Saudi Women WeekAPRIL 2010
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                              [UNDERSTANDING SAUDI WOMEN]
[RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & REGIONAL SAMPLE                                                                                 BR...
[FAMILY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC COMPOSITION]                   70                   60                   50                   4...
[Q: WHICH OF THESE PRODUCTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ASSOCIATED                                                               ...
Conformists       Religionist     Mainstreamers      Mavericks                                           31%              ...
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                                                                                        ...
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                                                                                        ...
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                                                                                        ...
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                                                                                        ...
Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved                              [IN THE NEWS]
Saudi businesswomen education                                                                      Ag...
Saudi businesswomen education                                                                 ...
Saudi businesswomen education                                                            The G...
Saudi businesswomen ownership                                                                 Los...
Saudi businesswomen ownership                                                                  Aly...
Saudi businesswomen to 20                                                                                                 ...
Saudi businesswomen                                                                                                    •Sa...
Saudi businesswomen                                     •RIYADH, Saudi Arabia In                                          ...
Fahda bint Saud                                     •One of the more startling works is "Three                            ...
Saudi Women Workshop                                                                                                      ...             Saudi Women Workshop             ...
Saudi Women Attitude                                                                                                      ...
Saudi Women Attitude                                                                                                    •A...
Saudi women wealth                                                                                    ...
[SAUDI WOMEN FASHION]                                                         JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia - For years, the only t...
[SAUDI WOMEN FASHION]                                     •A new style or old-fashioned?           But like everything els...
[SAUDI WOMEN FASHION]                                                                                                     ...
Saudi women week
Saudi women week
Saudi women week
Saudi women week
Saudi women week
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Saudi women week


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Saudi women week

  1. 1. Saudi Women WeekAPRIL 2010
  2. 2. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved [UNDERSTANDING SAUDI WOMEN]
  3. 3. [RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & REGIONAL SAMPLE BREAKDOWN] Research Methodology Regional Breakdown of Sample (%)  Quantitative, Using CATI* method with questionnaire not exceeding 20 minutes.  401 Saudi women interviewed according to the specified criteria. Aged 18-45 Living in Jeddah, Riyadh & EasternBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Province *Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) is a telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application.
  4. 4. [FAMILY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC COMPOSITION] 70 60 50 40 30 20Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved 10 0 Single Married Married with 18-24 yrs 25-30 yrs 31-35 yrs 36-40 yrs 41-45 yrs Upto 2 3-4 Children 5-6 Children More than 6 Upto 3 4-6 persons 7-10 More than without Children Children children persons 10 children Marital Status % Age % No of Children Per Family % Family Size %
  5. 5. [Q: WHICH OF THESE PRODUCTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ASSOCIATED MOST?] Saudi women prefer to be associated more with “personal care” category than any other category. %Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Perfumes 22% Cell Phones 9% Toothpaste 17% Shampoo 8% Juices 2% Cosmetics 15% Gold/ Jewelry 6% Mouth Wash 1% Hair Cream .5% Chocolates 2% Facial Cream 7% watches 4% Mouth Freshener 0% Milk 1% Deodorants 6% Ice Cream 0%
