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The presentation is mainly about cures by natural herbs and fruits. The frequent intake can keep us away from many diseases. This is All about God's Pharmacy.
Dr. Farhana Shaheen

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Allah's Pharmacy Dr. Farhana Shaheen

  2. 2.  Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that Allah had not brought down any illness without a cure for it.  Currently, the scientists found many remedies available in the nature.  Thus, Prophet Muhammad had founded what the science had recently confirmed, that the nature is the main source of cure.
  3. 3.  ---instead of  Mc Donalds
  5. 5.  1. Carrots: Jasper of the lens of the eye. Research has shown that the carrots are actually very useful. . 2. Tomato: Its four chambers, heart red and its four chambers: the ventricles and Atria. All recent research confirms that tomato is useful for heart and blood food. . 3. Grapes: Similar to the exterior of the heart. And each grape looks like a blood cell ...!! Research has shown that grape is beneficial for the heart and the blood also. . 4. Nuts: Very similar to a brain (brain) and left perinea. Even Convolution within it. Actually research confirms that eating walnuts contribute to the growth of many neurons that help in the performance of their tasks. . 5. Beans: They are of the kidney shape and help in the function. . 6. Onions: Similar to the body's cells, and research shows that onions help to eliminate body wastes.
  6. 6.  Arthritis patients may take daily (morning and night) one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured.
  7. 7.  You will be needing 40 pcs of guyabano leaves 1 liter clean water  PROCEDURE: 1. Boil the 1 liter water in a sauce pan. 2. As soon as it boils, add the leaves and turn the heat to low. 3. Simmer it for 20 minutes. The color will turn to golden brown or just like the color of regular tea. 4. let it cool before drinking. The tea is only good for 7-8 hours and may be refrigerated.
  8. 8.  * GUYABANO TEA MUST BE TAKEN FOR 30 DAYS, 3 TIMES A DAY, ONE GLASS BEFORE MEALS. THE TEA IS EASILY ABSORBED IN AN EMPTY STOMACH. *It should only be taken for 30 days. More than that, it will destroy the normal flora. *After 30 days, have yourself checked by your doctor to examine if the disease is still there. If the symptoms is still there, taper the dose to maintenance dose. * If the symptoms disappear before the 30 day treatment, continue taking the tea to make sure that no single sick cell is present.
  9. 9.  It will help you lose belly fat  Consuming green tea and participating in three hours of moderate physical activity per week resulted in an acceleration of body fat around the abdomen as compared to exercise alone.  Your gums and teeth will benefit  Green tea helps to interfere with the body’s inflammatory response to periodontal bacteria, warding off further disease.  Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth; it’s been associated with the progression of other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  It may reduce your risk of cancer  Green tea is well-known for its abilities to reduce the risk of many types of cancer, including breast cancer, oral cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and a wide range of others.
  10. 10.  Did You know About 40 per cent of cancers are diet related, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to reduce your risk of cancer of the lung, digestive tract, bowel, bladder and breast.
  11. 11. 1. Ovarian cancer treatment 2. Colon cancer prevention 3. Morning sickness relief 4. Motion sickness remedy 5. Reduces pain and inflammation 6. Heartburn relief 7. Prevention of diabetic nephropathy 8. Migraine relief 9. Menstrual cramp relief 10. Cold and flu prevention
  12. 12.  Although it seems too good to be true, dark chocolate can actually be good for you! When consumed in moderation, this delicious treat has some powerful health benefits. Following arethree of the major reasons to indulge: 1. It can help prevent heart disease: Like tea, dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are compounds that act as antioxidants. Flavonoids protect cells from harmful molecules.
  13. 13.  It can improve your mood: Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that bring on feelings of pleasure. It also contains the chemical serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant. 3. It can protect your skin: German researchers found that the flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, help protect and increase blood flow to the skin, and improve skin’s hydration and complexion. For all of its health benefits, though, dark chocolate does contain a lot of calories. So, experts recommend sticking to no more than three ounces of the sweet stuff per day.
