Ink Media Kit 2012


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Ink is a South Asian, quarterly, print & online entertainment based magazine, based in Pakistan.

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Ink Media Kit 2012

  1. 1. MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. What is Ink?Ink is primarily a 100 page South Asian, quarterly, print & online entertainment basedmagazine. We assign different themes to each issue.Ink, in one form or the other, is an integral part of different phases in any and allforms of creativity. Creativity, in turn, is the essence of entertainment. We, therefore,considered it appropriate to name our entertainment based magazine “Ink”. It’s morethan just a magazine; it’s a cause.We feel it a responsibility to promote our culture at home, cultures abroad, as well asgood work South Asians in particular, are doing internationally. Ink is not the goal initself but a means to achieve the goal of developing a cultural movement that unifies.Come on this journey with us to discover the cultural identity of South Asia. Let uscelebrate and embrace it. Let us be proud of it and share it with the world.We are circulating 12,000 copies across Pakistan.We are distributing an extra 5,500 copies, through subscriptions, in Pakistan, theUAE, UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Europe and other parts of Asia.We are also accessible online at through which we arereaching audiences everywhere in the world. Exclusive Articles / Features /Interviews / Profiles, not available in the print version, can be accessed on ourwebsite.
  3. 3. Who Are We? The Core Team: Fariha Rashed Iffat R. Editor-in-Chief Aman Abassi Marketing Manager Sambreen Jamal NooriCommunications / PR Head
  4. 4. More of the team:Haroon KhanArt DirectorYousaf FayyazOnline Marketingyousaf931@gmail.comYasir
  5. 5. Fariha RashedFariha Rashed – C.E.O. has a background in media, advertising, PR, communications and event management. Her diversity allows her to bring much strength to Ink in terms of image building for the magazine and attracting the right kind of advertisers. Excerpt from Ink Issue 1: Sitting here typing out the first ever editorial for this new publication is just as thrilling as unwrapping a bar of chocolate; well, almost! So what’s Ink all about and why did we choose this particular name for a publication based on entertainment? Read on and you shall find out! From the smallest dot of ink that touches the surface of a crisp new paper, to the coming together of words across an entire publication ; Ink is the result of many hours of laborious work at the computer, lots of squabbles amongst the “planners”, including the likes of our Art Director Haroon, who we have to thank for layout direction and delicious ideas, our Editor-in-Chief Iffat R. who we thank for taking care of the nitty- gritty, plus late nights supported by the tea making abilities of my mother, and of course much support and help from my family members, friends and acquaintances in the corporate / media world …we bring to you the ‘ink’ of our labor … the first edition of this publication…
  6. 6. Recent Issues
  7. 7. The Music Issue Nov 08 featuredinternational duo JOSH, who have collaborated with Nelly Furtado on some of her most popular songs.
  8. 8. Some of What People Said …
  9. 9. This issue of Ink did tremendously in the market.Here is what people said about it:* I am so impressed by the magazine – its standard is so high! ~ Shahid Malik [UK]* Congratulations on the launch of Ink! ~ Marylou Andrew [International Writer]* It really is well laid out to show what is happening in the music world in Pakistan. I am sure you and those around you are thrilled with the first edition. ~ Yasmin Hassan [Canada]* Good stuff! ~ Fariha Chapra [AAG TV, Pakistan]* Just bought my copy from variety books and enjoyed it – very cool. Well done! ~ Selina Rashid [Lotus PR, Pakistan]* Received my copy yesterday, I absolutely loved it! ♥ ~ Rehl Ahmed* Hey, I just got the copy of Ink today, and I looked at the magazine, page to page, from start to end, not once but several times just to find one page, one single page which may not be well designed, composed or not well printed but I failed to find any. I mean this is the first time that I have seen a local magazine so richly designed and so well printed which is an absolute pleasure looking at and reading. Congratulations for coming up with such a brilliant magazine. ~ Jamal Ashiqain [Photographer, Pakistan]* Congratulations! :D just received the first copy, it looks fab! ~ Madeeha Syed [DAWN Newspaper, Pakistan]
  10. 10. The Cool Issue May 09
  11. 11. The May 09 Issuesold out in stores on the second day. It ran on the cover,one of South Asia’smost popular actors.The word ‘Twilight’ was misspelt on purpose – a competition, whereby readerswere asked to catch this spelling error was held, and thewinner received the Twilight Series book and movie.
