. 2. A video appears. If you want you can watch it, but I'm going to explain you a nice way for creating it. If you don'y want to watch it, close the window. Nake double click on the middle of the background, a field appears. Write on the tittle of your presentation. In our case we will write “how television works?”.
  3. 3. Now I'm going to explain what's every option wich appears in this window. 1: The firstone is the prezi menu, which we can use to introduce photos, change colors, path... 2: With this option you can chose whow do you want to write, if centered, … 3: Making double click on the background appears a field like this. Here is where we write. 4: This option is used to change font color. Ok, now add a neew field and write “television are composed by:” Had you got any problem? No? Perfect! So, we go on. If not, read again the tutorial. •What is interesting of this type of presenting things is that we can path our ideas. Do you underestand what I mean? No? Ok, let's see: •Go to the menu of prezi. Number one of the last photo. •Click in “path” option. •Now clik in the option 1-2-3 add. •Path “how tv works?” with “tv is composed by..” Just clicking one time on the field, two numbers appears on your fields. Grate! This is the way. •Now just meke one click on one of the field that you have created. •The exterior circle it's used for change the angle of the field. •The second one is used for increase or decrease the high field.
  4. 4. •The third circle is used for mooving it. That's all you have to know about prezi if you want to create a very simple presentation. If you want to increase teh level of your presentations use the menu of the last photo.