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Supply chain and marketing


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Supply chain and marketing

Published in: Business, Technology
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Supply chain and marketing

  1. 1. SUPPLY CHAIN AND MARKETING PRACTICES Supply chain and supply chain management are central areas of corporate perform that correspond with the regulation of marketing practices. Developments in supply chain excellence have gradually recognized scope in marketing practices, which in turn boost customer satisfaction. According to the ruling body of supply chain management professional, the fundamental aim of supply chain management is the integration of supply (example logistics and operation) and demand, which will meets by effective marketing practices. With respect to time, the discipline of both marketing practices and supply chain management pass through the passage of growth. The broadening reflection within marketing and SCM has led to spreading out of the scale and span of the disciplines over time. This expansion has been a decisive source for SCM innovation but also led to some confusion. It not only enabled supply chain to address its 1|Page
  2. 2. integration goal but also created challenges for its sympathetic and development. Supply Chain Management growingly and rapidly gained influence in the areas which were the conceptually sphere of Marketing and Marketing Channels. The old hymn of marketing success reveals that having the right product in the right place at the right time increase supply chain efficiency. In Current Market structure, understanding the customer attributes, situation and responding effectively and focus on differing needs of consumer/customer through the integration, coordination and collaboration of Marketing and Supply Chain Management which could be a strong source of constructing Superior Customer Value Creation. Traditionally, Marketing is focused externally and generates Customer Value, On the other hand Supply Chain Management is internally focused and on generation of efficient resources in implementing Marketing Strategies and Descision.TQM mainly focus on creating superior customer value while pursuing profit. 2|Page
  3. 3. In the Marketing side the original base concept of 4P’s is now linked up by more powerful and strong explanation like the integration model and competitive relationship Marketing, which results in changes in Buyer type, size, power and technological advancement and Innovation (Ford 1997). Marketing and Logistics of Supply Chain are mutually dependent on each other. Marketing and Logistics of SCM cannot occur in isolation from each other, If Marketing is to understand its main and baseline objective and contribution i.e. Organization Market place and Financial stability and conteneous growth, then Marketing have to connect and collaborate with three main and baseline business process that are Product Development, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management (Morash and Lynch 2002) 3|Page