  14. 14.  Appropriate measures to improve circulation and purification of blood reduces the incidence of acne, pimples, anaemia and so on. Follow these simple home remedies to purify blood: 1.Drink grape juice, devoid of sugar as it improves the hemoglobin content. 2.Honey improves the hemoglobin content thereby improving circulation. It is rich in iron, manganese and copper. 3.Drink plenty of water and reduce the intake of fried, fatty foods. 4.Garlic is a great blood cleanser. 3 pods of garlic once a day for a month can be consumed. Garlic purifies the blood and thereby clears the skin of boils, pimples and skin spots.
  15. 15.  5.Raw fruits and vegetables intake should be increased. 6.Some simple natural foods are great cleansing agents for the body. Parsley, for one, acts as a diuretic to flush out the bladder and kidneys as well as a blood cleanser. Wheat grass juice is a natural detox agent that decreases fat in the blood, lowers cholesterol levels, and provides oodles of essential vitamins that are needed by the body daily. Include it as part of your diet. Vitamins A,B,C,E and K can be found in this super juice. Additionally, iron, manganese, potassium, and other nutrients are provided readily.
  16. 16. Coming down with a cold? Instead of reaching for a bowl of chicken soup, try a cup of turmeric milk, a time-tested Ayurvedic treatment and Indian folk remedy for colds, coughs, runny nose from allergies, throat irritation, and even asthma.
  17. 17.  Citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, which aids in keeping your heart in good condition. Stick to whole fruits instead of juice as they slow sugar absorption.
  18. 18. There in are fruits and palm trees with sheaths. And grain with husk and fray, and flowers. Then which of the favours of your Allah will ye deny? [Quran 55:13]
  19. 19.  Ingredients: - 2 cups kiwi - 2 cups mango - 2 cups strawberry
  20. 20.  1. Start your day with fresh juice - vegetable or fruit juice in the morning can make you glow. Avoid caffeine as first thing in the morning. Grab a fruit instead. 2. Take small meals and munch on healthy snacks. Nuts, carrots, and fruits can go with you to perk up metabolism.
  21. 21.  - 1/2 pineapple - 1 lime - 1/2 inch ginger - Stir in 1 tablespoon of honey
  22. 22.  1)Fights Breast Cancer Studies in Israel show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It may also prevent breast cancer cells from forming. 2) Lung Cancer Prevention Studies in mice show that pomegranate juice may inhibit the development of lung cancer. 3) Slows Prostate Cancer It slowed the growth of prostate cancer in mice. 4) Keeps PSA Levels Stable In a study of 50 men who had undergone treatment for prostate cancer, 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day kept PSA levels stable, reducing the need for further treatment
  23. 23.  5) Protects the Neonatal Brain Studies show that maternal consumption of pomegranate juice may protect the neonatal brain from damage after injury. 6) Prevention of Osteoarthritis Several studies indicate that pomegranate juice may prevent cartilage deterioration. 7) Protects the Arteries It prevents plaque from building up in the arteries and may reverse previous plaque buildup. 8) Alzheimer's Disease Prevention It may prevent and slow Alzheimer's disease. In one study, mice bred to develop Alzheimer's disease were given pomegranate juice. They accumulated significantly less amyloid plaque than control mice and they performed mental tasks better.
  24. 24.  9)Lowers Cholesterol It lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol). 10) Lowers Blood Pressure One study showed that drinking 1.7 ounces of pomegranate juice per day lowered systolic blood pressure by as much as 5 percent. 11) Dental Protection Research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice may be a natural way to prevent dental plaque.
  25. 25.  RECIPE:- ½ cucumber- 1 green apple- ½ bitter gourd- 2 ribs of celery- ½ green capsicum (bell pepper)
  26. 26.  Ingredients: - 1 cucumber - 5 stalks celery - 5 carrots - 1 cup young thai coconut water - 1 lemon Buy Organic! Juice the above ingredients, and add coconut water last!
  27. 27.  This juice is so nutritious only due to the presence of two vegetables and one fruit which is full of several lifesaving antioxidants, apple is full of Vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K along with nutrients like Folate, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sodium and Iron. While carrots are known to have vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K along with Niacin and Pantothenic Acid supported by minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and Selenium. Maximum advantage can be gained from carrots in their juice form rather than the vegetable eaten directly.
