What is TCP/IP


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What is TCP/IP

  1. 1.  TCP/IP   is a protocol stack or protocol suite or group of related protocols, each working together with in a prescribed standard.<br /> TCP/IP   is the most popular model or a standard used for the connections to the internet.<br /> TCP/IP   is set of rules/protocols for communication on internet.<br /> TCP/IP   is the communication protocol for communication between computers connected to the internet.<br /> TCP/IP software is built in all the major operating systems, such as windows, UNIX, Mac OS. The purpose of TCP/IP development was to allow computers to communicate over long distance networks.<br />What is TCP/IP?<br />
  2. 2. Internet Browser and Internet Servers use TCP/IP to connect to the internet. Your Browser uses TCP/IP to access internet servers, and servers uses TCP/IP to send HTML back to your browser.<br /> The Standard defines how computers should be connected to the internet, and how the data should be transmitted between them.<br /> In TCP/IP, each protocol work together, they perform specific function but they inter-relate and depend on each other within a standard.<br />Protocol:  A protocol is an agreement between the two communicating parties on how the communication should proceed.<br />Protocol is rules for communications on a network.<br />Networking software is organized as a protocol.<br />A communication protocol is a description of rules computers must follow to communicate with each other.<br />