Does your organization need a Chief Data Officer (CDO) ?


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A question that will have one answer : it depends ! It depends on your company maturity level and how upper management will support it. This is material I presented at meeting organized by PointB, an strategic consulting company for the data leaders of the Seattle area in Aug-2013

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Does your organization need a Chief Data Officer (CDO) ?

  1. 1. Does your organization need a CDO? Point B Business Intelligence & Analytics Leader Community Roundtable August 15, 2013
  2. 2. Mario Faria 2 Land of Confusion
  3. 3. Mario Faria 3 Who owns the Data inside an organization ?
  4. 4. Data Science The process of taking raw data, producing information from data, and using this information to guide actions that will bring financial benefits to the business
  5. 5. Mario Faria 5 The Dictatorship of Data – Robert McNamara Big data will be a foundation for improving the drugs we take, the way we learn, and the actions of individuals. However, the risk is that its extraordinary powers may lure us to commit the sin of McNamara: to become so fixated on the data, and so obsessed with the power and promise it offers, that we fail to appreciate its inherent ability to mislead. dictatorship-of-data/
  6. 6. Enabling Culture Change and Becoming a Data Driven Organization
  7. 7. Mario Faria 7 The 3 Architectures a Company needs to succeed Business Architecture Technology Architecture Data Architecture
  8. 8. Mario Faria 8 The Data Value Chain
  9. 9. Mario Faria 9 Foundations of the Data team responsibilities • Data Strategy • Data Analytics • Data Insights • Data Architecture • Data Governance • Data Quality • Data Acquisitions • Data Operations • Data Policies • Data Security • Data Protection
  10. 10. Mario Faria 10 The role of a Chief Data Officer or Lead Data Scientist A data scientist is the one who looks for insights The insight is operationalized in BI/DW products, by data architects The insight is shared with the enterprise The CDO or Lead Data Scientist is the executive responsible and accountable for the data life cycle inside the organization, managing the people involved in the data activities, such as acquisitions, analytics, processes, governance, quality, technology and budget
  11. 11. Mario Faria 11 “Organizations are about to be swamped with massive data tsunamis. The Chief Data Officer is responsible for engineering, architecting, and delivering organizational data success” – Peter Aiken, PhD
  12. 12. Mario Faria 12 Why do you need a Chief Data Officer ?
  13. 13. Mario Faria 13 The Chief Data Officer Role
  14. 14. Mario Faria 14 A Chief Data Officer is the executive responsible to manage these areas
  15. 15. Mario Faria 15 At the end, on Big Data, a CDO and the team should • Support the data initiatives, using the assets from different sources, with quality as a requirement • Drive business insights, so the users can act promptly • Execute his/her tasks fast, in real-time if possible
  16. 16. Mario Faria 16 The mind set of the Data Leader • Handle data management is not a project, but as an evolving process • He/she is there to break the data silos inside business • Know to move from products to platforms • Able to accelerate revenue by creating new business models and offers • Speed up cycle time • Work together with customers (internal or external) • Create an agile and lean organization
  17. 17. What does it take to make your company succeed in this data journey ?
  18. 18. Mario Faria 18 Much more than hard skills • The hard skills: data knowledge, technical expertise and process mentality • Communication is key for a data leader to succeed
  19. 19. Mario Faria 19 Major points on how to structure a data governance program • Upper management buying and support • Do not reinvent the wheel : use and abuse of best practices that already exist • Communicate always and be transparent • Quick wins And …
  20. 20. Mario Faria 20 The critical path to success : Finding the right people • With cloud computing, technology has become a commodity • Data is everywhere
  21. 21. Mario Faria 21 Hire the best and most eager resources you can find in the market
  22. 22. Mario Faria 22 Thank you Mario Faria Chief Data Officer and Data Strategy Advisor Founder of the Digital Mad Men Twitter : @mariofaria +1 (425) 628-3517