  28. 28.  Beetroot is a vegetable which is known to help the heart in prevention of any cardiovascular diseases which are full of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B-complex, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium along with several anti-aging agents. Combination of these three is enough to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to keep the body going throughout the day apart from which they also are known to provide long lasting benefits to the body health. Some of the advantages which can be gained from this juice include:
  29. 29.  This drink few years ago was suggested to those who have been suffering from lung cancer for which it is necessary to drink this for 3 months continuously after which it has been found that they have completely healed from this life taking disease. This drink is not just limited to lung cancer but also is known to treat all types of cancer by restricting the growth of cells which can lead to cancer. This juice is known to be perfect choice for development of various organ’s health like kidney, liver and pancreas saving them from various problems which also helps in strengthening of heart and
  30. 30.  It is already known that this miracle drink consists of beetroot which is known to look after the health of heart along with presence of carrot which is known to help in promotion of heart health with compounds like alpha and beta carotenes and lutein. When all the goodness from these both vegetables is mixed with apple aids in keeping the cholesterol levels down and having a control on the blood pressure also acting like a shield in front of heart from diseases. There are many who state that this miracle drink will also help in keeping the skin without any spots, pimples and also extending the time during which the skin keeps on ageing. Younger and fresh skin that is dream of many can be easily acquired by one glass of this miracle drink daily.
  31. 31.  This juice is also said to improve the entire digestive system in the body that protects stomach health saving it from ulcers, controlling the bowel movements and relieving chronic constipation. This is the best drink which will help in providing brain with all the necessary nutrients which in turn increases the memory and helps in proper functioning of brain. This works great even for the eyes and is suggestible exclusively for those who are forced to work on computer for several hours which might result in drying up of eyes, irritation and tiredness.
  32. 32.  This juice also works great in enhancing the immunity system at the same time safeguarding the body from different types of allergies, this works even in curing any sort of throat infections.  This miracle drink is also known to detoxify the liver and blood purification thereby helping in increment of red blood cells production.  Women suffering with too much pain during menstrual cycle can also go with this drink since it is known to relieve from any such pains and cramps apart from this it is said to relieve pain from any sort of activities which might also include physical activities.  This is also said to work wonders for those who are looking to lose some weight at the same time giving necessary energy without putting on additional calories.
  33. 33.  In order to get maximum benefit from this miracle drink it is suggested to take it on empty stomach that too early in the morning and one hour after its consumption people can go ahead with their regular breakfast. But this does not have to be restricted only once but can even be take twice every day in the evening before 5 pm which may change from one person to another.  This drink can be taken for one month continuously or even 3 months for this drink to work effectively making it part of diet to get benefit for longer duration.
  34. 34.  Carrot + Ginger + Apple - Boost and cleanse our system. Apple + Cucumber + Celery - Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate stomach upset and headache. Tomato + Carrot + Apple - Improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath. Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk - Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat. Orange + Ginger + Cucumber - Improve Skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat. Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon - To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney.
  35. 35.  Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi - To improve skin complexion. Pear & Banana - regulates sugar content. Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango - Clear body heat, counteracts toxicity, decreased blood pressure and fight oxidization . Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk - Rich in vitamin C + Vitamin B2 that increase cell activity and strengthen body immunity. Papaya + Pineapple + Milk - Rich in vitamin C, E, Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism. Banana + Pineapple + Milk - Rich in vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation
  36. 36.  The best fruit to eat is avocados. This beautiful green fruit is packed with carotenoids and antioxidants and they are extremely rich in Fatty Acids. Avocados also provide your body with 18 essential amino acids. These amino acids form the complete protein for your body. If you're looking for a great protein replacement to your diet, this is it. Avocados are the most wonderful and nutritious fruit. Eat them many times every week. Let's face it, our body needs fat, our brain needs fat. Would you rather give your brain trans fats from processed foods? I hope not. Don't be afraid of healthy fats. Avocados give your brain and body the right source of fat that it needs.
