Proverbs translation about monkey


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Proverbs translation about monkey

  1. 1. 20 PROVERBS TRANSLATION From Arabic to English About monkey By Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  2. 2. ‫اىقزد في عيه امً غشاه‬ Alqerd fi 3een omo gazelle Translation: In the eye of his mother, a monkey is a gazelle. English equivalent: All her geese are swans. ً‫يا آخذ اىقزد عيي ماىً، راح اىماه وبقي اىقزد عيي حاى‬ Yamaked alqerd ala malo rah almal webaqa alqerd alahalo Translation: He married the monkey for its money, the money went and the monkey stayed a monkey. English equivalent: As you make your bed, so you must lie on it. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  3. 3. ‫ابه اىقزد وطاط‬ Ibn alqerd natat Translation: The son of a monkey is bouncy. English equivalent: Like father, like son ً‫ارقص ىيقزد في دوىت‬ Irqas lelqerd fi dawlato Translation: Dance for the monkey in his own kingdom. Implied meaning: you have to go along with the wishes of the one in power. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  4. 4. ‫قزد موافق وال غشاه شارد‬ Qerd mowafq wala gazelle shard Translation: Rather a constantly present monkey than a constantly absent gazelle. Implied meaning: Benefit may be derived from something near-by, even if it is of poor quality or shape, while material or people of even the best quality are useless if they are inaccessible. ‫اتطيع اىقزد في اىمزايت حسب وفسً غشاه‬ Itala alqerd fi almarai hasab nafso gazelle Translation: looking at himself in the mirror ,the monkey thought that he is a gazelle. Implied meaning: when someone overestimate himself ,thinking that he is better than what he is actually is. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  5. 5. ‫بزي وردة وجوي قزدة‬ Bara wardah wa gowa qerda Translation: She is like arose in her appearance but in the core she is a monkey. Implied meaning: appearance may misleads you sometimes . ‫قزد وحارص وبياع مناوض‬ Qerd wa haras wa baya makans Translation: Monkey, guard and vacuum seller . Implied meaning: When someone works more than can he handle. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  6. 6. ‫يا مأمىً ىيزجاه يا مأمىً ىيقزد في اىسىغاه‬ Ya meamena lelegal yameamena lealqerd fi al Sengal Translation: Having faith in men is like having faith in monkey in Senegal. Implied meaning: Not to trust people who are unworthy trust. ً‫سى اىقزود يخاف مه خياى‬ Zi alqerod yekaf mn kayalo Translation: like monkeys afraid from his own shadow. Implied meaning: To be scared of every thing in life. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  7. 7. ‫اىيي تخيفً اىجذود تفىيً اىقزود‬ Eli tekalefo algedod tefnih alqerod Translation: What the ancestors have left the monkey spend it out. Implied meaning: To spend something in unwisely way. ‫قزد يسييىي وال غشاه يعىيىي‬ Qerd yesaleni wala gazelle yanini Translation: Monkey to entertain me is better than a gazelle to trouble me. Implied meaning: To appreciate what you have rather than having something better that may cause you further trouble. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  8. 8. ً‫أرضي بقزدك ال يجيل أقزد مى‬ Erdi beqerdic layjeck aqred mno Translation: Accept your monkey or else you will have an uglier one. Implied meaning: To appreciate what you have. ً‫اىيي يخاف مه اىقزد يزمب‬ Eli yekaf mn alqerd yarkabo Translation: If you became afraid of monkey, he will chase you. Implied meaning: When someone became afraid of anything he will haunt him. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  9. 9. ً‫إن جاك اىقزد راقص طبو ى‬ In jack alqerd racks tabello Translation: Whenever the monkey dance clap for him. Implied meaning: To go along with something. ‫قاىوا ىيقزدة اتبزقعي قاىت دا وش واخذ عيي اىفضيحت‬ Qalo ya qerda itbargai qalat da wsh wakd ala alfadeha Translation: They told the monkey to cover her face, she said it’s a face which called for scandal. Implied meaning: No matter how hard a person try he will still what he is. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  10. 10. ‫عصبً وبزدي وعيي راص قزدي‬ Esba wa berda wa ala ras qerda Translation: Even with a monkey head, she is edgy and cold. Implied meaning: When someone have all the bad quality beside being edgy and have a bad temper. ‫قاىوا يا قزد راح يسخطوك قاه راح يعميووي غشاه‬ Galo ya qerd rah yeskatok qal rah yamaloni gazelle Translation: They told the monkey that you will be distorts, but he claims that they will made him into gazelle. Implied meaning: To listen to advice that people offering to you and not to stuck with ones own opinion although it is wrong. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami
  11. 11. ‫دور اىقزد في دفاتزي ماىقاش إال شفاتيزي وضوافزي‬ ُ ُ ّ Dwar alqerd fi dafatero malaqash ela shafatero wa dawafro Translation: looking at his books, the monkey didn’t find anything in it except of what has left of his nails and emptiness. Implied meaning : The stupid will remain stupid. ‫صباح اىقزود وال صباح األجزود‬ Sabah al qorod wala sabah alagroud Translation: The morning of a monkey is better than the morning of Alogroud (which dose not have beard or mustache and people get pessimistic when they saw him first thing in the morning, and preferring to see the monkey upon seeing him. Implied meaning: when facing a bad situation a person should be thankful because it could be worse. Basmah Mahdi AL-Bogami