  6. 6. Conformists Religionist Mainstreamers Mavericks 31% 16% 44% 9% of Saudi Women of Saudi Women of Saudi Women of Saudi WomenBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved 21 Using the Internet 32 Reading newspapers Reading magazines 64 65 63 68 Watching television 88 90 Media Consumption [%] Participating in sports 24 24 Entertaining friends at home 7982 43 Going to parties 55 • Below average media consumption especially internet. • Conformists are more into cooking food, weight conscious. 60 Going shopping as enjoyable activity 68 Spending quiet time at home 77 79 Conformists • Also, less involved in international travel, listening to music and socializing. 100 Spending time with family 99 Lifestyles & Leisure Activities [%] 20 Listening to music 39 33 Traveling internationally for pleasure 44 Average 92 Taking interest in current affairs 94 47 Tracking fashions and trends 59 69 Gather beauty tips 74 67 Studying for self improvement Interests [%] 69 93 Cooking food 83 76 Consuming light or low fat 68 2009©Brackets All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved 49 Using the Internet 32 55 Reading newspapers Reading magazines 62 65 68 85 Watching television Media Consumption [%] 90 •They go for international trips. 18 Participating in sports 24 77 Entertaining friends at home 82 •Less concerned about their weight & beauty Going to parties 52 55 55 Going shopping as enjoyable activity 68 Spending quiet time at home 77 79 •They use internet more but less into electronic and print media. Conservatives Spend time with family 97 99 Lifestyles & Leisure Activities [%] Listening to music 40 39 53 Traveling internationally for pleasure 44 Average Taking interest in current affairs 91 94 55 Tracking fashions and trends 59 64 Gather beauty tips 74 74 Studying for self improvement Interests [%] 69 70 Cooking food 83 49 Consuming light or low fat 68 2009©Brackets All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Using the Internet 32 32 72 Reading newspapers 65 73 Reading magazines 68 Media Consumption [%] 96 Watching television 90 Participating in sports •They are heavy media consumers. 25 24 86 Entertaining friends at home 82 64 Going to parties 55 •They listen to music, go for parties and love to shop 77 Going shopping as enjoyable activity 68 •They track new fashions and trends and also gather beauty tips. Spending quiet time at home 80 79 Mainstreamers Lifestyles & Leisure Activities [%] Spending time with family 99 99 47 Listening to music 39 48 Traveling internationally for pleasure 44 Average Taking interest in current affairs 97 94 69 Tracking fashions and trends 59 81 Gather beauty tips 74 Interests [%] Studying for self improvement 67 69 Cooking food 86 83 Consuming light or low fat 71 68 2009©Brackets All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved 40 Using the Internet 32 51 Reading newspapers 65 77 Reading magazines 68 77 Watching television Media Consumption [%] 90 34 Participating in sports 24 Entertaining friends at home 80 82 63 Going to parties 55 • Below average media consumption especially internet. 74 • Conformists are more into cooking food, weight conscious. Going shopping as enjoyable activity 68 Spending quiet time at home 77 79 Mavericks 94 • Also, less involved in international travel, listening to music and socializing. Spending time with family 99 Lifestyles & Leisure Activities [%] 54 Listening to music 39 49 Traveling internationally for pleasure Average 44 89 Taking interest in current affairs 94 63 Tracking fashions and trends 59 Gather beauty tips 71 74 83 Studying for self improvement Interests [%] 69 54 Cooking food 83 Consuming light or low fat 69 68 2009©Brackets All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved [IN THE NEWS]
  12. 12. Saudi businesswomen education Agence France-Presse - Since 1835 •Women make up 58% of •Due to open in 2010, the •It will have a • kindergarten and theme Saudi Arabia’s student Princess Noura bint library, conference parks. population but only 16% of Abdulrahman University, on centers, 15 academic Assaf described the project the workforce, according to the outskirts of Riyadh, will faculties, laboratories and a as a "milestone" in the Unesco. Photograph: offer courses in subjects that 700-bed hospital. There will kingdoms history. The Hassan Ammar/AFP Saudi women find difficult to be facilities for research into higher education study at universities where nanotechnology, bio- minister, Khaled al- •The worlds largest women- gender segregation is sciences and information Anqari, added: "The kings only university is being built enforced. technology. presence shows his in Saudi Arabia; with a At the foundation-laying generous support for campus that will cover 8m •This year Human Rights ceremony last week, which womens empowerment andBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved square meters and Watch accused the Saudi was attended by King his keen desire to promote accommodate 40,000 government of stopping Abdullah, the finance higher education." students. women from enjoying their minister, Ibrahim Al- basic rights because they Assaf, told reporters the site must often obtain permission would include housing for from a guardian - a university staff, mosques, a father, husband or son - to school, a work, travel, study, marry or even access healthcare.
  13. 13. Saudi businesswomen education The Guardian - Since 1821 •In a 50-page •One researcher, Farida •"In terms of female •The country still has the report, Perpetual Minors: Deif, told the Guardian the education, the Saudi lowest female employment Human Rights Abuses university would provide government has made great level in the world. Unesco Stemming from Male better education and progress. Every statistic figures show that women Guardianship and Sex employment opportunities. weve seen shows more make up 58% of the total Segregation in Saudi enrolment in secondary and Saudi student •"This university could be a Arabia, researchers drew on university education.‖ population, but only 16% of very good thing if it had more than 100 interviews the workforce. colleges offering instruction with Saudi women to Segregation and the state in engineering, media or law. document the effects of policy of male guardianship discriminatory policies. The •There are already colleges mean women can only workBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved findings showed that the with nursing and teaching in all-female need fort women-only disciplines. These areas are environments, normally spaces was a disincentive to saturated and perpetuate schools and hospitals. hiring female employees and specific gender roles. Women can lose their jobs if that female students were a male guardian informs the often relegated to unequal employer he wishes her to facilities. leave.
