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  1. Investor Pitch Deck Faiza Ayob – Founder & CEO I
  2. The Problem  Expensive hospitality software  Huge hardware server investments  Complicated to use  Companies lock hotel with contract commitments  Manual or Excel Record keeping  Inefficient Small Hotel Operators/ Short-term Rental Accommodation Operators Online Booking Platform/ Hotel Budget Chain Accommodation/ Muslim OTA/STR Platform  No “real time” channel integration  Room Cancellation, Overbooking  Decrease Average Room Rate  Low quality standard and service Hotel Dashboard PMS never integrated with Booking Channel
  3. Solution The single platform to manage the hotel property management system in “real-time”
  4. Market Size 5,000 hotels 12,000 hotels 21,000 hotels Total Addressable Market (TAM) • As of May 2018, hotel supply in Malaysia reach 5180 and 351,000 classified rooms have been publicly announced for the period of 2018-2022. • Based on STR Global estimates and Dinar Standard analysis using UNWTO statistic was16,000 establishments in 2015, with 1.5 million rooms. Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) • Only 40% from the hotel supply in Malaysia is not caters for luxury market segment • A total of 10,044 in the OIC countries with the largest number of hotels are Turkey, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. Segmented Obtainable Market (SOM) • Our target for 1000 classified hotels registered by MAH. MyBHA, MOTAC • According to SalamStandard 60% of the hotel Muslim friendly are categories 4 star and 5 star. Thus a total 40% of hotels Muslim friendly is 4000 hotels
  5. Product Cloud-based PMS
  6. Channel Manager & Online Hotel Booking System Features
  7. Competition EasyAccessibility Simplicity for deployment
  8. Business Model • Hotel/ Hotel Chain/Service Apartment/STR Accommodations – 3 Package Plan by Subscription Fees • Customer/ Traveller Booking Rooms via Otel2Go – 10% Commission Fees
  9. Past Validation Month : Nov/Dec 2018 • Facebook Ads Performance : Campaign 1: 12,991 reached : Campaign 2: 25,991 reached • Email Campaign : Blast 1: 20% Open 4% Click Blast 2: 24 % Open 9% Click Month : Sept/Oct 2018 Free 60 Days TRIAL Cloud PMS  Resort USAS Kuala Kangsar  Hotel UiTM Shah Alam  Taman Negara Riverview Lodge  Alami Garden Hotel Shah Alam  Homestay Bedena, Kuala Selangor Total Campaign Cost RM3500.00 Outcomes: • Demo Otel2Go Hotel Solutions to Everly Group Hotels • Tourism Pahang Collaboration Partners 3 years Sales Projection Secured RM200K Angel Investor Total Campaign Cost RM6500.00
  10. What We Achieved So Far • Received Monthly Subscription Fees for Month of January of total RM10,000.00 (40 Trial for 60days) • To deploy 200 FREE TRIAL to Malaysian Association Hotels (MAH) • In progress to list 20 Coopstay and 15 Coophotel in Otel2Go Booking engine • Telemarketing Team (Target for 300 Hotels Partners and Sales Revenue for B2C RM30K Current Traction Monthly Subscription Fees Commission FeesPlugin Direct Booking Fees
  11. Team Faiza Ayob Norashikin Ariff • Completing PhD in Technology Management at Victoria University Melbourne. • Faiza past experience sin hotel industry in Malaysia for almost 10 years in Room Division and Food and Beverage at 4 star and 5 star international chained- brand hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Founder of Food Direktory • She currently attachedwith SharedServices Companyas a HR Strategist. • Ex-VP Ensogo Malaysia Hazim Zameri Acting CTO/Developer CFO/MD/Co-FounderCEO/Founder • Currently attached with GLC Co’ as a SoftwareDeveloper. • His past project achievement is being part of team implementing and migration of Project Customs Supporting System – Notification Module (2015)at GLC client company. Syafik Hazemi Acting COO/ Head of Project • Electronicsgraduatewith knowledgein IT. • His past accomplishmenton Final Year Degree assignment: • Project Teleconferencevideo stream with3D Technologiesfor R&D commercialusage.
  12. We are looking for 12-18 months pre-seed funding to get 500 Average Subscription Users Hotels and Average Revenue USD 1Million Financial USD 500 K Pre-Seed Round 10-12% Equity USD 1 Million Post Money Valuation 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Q12019 Q22019 Q32019 Q42019 Monthly Subscription User Growth Booking Engine Hotel Booking Platform Channel Manager Full Integration 40% Tech Development 40% Marketing/ Advertising/PR 20% Operation
  13. Milestones to Date • Idea Validation/ Skype Discussion(Melbourne & KL) • Domain and Hosting Registration  Completed our Online Booking Platform then Alpha Stage PMS  UAT Test April-Aug 2017 Jan –June 2018 Jan 2019 • Development in progress • Company Registration as Hopndget Travelly Sdn Bhd Sept – Dec 2017 July- Dec 2018  Angel Investor RM200K with 3% Equity  LIVE our PMS 18.10.18.  FREE Trial 60 Days
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Editor's Notes

  1. What problem does your business solve? Solutions are too expensive and normally built for four-star five-star properties Most solutions are caters to city hotels (KL, JB, Penang) or in urban area not to remote locations, islands (Tioman Island) or isolated tourist attraction places (National Park, Kuala Tahan) Solutions are too complicated to operate for lower-tier hotel staff (e:g: IFCA) Properties' lack of knowledge or resources to operate or market their property online. (Homestay Owner Kuala Selangor) Why do you think the pain point you’re solving is painful enough that customers are willing to pay for your solution? More than 70% small and budget hotels did not have their own webpage, OTA’s and still rely on a manual pen-and-paper, check-in process. Many sell their inventories by manually logging in to online travel agency extranets. Small and budget hotels wouldn't got any market, since almost 70% of their potential income is directly connected to the online world (OTA, booking engine, online review). Thus, Otel2Go will to work together with our partner and solve the root problem together Rather than just giving them a solution and walk away