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Amana proposal

  1. 1. MUNICIPALITY OF JEDDAHImproper Practice Campaign - 19 Dec. 2006
  2. 2. Introduction  The document in hand is an answer to a brief received from Municipality of Jeddah.  The proposal is tailored to cover all the main outline of the project.  Yet the detailed project plan and activity network will be supplied to client once we agree about the main work frame.
  3. 3. Plan Objectives  Create the needed coverage for this Mega project  Handle all the event arrangement prior and post project tasks  Address the client requirements highlighted in the brief
  4. 4. Target Audiences  Jeddah Public at large  Families/ Youngsters/ Maids/ Drivers etc.  Schools/ Universities/ Teacher  Workplaces  Government Officials  Opinion Leaders
  5. 5. Project Arrangement Project plan  The project plan will cover events, which will be implemented 30 days prior to the campaign. Moreover the project plan will identify the different parties responsibilities to facilitate the coordination between the agency and the client.  In addition, the agency will support these events and programs by a proper 360o campaign which will include (Press Ads, Outdoor, Radio, TV, Direct Marketing and Internet)
  6. 6. Project Arrangement Media Coverage  Local Media: will contribute in creating the awareness of the improper practice campaign.  TV Coverage: programs and interviews will be developed & intensively aired thru Heavy burst on the most prominent stations & programs as well as the specialized targeted ones: MBC, STV 1 and STV2.  Print Media buying & booking / Press Ads & Press  Outdoor media
  7. 7. Project Arrangement Releases  Press Ads and Press releases: Feature to be inserted during the period preceding the events The agency is recommending having a feature about the campaign and getting it published in the top leading local and Regional daily publications in different languages.  Agency recommends to go with Killer sizes and double page spread to insure high exposure & reflect the magnitude of the IMPROPER PRACTICE PROJECT.
  8. 8. How to Start?
  9. 9. Public Branding  Branding is a shortcut to peoples understanding  Theres a whole educational process required before you can even start contemplating branding as such  We need complete senior management commitment (and that means people like deputy ministers need to be driving the branding effort).  a strong policing and monitoring effort so it is properly implemented, and you may need to create an infrastructure to administer the brand.”
  10. 10. Public Branding  We will use stickers in all public garbage, public transportation and inside malls cans with: “I Love Jeddah” logo. We can also utilize the “Jeddah Race Way” by having Amana cars with our brands going around the racetrack.  It can be implemented then in different materials: T-shirts, Caps, giveaways …  We can have The municipal council in chosen district to have tents and introduce our new “brand”
  11. 11. Campaign Ambassador  A character to be developed to carry the torch of the campaign.  The character will be appealing to both adults and kids.  Our ambassador will be in all media and communication that will be used throughout the campaign.  We can personalize the character more to be related to Jeddah area (Hijazi).
  12. 12. Rational  Long term branding.  Jeddah has many high seasons during Eid, Hajj and Umra that we can utilize.  It’s also an attractive tourism site.
  13. 13. Social Corporate Responsibilities  Utilize shopping bags to convey our messages thru big Hyper Super Markets such as Panda and Danube.  Take away restaurants like: Al baik, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut etc.  Soft Drinks: Like Pepsi and Coke  Free SMS Messages thru STC and Mobily.
  14. 14. But before we go public… We should…
  15. 15. Exposing your Brand Internally  Never mind convincing the man on the street what your brand stand for, do your employees even know? Do they understand the strategy behind the brand? What the voice is?  One month before we start our campaign and events there will be a nice internal programs with all the sectors and parties with the Amana that will be involved in this project. The program will include seminars, workshop to understand the brand guidelines… it’s really all about explaining to everyone why the brand is changing and how they can be a part of it
  16. 16. Events & Programs
  17. 17. Why Events? “ Tell them and they will forget... Show them and they will remember... Involve them and they will understand... Relate to them and they will be your friends... Be relevant and they will keep coming back…”
  18. 18. City Storming THE CONCEPT:  Students (Scouting) dressed up in uniforms prior the “Cleaning week” event. They carry different signs in different languages telling adults to make the city a better place for them in their most receptive turf: “shopping mall”, “Tahlia Street”, “Shalal Amusement park” etc. We can also use the help of “Amana Friends”. MESSAGE:  Students will hand out flyers inviting adults to join them in the cleaning week, where they will clean the walls, take out the ads out of the post lamps etc. Anyone who join will get an “honor badge” The Event will be covered by the media
  19. 19. Honor Badge
  21. 21. Outdoor Distribution THE CONCEPT  Distributing collaterals to the labor target audience and other target audience will go thru different channels:  Balad  Malls  Mosques  Residential Compounds  Old Airport  Check points MESSAGE:  We all belong to one community, and we should have our input in the “Jeddah Cleaning Week” event.