  12. 12. Cover Story: Popular South Asian Actor Shaan
  13. 13. SomePages
  14. 14. Some of What People Said …
  15. 15. • Wonderful work with INK man! Your Cool issue comes out exuding a unique appeal and making quite a statement! ~ [Fauzan Sohail – Owner of]• Mag looks fab. ~ [John Gerzema – Chief Insights Officer – Young & Rubicam New York]• I have just gone through the Ink Magazine, and I must say, its a nice piece of work. I will not even imagine what you must have gone through to get this type of quality published. ~ [Sohail Hashmi – renowned South Asian Radio Host].• I love your publication. Would you be interested in collaborating on some projects? ~ [Tachelle Daniels – Interviewer / Radio Host – L.A.]• Thank you so much for the article. As I wrote on Facebook - I am honored to have been included in the "Cool Issue". I know how much work all of this is, and I hope that you continue to have success! [Wojtek Gwiazda - Host and Producer, "MASALA CANADA with Wojtek Gwiazda“ Radio Canada International].• Awesome, thank you so much! I love it! [talking about his featured article ‘Anyone Can Play That Game’ in Ink ‘The Cool Issue’] ~ [Jack Yan - LL B, BCA (Hons.), MCA < > blog, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates, Publisher, Lucire print planning site, Director, the Medinge Group – New Zealand].• You have a great magazine there. ~ [Ian Alexander – Film Industry Network, France].• Doing a good job! ~ Chef Shai [one of the top South Asian Chef’s on TV – Masala TV]• Congratulation for the new issue! Also, the new look of Ink website looks great. Congratulations.~ [Tamer Youssef – Egyptian Cartoonist / Illustrator / Graphic Designer, California]
  16. 16. The Peace Issue Oct - Dec 09
  17. 17. The Oct-Dec 09 Issue ran Hugh Jackman on the cover, with anExclusive interview featured with the actor inside. Ink collaborated withTwentieth Century Fox USA to bring Pakistani readers this exclusive content & cover image.
  18. 18. Some of What People Said …
  19. 19. • Your magazine’s great - better than anything Ive seen in KHI before~ [Shanzeh Mirza – Karachi]• GREAT NEW ISSUE!. ~ [Mona Loring – President / Owner – MLC PR – Los Angeles]• Regarding this issue, it is wonderful as always and without any exaggeration, INK can be compared to any international publication for sure. ~ [Imran Atif – Photographer].• Several People from America are asking me how they can get a copy of the Ink magazine even though they know it is in Pakistan but they are so desperate to have a copy [Nada Abuzaid – UK based Palestinian / UK designer].• Please let me know if the Peace Issue of the magazine is available with any book shops in the UAE. Thanks ~ [Saghier Ahmed Jafri - Urdu Manzil]
  20. 20. The Gold IssueJan - Mar 2010
  21. 21. The Jan-Mar 2010 Gold Issue ran an exclusive cover design by Haroon Khan Wazir. An array of celebrities were interviewed inthe issue which was a massive hit.
  22. 22. The Entertainment Issue May - Jul 2010
  23. 23. The May-Jul 2010 EntertainmentIssue saw hot singer Nadia Ali on the cover. An exclusive interview with the star was featured inside. Others gracing the issue were singer Imran Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Matt Lanter, Fariha Pervaiz and manymore. The magazine sold out in stores within 5 days.
  24. 24. The Oct-Dec 2010Desi Issue featured pop sensation Raghav on the cover. It also ranexclusive interviewswith Armeena Rana Khan, Aamir Khan and Jasper of Eclipse.
  25. 25. The Jan-Mar 2011 DJ Issue featuredexclusive interviews with top DJs of the world includingFerry Corsten, Bob Sinclar, Markus Schulz, BennyBenassi and many more! A special interview with F1 champ Vettel was also included.
  26. 26. The Diva IssueApr - Jun 2011
  27. 27. The Apr-Jun 2011Diva Issue featured beautiful Katrina Kaif on the cover.Exclusive interviews with Priyanka Chopra, Annie Khalid, Ali Zafar, Anushka Sharmaand many more also ran in the same edition. The issue was very well received.
  28. 28. The Atif Aslam Issue Jul - Aug 2011
  29. 29. The Jul-Aug 2011 Issue featured South Asian pop icon Atif Aslam on the cover. Exclusiveinterviews with PVD, Nadia Hussain, Komal Rizvi,Salman Ahmed and many more also ran in the same edition. The issue was very well received.
  30. 30. The 2012 IssueJan - Mar 2012
  31. 31. The Jan-Mar 2012 Issue featured South Asian heart throb Ali Zafar onthe cover. Exclusive interviews withTiesto, Sean Tyas,Armin Van Buuren& Special interviews with the cast of MI4 + much more,also ran in the same edition. The issue was sold out!