  14. 14. Saudi businesswomen education The Guardian - Since 1821 •It is unclear whether the •In the course of her Government officials university will have halls of research, Deif spoke to stressed the universitys residence. Women do not medical students in green credentials. Around normally leave home before Dammam, where they 40,000 square meters of marriage and would not stayed in dormitories. "They solar paneling will provide usually be permitted to move were severely restricted in 16% of the campuss heating away in order to study. terms of mobility and activity. and 18% of the power Those women who do live They didnt have the power required for air-conditioning on campus encounter to leave the dormitory. It was difficulties and constraints. a very closed environment.―Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved •No information is available on how students will travel to the university. Women are barred from driving and public transport is not an option because of segregation. Women rely on a male guardian or privately hired driver.
  15. 15. Saudi businesswomen ownership Los Angeles Times - Since 1881 •Saudi Arabia this month •A "separation wall" will In restaurants, for The female owner and marked the opening of its isolate the food pickup area instance, only men and manager of the new first restaurant entirely from the kitchen to prevent women related by blood or Nourriyat Center for Cooking owned and managed by contact between men and marriage are allowed to sit was hailed by the local press women, local media the 10 or so women cooking at the same table. As in for "bravely" announcing her reported. in the kitchen. much of the Middle real name to the public. East, eateries and cafes •But the establishment of •Saudi Arabia embraces one usually have two separate this start-up business in the of the strictest sections: one for families kingdoms Eastern Province interpretations of Sunni and the other for single men. did not come without Islam. Separation betweenBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved complications. The men and women in many designers of the project had public spaces is strictly to make sure that there enforced. would be no contact whatsoever between the female staff working in the kitchen and the male customers who visit.
  16. 16. Saudi businesswomen ownership Alyaum Newspaper •According to the Saudi daily •oura Moukaytib, owner of •Delivery of the orders will According to local Al Yaum, it is the first time the restaurant, told the be conducted through a figures, women in Saudia that a business appears newspaper that she wanted window specially designed Arabia make up 70% of under the real name of its to challenge "those with to prevent men and women students enrolled in female owner. The obstinate minds" who look from "revealing themselves universities but just 5% of newspaper said that women down on active women. to one another.― the kingdoms workforce. traditionally used fake •In its first phase, the new names when they opened •Saudi Arabia has been restaurant will offer only businesses in the kingdom widely criticized for failing to "Eastern and Western" to avoid social provide women with takeaway fast food delivered stigmatization. employment opportunities.Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved to customers through a Some human rights cashier. organizations and activists qualify the discrimination against women in the country as "gender apartheid."
  17. 17. Saudi businesswomen to 20 •As a human resources accounting, and •We are also professional, she also management, these women introduced to Huda mentions that even though are armed with a new set of Ghoson, Saudi the kingdom is making huge skills to help them through Aramco’s director of strides in incorporating their endeavors. Human Resources women in the workplace, it Policy and Planning •Not only are these women can do more ... hope the preserving tradition and Division. administration is listening to representing women in a more women like Huda! male dominated field, they •Beyond the list, many other are doing it with a grace all professional women in Saudi women can learn are getting a helping hand from. Continue breaking from government barriers ladies! organizations. •A full list of Arab News top •Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz 20 Saudi businesswomen has created a special fund to can be found here. What doBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved •Humbly claiming that all her success is because of the support women looking to you think of the top 20? direction from her parents, Huda says, ―My mother was very develop their skills and Were any of your role influential in my decision to work for Saudi Aramco,‖ she businesses. Through models missing from the says. ―In fact, I do not think I would have been where I am completion of a technical list? today if it was not for my mother.‖ workshop showing the importance of marketing,
  18. 18. Saudi businesswomen •Saudi Arabian women have •Encouraged by better traditionally been barred education, a changing from entering the workplace; economy, and more only recently have they had opportunity, Saudi women the opportunity to choose are entering professions, such as new, unorthodox business nursing, teaching, and and industrial medicine. Because Saudi professions, despite Arabian women historically daunting obstacles have been much more stemming from the traditions repressed than women in of Islamic culture. neighboring Middle Eastern countries, the rise of women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs-- women currently run about 16,390 businesses--Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved represents a significant advancement for Arab in this mall, located in Riyadh, women are not only the women. customers, but also the owners, managers, and clerks of all the stores, setting a precedent for the conservative Islamic nation.
  19. 19. Saudi businesswomen •RIYADH, Saudi Arabia In •Until January, women could Saudi Arabias newest not check into any hotel hotel, flickering candles in alone unless accompanied every corner enhance the by a male family member or serenity. And as you walk they had written permission down royal-red halls, youll from a male "guardian. notice something else: not a man in sight. •" Now, the only requirement is that the hotel register the •Its women-owned, women- names of female guests with managed, and women-run – the police .But others say from our IT engineer to our the new hotel simply electrical engineer," boasts reinforces gender Lorraine Coutinho, executive segregation in a nation that director of the Luthan Hotel still doesnt let women drive. & Spa. To some, SaudiBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Arabias first women-only hotel is a sign of progress, a place where women can conduct business without interference in a male- dominated society.