  37. 37.  Mangosteen fruit has a number of substances, the most prominent being xanthones, a group of compounds that have antioxidant and other potent physiological properties.  Xanthones are the major active ingredients in mangosteen. Xanthones are mostly in the rind and seed, and less in the mangosteen fruit.  Xanthones have properties such as: anti-tumor (shrinks tumors), anti-leukemia, antifungal (critical for all cancer patients), antibacterial (to protect DNA), antioxidants
  38. 38.  1. Anti-fatigue (energy booster)  2. Powerful anti-inflammatory (prevents inflammation) 3. Analgesic (prevents pain)  4. Anti-ulcer (stomach, mouth and bowel ulcers)  5. Anti-depressant (low to moderate)  6. Anxyolytic (anti-anxiety effect)  7. Anti-Alzheimerian (helps prevent dementia) 8. Anti-tumor and cancer prevention (multiple categories cited)... shown to be capable of killing cancer cells  9. Immunomodulator (multiple categories cited) - helps the immune system  10. Anti-aging 11. Anti-oxidant 12. Anti-viral
  39. 39.  13. Anti-biotic (modulates bacterial infections)  14. Anti-fungal (prevents fungal infections)  15. Anti-seborrheaic (prevents skin disorders)  16. Anti-lipidemic (blood fat lowering, LDL)  17. Anti-atherosclerotic (prevents hardening of arteries)  18. Cardioprotective (protects the heart)  19. Hypotensive (blood pressure lowering)  20. Hypoglycemic (anti-diabetic effect, helps lower blood sugar)  21. Anti-obesity (helps with weight loss)  22. Anti-arthritic (prevention of arthritis)  23. Anti-osteoporosis (helps prevent the loss of bone mass)  24. Anti-periodontic (prevents gum disease)
  40. 40.  25. Anti-allergenic (prevents allergic reaction)  26. Anti-calculitic (prevents kidney stones)  27. Anti-pyretic (fever lowering)  28. Anti-Parkinson  29. Anti-diarrheal  30. Anti-neuralgic (reduces nerve pain)  31. Anti-vertigo (prevents dizziness)  32. Anti-glaucomic (prevents glaucoma)  33. Anti-cataract (prevents cataracts)  34. Pansystemic - has a synergistic effect on the whole body
  41. 41.  The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo.
  42. 42.  Custard apples contain anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, which helps to fight free radicals in our body. It is also high in potassium and magnesium that protects our heart from cardiac disease.  Custard apples contain Vitamin A, which keeps your skin and hair healthy. This fruit is also known to be  great for eyes, and cures indigestion problems. It's important to include this fruit in your diet, as the copper content helps to cure constipation, and helps to treat diarrhea and dysentery.
  43. 43.  Anti Cancer : It is a natural cancer treatment, the lychee fruit prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body and a research has also shown that the lychee fruit may provide an impressive anti-cancer properties. Potassium And Copper:  Lychee also contains a very good amount of minerals like potassium and copper.
  44. 44.  They contain large amount of anti-oxidants which are responsible for skin and brain care. The fiber content present in them helps in producing vitamins and minerals in the body which keeps us from aging.
  45. 45. Benefits: 1.Full of Antioxidant: Reduce inflammation that causes diabetes, asthma, colon cancer & many more 2.Phytonutrients: bioactive compound, able to trigger healthy reactions within our body. 3.Citrulline converts into Arginine: helps us to maintain a healthy immune system (heart healthy food) & eventually its provides relief from the encroaching heat.
  46. 46.  Fiber:  Use grape leaves to boost your intake of roughage. The leaves provide a rich source of fiber, 1.5 grams per cup. This means that, despite containing very few calories, grape leaves will help fill you up. Grape leaves' fiber content adds bulk to your food to help physically fill your stomach, and also helps slow digestion so that you get a gradual release of sugar into your bloodstream, instead of a blood sugar spike and crash that leaves you ravenous. A 1-cup serving of leaves provides about 7 percent of your fiber intake if you follow a 1,500-calorie diet, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, or 5 percent if you're on a 2,000-calorie diet.  It also has Vitamin A (helps your cells develop)and K (helps control blood clotting), Calcium, and Iron.