  32. 32. The Smoldering Issue Apr - Jun 2012
  33. 33. The Apr-Jun 2012 Issue featured the super hot & talented Ian Somerhalder[pays vampire Damon on the popular seriesThe Vampire Diaries]on the cover. Exclusive interviews with Annie Khalid, Nindy Kaur, Miss Nine, as well asSpecial interviews withMark Wahlberg, LiamNeeson & Rihanna +much more, also ran in the same edition. The issue was sold out!
  34. 34. The Celebrity Issue Jul - Sep 2012
  35. 35. The Jul - Sep 2012 Issue features SuperModel KATE MOSS on the cover. Exclusive interviews with Omair Rana, Bilal Khan, as well as Specialinterviews with Rachel Weisz, Kate Beckinsale, Johnny Depp, the cast ofTDKR + much more, is featured in the sameedition. The issue is on stands now.
  36. 36. Our Circulation
  37. 37. Pakistan: 12,000 copiesThrough Subscriptions:Pakistan, UAE, UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Egypt, and other parts of Asia: 5,5000 copies*please note that with the next issue, we will be available for purchase in Dubai also.
  38. 38. Target AudienceOut target audience consists of people from all cultural backgrounds, who want to learn about what is happening in South Asia, in terms of entertainment specifically. Similarly, we are also reaching out to South Asians and others living abroad, to come on board with us and educate this region about themselves and their cultural norms, happenings, events etc. In this way, we are encouraging better understanding between cultures and eradicating time old barriers, whether physical or mental. Entertainment for us, transcends boundaries.Our audience ranges from people between the ages of 16 to 50 years, and includes people from all ethnic backgrounds and varying fields. Our writers hail from countries around the world and our correspondents are located in almost every continent.Ink is for those who have a thirst for updated knowledge and want to read extensively, as well as enjoy a myriad of colorful images from around the world.
  39. 39. Available at Cafes etc. Gloria Jeans Coffees Hot FuzonGloria Jeans Coffees Islamabad
  40. 40. Available at Rock Musicarium Islamabad & Cinepax Rawalpindi, Pakistan Cinepax CinemaRock Musicarium Cinepax Cinema Rock Musicarium
  41. 41. InkOnline
  42. 42. It Looked in the Beginning
  43. 43. ink-on-the-webBrand New Look 2011
  44. 44. ink-on-the-webBrand New Look 2012
  45. 45. ink-on-the-web STATS 2012
  46. 46. ink-on-the-webGOOGLE SEARCH
  47. 47. Ink onfacebooksince Jan 2009 – we have 14,959 members & climbing …
  48. 48. Inkis on Twitter
  49. 49. InkJoined Google+
  50. 50. Ink Digital Version Available
  51. 51. Ink on Pinterest
  52. 52. SomePRESS / PROMOTIONS
  53. 53.
  54. 54. Masala Canada with Wojtek
  55. 55. Ink on GTA
  56. 56. Ink on SKOOP
  57. 57. Ink
  58. 58. Ink on Teabreak
  59. 59. Ink in Saad & Hadi Video
  60. 60. on
  61. 61. on
  62. 62. Behind the scenes at Raghav photoshoot for Ink, done in the UK – coverage on YouTube
  63. 63. Ink in Raghav Ink magazine Photoshoot behind-the-scenes video
  64. 64. Ink on Boy Butter Blog
  65. 65. Ink mentioned on international PR agency’s website
  66. 66. Ink mentioned on international PR agency’s website
  67. 67. Ink on international Film Industry Network website
  68. 68. Ink mentioned on Ian Somerhalder Inquirer
  69. 69. Ink at Institutions
  70. 70. Ink Collaborations
  71. 71. InkCollaborations
  72. 72. InkCollaborations Ink sponsored Cricket World Cup related Music Video
  73. 73. Ink at Cafes Base Rock CafeArizona Grill Café Ciao
  74. 74. Ink at Cafes Base Rock CaféCafé LeGrand Café Blue Ginger
  75. 75. Ink Some of Our CONTRIBUTORS from South Asia& around the world.
  76. 76. Some of our global CorrespondentsZarmeen Sipra: L.A. CorrespondentSanam Hasan: London CorrespondentSuman Khan: Dubai CorrespondentDev Bhatia: India Correspondent
  77. 77. Our FREE Supplement InkLINGS
  78. 78. Circulation:to 10,000 on our mailing list [free]
  79. 79. InkLINGS is also placed at various hangouts in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad/Pindi – handed out to youngsters, musicians and other celebrities at events. InkLINGS available at Masoom’s LAHORE. Farhad Humayun with InkLINGS in hand, at an event in Karachi in Jan 2012.Qayaas with InkLINGS in hand, at an event at Base Rock Café, Karachi in Jan 2012.
  80. 80. Thank You!