  22. 22. Jeddah Cleaning Week THE CONCEPT:  Ordinary people from the public (Saudis and non) will participate in this event by cleaning the city in the main traffic lights or main commercial buildings, Cornish etc. with the help of the authority (Police, Amana, etc.) MESSAGE:  “I love Jeddah” … People of Jeddah do care about their hygiene and their future. Build the feeling that they are doing something for the good of their kids. The Event will be covered by the media
  23. 23. Awareness and Educational Program WITH THE HELP OF MINISTRY OF EDUCATION One month program  We will get a space in different schools, universities and colleges and invite the families of the students, for a performance done by the students followed by some speech by people from Amana, businessmen, businesswomen and some celebrities.  We will choose number of students from both genders to do a 5 – 10 minutes stage performance for both male and female sides. They will be guided and trained by a specialists.  Later on – a mascot of “I love Jeddah” can visit kids at school and send our message to this segment also.
  24. 24. Awareness and Educational Program WITH THE HELP OF AWGAF One month program  On Friday prayers The Imam can talk about the common improper practices and relate it to religion.  Outside the mosque, their will be distribution of flyers, booklets, leaflets etc. in different languages.
  25. 25. Awareness and Educational Program WITH THE HELP OF PRIVATE AND PUBLIC COMPANIES One month program  We will have big companies that have the facilities to accommodate their staff to participate in the event by having a session about our branding and campaign for their employees.
  26. 26. Awareness and Educational Program Direct Mail:  We will use telephone bills, bank statements and electricity bills to convey our message “I love Jeddah” across. We can also have our message in football stadiums at the back of the ticket to reach a different segment in Jeddah. SMS:  SMS is becoming a key part of various aspects of our lives, from business to personal and entertainment. We can filter our target audience very easily, and send them our messages in their own languages.
  27. 27. Creative Campaign
  28. 28. Phase 1  We will start with an emotional yet educational campaign illustrating the improper practice and what damages can effect the society. Medium to be used: 1. Press Ads 2. Outdoor 3. Radio (Ads plus interruption campaign with greetings of Amana) in Good morning Jeddah Program from 7 am to 11 am (Sat – Wed) 4. Online Advertising (e.g. MSN Messenger)
  29. 29. Plastic Bags for Garbage  With the help of Secret police and Traffic Police to spot people throwing garbage in the streets.  Hand them a small plastic bag that can be placed in their cars… they can collect their garbage inside it and dispose in the right place.  We will have our brand ambassador and different messages in the bag.  The bags can also be distributed at each check points.
  30. 30. Creative Concepts Samples
  31. 31. Phase 2  The campaign will be direct and making a statement. The campaign will talk about the fines for each improper practice. Medium to be used: 1. Press Ads 2. Outdoor 3. Radio (Ads plus interruption campaign with greetings of Amana) in Good morning Jeddah Program from 7 am to 11 am (Sat – Wed) 4. Online Advertising (e.g. MSN Messenger) 5. Newspaper and Magazines inserts / supplements
  32. 32. Creative Concepts Samples
  33. 33. Summary
  34. 34. 360 Campaign TV Coverage Half an Hour coverage of the Event ideas events + interviews Radio Campaign 30 s spots + Communication Idea interruption campaignBranding Context / Vehicles ideas Streets, Malls, Schools, Universities, Mosques Etc. Outdoor and press Campaign SMS Material & Direct Marketing
  35. 35. Thank you