  47. 47.  Stuff your grape leaves with healthy ingredients to make nutrient-dense meals. Try stuffing grape leaves with chicken and chopped vegetables, then bake until tender for a meal rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For a vegetarian option, substitute tofu or tempeh for meat as a source of protein, and add mushrooms for a meaty texture. Steam leftover grape leaves for use in pureed soup -- a blend of broccoli, onions, kale, grape leaves and other green veggies makes for a flavorful and nutrient-packed meal. 
  48. 48.  Mango contains a sufficient quantity of fiber, which causes slow absorption of sugar into the blood stream; helps reducing appetite, maintain blood sugar levels resulting in controlling body weight. When the fiber passes through intestines it also eliminates a number of harmful fats of the body. Mango is also valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion.
  49. 49.  Bananas help overcome depression due high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. Eating two bananas before a strenuous workout can pack an energy punch and sustain your blood sugar. Bananas help protect you against muscle cramps during workouts and night time leg cramps. Bananas regulate blood sugar and relieve stress, which improves your mood and reduces PMS symptoms. Bananas are high in vitamin B-6 which helps reduce swelling, protect against type 2 diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, and assist in the production of white blood cells. Bananas are full of iron, which helps strengthen your blood and relieve anemia.
  50. 50.  According to a recent survey undertaken by MIND amongst people suffering from depression, many felt much better after eating a banana. This is because bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax, improve your mood and generally make you feel happier.
  51. 51.  Banana Peel Banana is a fruit with many essential nutrients for the body.  Who says banana peels are a waste? Next time when you are about to throw those banana peels rub them on your teeth for two minutes. After 15 minutes, brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste. Repeat this process twice or thrice a week. After some time you will notice a visible difference.
  52. 52.  How can banana peel help to whiten teeth? Banana peel contains some essential mineral like potassium, manganese and magnesium that penetrates into the teeth and helps to whiten them.
  53. 53.  The inside part of the banana peel decays into black color as you rub due to whatever soot gets on your face, rub your face for approximately 10 minutes, if the banana peel gets entirely black, replace it with another one. After rubbing your face, do not wash it, it will lose the effect of what you just did. The compound of the peel will help you remove the infection from the skin, wash your face just before you are going to bed.
  54. 54.  You need to be consistent, do this every day, you’ll see improvements after the first day, but it takes a little time to fully work, with this amazing natural remedy the infection is weakened and cannot grow anymore.
  55. 55.  Strawberries The sweet tasting bright colored strawberries can brighten up your smile as well. All you have to do is take one to two strawberries, mash them up and apply them to your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes. After this procedure you can simply rinse off with water or you can brush your teeth. Strawberries help in two ways. Firstly, they are a rich source of natural enzyme known as malic acid. The fiber found in strawberries act as a natural cleanser and helps remove bacteria, specifically from the mouth and teeth.
  56. 56.  Crunchy Carrots Feel happy when the next time you hear the crunching sounds of the carrots in your mouth. Why? Because raw carrots are very beneficial in scrapping off plaque from your teeth and are also known as natural cleaner.  They also kill the bacteria by maintaining the acid- alkaline balance of the mouth. So every time you crunch on that carrot you are getting whiter teeth along with healthy gums.  Apple and celery are also equally important as teeth whiteners. This is what Dr. Michael Apa, a specialized cosmetic dentist has to say, “These foods are high in Vitamin C, which prevents gum disease and gingivitis and kills odor-causing bacteria”.
  57. 57.  Lemon Peel and Juice Another fruit that works as an effective teeth whitener is lemon. The high acid level contained in the peel of the lemon work as a powerful whitener or bleaching agent. Dr. Roth says, “Just as they naturally ‘bleach’ your hair, lemons will lighten and brighten your teeth,”  You can either rub the lemon peel or apply its juice to the teeth. Take lemon juice and mix with equal quantity of water e.g. if you are taking one teaspoon of lemon juice then mix it with 1 teaspoon of water. Do not use lemon for more than twice a week. The lemon being too acidic can cause tooth decay and destroy the enamel by degrading its calcium, if used very frequently.