  20. 20. Fahda bint Saud •One of the more startling works is "Three Women" by Fahda Bint Saud (pictured next). •In it she depicts what appears to be a reluctance on the part of Saudi women to recognize the reality of their restricted lives. •Khreis says its a piece that might not have been allowed if it werent for the fact that Fahda Bint Saud is in fact a daughter of Saud bin Abdul Aziz, king of Saudi Arabia from 1953 to 1964.Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved
  21. 21. Saudi Women Workshop •While in Saudi it may not •There are other initiatives •in Saudi Arabia only about 5% of women seem that the economics to increase the number of are as important, in fact women in the work. This includes all they are for women and workforce, including by women, those with and families in any number of Ministerial decree, as with without higher situations: where the the one to replace male education. The reasons woman has the potential salesclerks, usually for this low number are for a satisfying high foreigners on contract and historical, cultural, soci etal, and religious, all earning career; where the earning lower wages, with patriarch is unable to work Saudi women, as as understood within temporarily or permanently described in the 2 posts on the Saudi context due to illness; where a the lingeries buying woman is widowed or boycott, here and here . divorced and lacks family Some careers are more support, or the family is open to women than struggling financially; others, like medicine.Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved where the number of Some jobs are more open •However, as the Chinese saying "Women hold up half the children outstrips the to women than others. sky" captures well, women constitute approximately half the fathers earning capacity; While the former tend to be population and their contribution helps hold up half the where a woman is male-dominated potential of a country. Countries with low rates of women in "unmarriageable". professions, the latter tend the workforce tend also to have lower rates of to be female-dominated achievement, usually economically but also unremunerated work, like socially, educationally, and in terms of human rights. housework (maid), and
  22. 22. Saudi Women Workshop •One initiative that has •This is a traditional sphere •One initiative in Saudi been successful for womens work, even in Arabia, which was elsewhere, including developed countries where developed to give a skill Palestine (where it is still mainly women who and employment to deaf embroidery became part of work the sewing machines women, is the Mansoojat the intifada), and South in factory settings, or do Foundation Asia through the Grameen the handcrafted specialty Workshop, teaching and Bank, to mention but 2, is items. Canadas poorer selling embroidered items to turn womens domestic Maritime regions based on traditional tribal arts of developed the highly dress in Saudi Arabia. The weaving, knitting, sewing, successful boutique quilted following article by embroidery, quilting, and fashions Suttles and Assia Kashoggi, which I other textile creations into Seawinds; the First have interspersed with her remunerated work as Nations Peoples, men and pictures from the artisans or copy artists. women, have established Mansoojat Foundation craft cooperatives which Workshop, explains theBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved preserved their purpose, activities, and heritage, developed their structure of the workshop. arts, and was one of the first steps towards band economic self- sufficiency, instead of total reliance on social assistance which has had
  23. 23. Saudi Women Attitude •Flocks of the most stylish •In beauty salons, the fight •A glance at some public places in Jeddah and sexiest women sit for beauty seems to be around the tables smoking fatal. Women there spend is a delight for the eye (sheesha) wildly with an at least three hours to get indeed. At empty mysterious look in the Nancy Ajram malls, crowds of their eyes saying: you can’t hairstyle, the Haifa Wahbi women hurl and rush get me, bastard; you just eye make-up, or the Elissa searching for a find; a get to see me and that’s lips. Fendi bag on sale or a make-up set with an enough for the likes of you! offer. Not a single woman of •Unluckily, the result is not those has that content and always as expected. Yet satisfied smile on her face. the fight continues at the Why is that? Don’t be very cashier in order not to pessimistic and realistic allow the salon to take the and start blaming men for money it deserves. When that; it’s just that her royal the result of the three-hourBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved highness, who happens to session is satisfactory •We are just so pretty and trendy that you can find us any be the daughter of an another type of fight is time of the week or day at any up-town mall trying to fetch ordinary employee, has not inflamed; it’s show time! In that small diamond that will make the difference! gotten the expensive fact, the show-off house she wanted for her starts, and the jealousy At restaurants and cafes, the picture becomes more birthday. among rivals is heated. serious, however.
