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Al nahla visual id

  1. 1. Al Nahla Group - Visual Identity Proposal
  2. 2. “What is my relationship with people ?” “ I am not just a brand that people love, but also a brand that loves people: answering their needs, making their life easier, fitting their way of life, acting for their well-being. Sometimes my products will start merely as words suggested by customers that inspire me to make products to match. My customers can tell, that I care about ” the same thing they do. At my best, I give voice to our community Al Nahla - Brand Vision
  3. 3. “Why am I different ?” “ Beyond being a brand, I am guided by the idea that one purpose of my existence is to improve the quality of the community in some way and to share my passion. I express my passion and I support projects that are important to my customers. I learn from them and ” I get the opportunity to be educator myself Al Nahla - Brand Vision
  4. 4. “This is how I see the future” Caring Passionate Heritage Global
  5. 5. Option 1“The Founding Star”
  6. 6. The founding Star “ The stamp of excellence” RATIONALE: Al Nahla Group represents the universal message of experience, advice and heritage. The logo is a symbol of the continuity of wisdom from earlier generations. It is the embodiment of tradition. Al Nahla conveys the confidence of knowing their craft because they have been practicing it a long time. The figure of H.E. Sayed Hassan Sharbatly as the founder and the star of the company provide an implicit and credible endorsement for the brand because his recognized history gives it credibility. Hence, Al Nahla brand is able to provide the stamp of approval that the product has been created the “right way”.
  7. 7. “Imagery Interpretation” Image Graphic
  8. 8. “Combining Graphic”
  9. 9. “Complete Logo (English)”
  10. 10. “Complete Logo (Arabic)”
  11. 11. “Subsidiaries”
  12. 12. “Office Application”
  13. 13. Option 2“The Pioneer”
  14. 14. The pioneer “ The leader” RATIONALE: It is known fact that Al Sharbatly family is one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest business families. They built a dominant position with being the first company in its field or category. Fundamentally, it enables Al Nahla brand to take the high ground of being the First, with all attendant subliminal benefits. We can take leadership messaging a step further by emphasizing that we are more than number one – we are number one by a long shot.
  15. 15. “Imagery Interpretation” Image Graphic
  16. 16. “Combining Graphic”
  17. 17. “Complete Logo (English)”
  18. 18. “Complete Logo (Arabic)”
  19. 19. “Subsidiaries”
  20. 20. Option 3“The Link”
  21. 21. The Link “Personal Bonding” RATIONALE: William Shakespeare once said: (In thy face I see, the map of honor, truth and loyalty). Al Nahla brand connects with people as social beings. It also reflects the more intimate experience of forming deep and meaningful personal bond with others. This brand represents the friend in all of us – the need to form lasting connections with others and to build confidence.
  22. 22. “Imagery Interpretation” Image Graphic
  23. 23. “Combining Graphic”
  24. 24. “Complete Logo (English)”
  25. 25. “Complete Logo (Arabic)”
  26. 26. “Subsidiaries”
  27. 27. Option 4“The Solid Brick”
  28. 28. The Solid Brick “Authority” RATIONALE: Our brand sends a message of authority, influence and domination. It manifests itself using solid bricks of influence and persuasion to get its way. Moreover, it engender respect for its authority and people don’t doubt that Al Nahla know their stuff. Therefore, the logo position the company as the undisputed authority in its field.
  29. 29. “Imagery Interpretation” Image Graphic
  30. 30. “Combining Graphic”
  31. 31. “Complete Logo (English)”
  32. 32. “Complete Logo (Arabic)”
  33. 33. “Subsidiaries”
  34. 34. Last Words “ Tomorrow is here. Most companies aren’t. The challenge is to explode forward and go beyond. Business is the big game. The role of business is to make the world a better place. Now consumers expect nothing less. ” Let’s go – before it’s too late.
  35. 35. Thank YouJanuary 2007