  58. 58.  Baking Soda All the dental experts agree to the fact that one of the safest and strongest teeth whitener is baking soda. It is an excellent acid neutralizer and helps to remove stains while protecting the enamel. Mix a little salt with baking soda i.e. a pinch of both, apply it to your teeth with a help of a soft tooth brush. Leave it for two to three minutes and then rinse off with water. You will get white sparkling teeth in an instant(Personal experience).  There are many whitening tooth pastes available in the market containing baking soda, but if your tooth paste does not contain it you can sprinkle it on your tooth paste before brushing.
  59. 59.  Toothpaste – It is one of the effective removers of blackheads and whiteheads, for which a thin layer of this has to be applied on the infected areas after which it has to be left on for face for about 25 minutes. Though initially there might be slightly burning sensation later it will get normal which when removed will almost disappear the top of blackheads and whiteheads for which it will be necessary to wash the face thoroughly. This procedure will be helpful to those who follow it for every two weeks.  Tomato – Antiseptic properties of tomato have the ability to dry up the whiteheads and blackheads for which the tomato has to be mashed after peeling and applied on blackheads and whiteheads it is even best to leave it on while sleeping which has to be washed in morning with warm water. 
  60. 60.  Lemon – Wash the face with warm water before applying this mixture of lemon juice with pinch of salt after which it has to be applied on blackheads and whiteheads. This mixture has to be left on face for about 20 minutes after which it has to be once again cleaned with warm water.  Lime – Mixing equal quantities of lime juice and cinnamon powder also can be applied for blackheads which have to be left on for entire night and washed in the morning.
  61. 61. Cornstarch – Mix Vinegar and cornstarch in 1:3 ratio to make it a paste which has to be applied on problem area for about 15 to 30 minutes later washing it with warm water.  Yogurt - Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with three tablespoons of yogurt along with teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice which has to be applied on face to sit on for about five to seven minutes later washing off with cold water.  Almond or Oatmeal – Paste has to be made from oatmeal or almond powder with sufficient rose water and applied on problem areas with fingertips on entire face for about 15 minutes and washed off with cold water.
  62. 62.  Rice – Soak rice for 5 hours in milk after which it has to be made paste in blender which has to be used as scrub on affected areas of body.  Coriander leaves – Mix coriander leaves and turmeric with water to makes paste which has to be used as mask to remove blackheads.  Honey – Honey is best choice to remove blackheads for which it only has to be spread across those areas which have lot of blackheads.
  63. 63.  Potatoes – Grated potatoes have to be rub on area with blackheads and left on for 15 minutes after which it has to be washed off.  Baking Soda – Mixing equal parts of baking soda and water will make a paste which has to be rubbed onto the face or other body parts which are prone to blackheads and has to be left on for about 15 minutes after which it has to be washed on with warm water.
  64. 64.  Health benefits of Beetroots, Beetroots for healthy heart, Beetroot juice helps to lower high blood pressure. Beetroots are rich in Vitamin B, it helps for skin health and hair growth. Including 1 glass Beetroot juice in our diet controls the high blood pressure and also improves the memory power. 1. No Fat : Beetroots doesn't contains fat as it helps us to reduce the desire of eating sweet. It will be beneficial for those who are dieting.
  65. 65.  2. Boosts the Energy : Beetroots contains Carbohydrates and it helps to give instant energy. 3. Folic Acid : Folic Acid is essential for women as it helps to develop the fertility system. Instead of taking pills, Including Beetroot in your diet is the natural way of gaining folic acid in our body. 4. Nutrition : Many Parents feel that we are lackin in providing nutritious food to the children, So Beetroots are the best nutritious foods as it contains Vitamin A, C, Magnesium, Calcium, Minerals, Potassium, Iron helps to provide the required energy and supplements to our body. 5. For Healthy Heart : Are you suffering from High blood pressure? then take 1 glass of beetroot juice daily. It Contains Nitrates, when it mixed with blood it produces nitric oxide which helps to reduce the blood pressure so can we yield good healthy condition heart. 6. Beetroot Juice : Taking Beetroot juice daily gives lot of benefits to us. It just contains not only Nitartes, there are the rich sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids. It also have the characteristic of fighting against cancer
  66. 66.  Try these simple remedies and loose your extra weight. - Honey is the best method to lose weight. Drink at least 10 grams of honey with lukewarm water. This is one of the best home remedies for obesity. - Another proven home remedies for obesity is eating cabbage. - Eat raw tomatoes early in the morning for a period of three months and see how it helps you to lose weight. - Eat at least a 10-12 curry leaves for a period of four months. - Drink three tsp of lemon juice in water; add some black pepper and honey. Do this for at least a period of four months. -
  67. 67.  Drink tea made up of dandelion root. Drink this tea at least three times a day. This is one of the best home remedies for obesity. Similarly drinking green tea is also one of the best home remedies that helps you to get rid of the excessive fat and helps you to lose weight. - Boil some pieces of ginger and add some slices of lemon into it. Drink it when it is lukewarm. This controls the habit of overeating and prevents obesity. - Mint is also one of the best home remedies of obesity. Eat a paste made up of mint with meals. - Drinking carrot juice on a regular basis also helps in treating obesity.