  24. 24. Saudi Women Attitude •All of them haven’t been us fight our triviality and •At the end of the day, the poor properly educated even ignorance. If Saudi women oppressed Saudi though some of them have don’t start fighting for university degrees. Their having a personality; for woman returns home to lives revolve around gaining the joy of fulfilling a shout at her kids and stuff, not principles and goal, they will always be complain about her values. Being superficial oppressed and obsessed husband who doesn’t and materialistic is our with their things and toys. really care about her. ―Can you imagine that greatest enemy; our There is nothing Human greatest oppression. Rights can do for women idiot! He bought me a Gucci bag for the who choose to be forever •When a woman is well- consumers of second time!‖ educated and is well-aware goods, gifts, and pity. of her mission in life, no man, judge, or religious •Yet a question that very police can humiliate her or few people ask is whetherBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved deprive her of rights. or not this kind of •Those women are not always rich or married to wealthy oppression is from Islam. men, yet they share a few alarming features. They are all •It surprises me how some Is Islam for spoiling women spoiled, irresponsible, and spiritually, emotionally, and Saudi women have taken and making them stuff- mentally empty. the wrong direction in their centered? fight for their rights. We fight our fathers, brothers, and
  25. 25. Saudi women wealth - Since 1888 •Female-only banks have •The Time article scatters existed in Saudi Arabia for some very interesting facts decades, and Time about women in this part of describes the womens the world: A 2007 Barclays branches of the Dubai Wealth survey found that Islamic Bank as feeling Saudi women are the most "more like spas than financially savvy in the world financial institutions. in terms of investing, retirement, and •" The staff and clientele at estate planning; The MiddleBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved these branches are all (you East Economic Digest guessed it) female, and the estimates that Gulf women case for separation has to control around $246 do with both the wealth held billion, projected to hit $385 by Saudi women and the billion by 2011; Women own conservative culture. about a third of brokerage accounts and 40 percent of family-run firms in Saudi
  26. 26. [SAUDI WOMEN FASHION] JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia - For years, the only thing sold openly in Saudi stores selling womens cloaks were of the all-black, drab covering variety. Now, streaks of vibrant color, bands of glittering crystal — even sheaths of sexy leopard skin prints — are showing up on the racks.Brackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Read more:
  27. 27. [SAUDI WOMEN FASHION] •A new style or old-fashioned? But like everything else in the kingdom, the change was subtle •Things were not always that strict. and incremental. Glitter started Sarah Kennedy, an American who adorning wrists or was sprinkled on has lived in Saudi Arabia for almost the edges of the veil that must be 30 years, said that in 1979 when worn on the head. Then color began she first arrived in the kingdom creeping on the black fabric and the foreign women were not obliged to loose shapeless cloaks became wear abayas. But as the kingdom more fitted. The cumbersome became more conservative in the panels that hooked to the shoulders 1980s, foreign women began to ensure that nothing peeked from wearing abayas too, but ones that underneath the abaya as a woman looked like capes and fell just to mid walked slowly disappeared. thigh. Today, the new abayas are without the panels and close straight down •"But then, suddenly ... you couldnt like a long coat.The new styles find the ones you normally wanted," cropped up first in the more openBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved said Kennedy. "So you bought them western seaside city of Jiddah and anyway." in the Eastern Province."We in No one really knows why or how it Jiddah are fashion conscious," said became OK to sell the new stylish abaya designer Ghada al-Sairafi. "I abayas. Major stores in big cities try to come up with a new model carry them openly and there have every week because of the not been reports in the local media demand." of religious police confiscating them. Hanan al-Madani, another Jiddah designer, said abayas are "no longer
  28. 28. [SAUDI WOMEN FASHION] "I feel they attract too much attention," said al-Jihani as she watched her daughter try on one with balloon arms. Despite Jeddahs relatively liberal atmosphere, many Saudi women avoid wearing the Jeddah boasts the most daring daring abayas in public places such abayas. In one store, there were as malls and restaurants. cloaks with red lace hanging down Hala Ahmed, a 21-year-old interior from the black sleeves, some with "Today, they reflect a womans taste design student, said she wears the crystal sprinkled around the collar and personality," said al- new styles to weddings and to and waist and a few double-layered Madani, whose custom-made college, which are segregated. ones with bold reds, greens and abayas sell between $402 and "Theyre more like dresses, so I yellows underneath a sheer black $2,145. wear them to places where no men chiffon top. will see me in them." The best-seller among these was one with a leopard skin pattern underneath the top cover. But not everyone in fashionableBrackets @2010 All Rights Reserved Jeddah likes the new abayas. Tahani al-Jihani, 42, is one. She bustled into one Jeddah store to choose abayas for her daughter and her sister and later announced: "I dont like the new styles but my sister and my daughter love them.