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Latihan 2


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Latihan 2

  1. 1. FSKIK is planning to organize a seminar. The seminar committee agreed to charge the participants/presenters based on the following fees. Type of presentation Type of Participants Participant Poster Presenter Oral Presenter International RM650 RM600 RM700 Local RM550 RM400 RM600 Student RM200 RM300 RM400 Write a program to determine and display the fee(the receipt) that a participant has to pay. Your program should has at least five (5) functions which are i. A function to input the data ii. 3 functions to determine the fee :- a. Function to determine fee for international participants b. Function to determine fee for local partipants c. Function to determine fee for students iii. A function to print the receipt . Example of receipt is shown below The program will only stop when it’s required by the user. You have to submit the program with the appropriate documentation and an example of output. . You must use function by reference to answer this question. SEMINAR OF ICT IN EDCUATION NAME : EMIR ADAM MUHAMMAD TYPE OF PARTICIPANT : 1 (1. International, 2. Local. 3. Student) TYPE OF PRESENTER : 3 (1. PARTICIPANT 2. POSTER PRESENTER 3.ORAL PRESENTER) FEE : RM 700