  68. 68. 1. Apply peeled and grated raw potato to your eyes at least three times per week. Leave the potatoes on your eyes overnight if possible. 2. Soak cotton balls in cucumber juice or slice a fresh cucumber and apply them to your eyes. Leave them on for 15 minutes for a relaxing treatment that helps reduce dark eye circles. 3. Massage almond oil into the skin surrounding your eyes at bedtime. Try this for two weeks to see results. 4. Practice pranayama, which is a controlled breathing exercise. Try this everyday for at least five minutes to reduce stress. Visit the Yoga Site website for information on how to practice pranayama. 5. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can help reduce dark eye circles. 6. Eat a healthful diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. 7. Get plenty of restful sleep.
  69. 69.  All you need are some seeds, a large, clean jar and some netted fabric secured with a band. Soak seeds that have been thoroughly rinsed for the first 24 hours in clean cool water, draining and refreshing the water several times. Store in the dark. Then rinse twice a day with fresh clean water and set in sunlight. Your sprouts will be ready to eat in a week.
  70. 70.  The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions... When I say aloe vera is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by nature, (Garlic would be a close second.) There is nothing on this planet that offers the amazing variety of healing benefits granted by aloe vera.
  71. 71.  • Halts the growth of cancer tumors. • Lowers high cholesterol. • Repairs "sludge blood" and reverses "sticky blood". • Boosts the oxygenation of your blood. • Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain. • Protects the body from oxidative stress. • Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea. • Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits. • Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn's disease and other digestive disorders. • Reduces high blood pressure natural, by treating the cause, not just the symptoms. • Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyco- nutrients. • Accelerates healing from physical burns and radiation burns. • Replaces dozens of first aid products, makes bandages and antibacterial sprays obsolete. • Halts colon cancer, heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract. • Ends constipation.
  72. 72.  Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics. • Prevents and treats candida infections. • Protects the kidneys from disease. • Functions as nature's own "sports drink" for electrolyte balance, making common sports drinks obsolete. • Boosts cardiovascular performance and physical endurance. • Speeds recovery from injury or physical exertion. • Hydrates the skin, accelerates skin repair. Truly, there is nothing else that compares to the medicinal potential of aloe vera. And yet most people only know about the topical applications of aloe vera gel. They think it's only good for sunburns. In reality, aloe vera is useful for both external and internal use.
  73. 73.  Age spots, pimple marks, pigmentation marks, burn or injury marks can be treated using aloe vera gel- Method- Just make a paste of aloe vera extract and rose water and apply it on face for 20 minutes. Rinse off using cold water. This pack acts as a fairness pack also. The paste must be massaged for 2-3 mins onto the face before rinsing it off to cleanse the pores of the face.
  74. 74.  It is best to try and avoid fruits that are the most sugar-promoting. The fruits with the highest amount of fructose are grapes, bananas, apples, mangos, pears, cherries and kiwis. Any type of dried fruit also skyrockets your blood-sugar levels with copious amounts of fructose. If you're going to eat fruit, do not eat it by itself; in other words, eat a small amount with a fat or protein, like a little cheese. This may be against food-combining rules but eating fruit this way will keep your blood sugar lower.