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Project of proverbs

  1. 1. Project of Proverbs<br />Parts of the body<br />( Hands )<br />By,<br />Shahad F. Al-Nemari<br />0879099<br />Instructor,<br />Dr. Shdia Y. Banjar<br />LANE 462<br />إذا قصرت يدك عن المكافأة فليصل لسانك بالشكر .<br />Literal meaning : If you can't reward then you should thank.<br />Metaphorical meaning : If your hand can't give a reward then thank through your tongue.<br />يد واحدة لا تصفق .<br />Literal meaning : One hand can't clap.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Listen to the sound of one hand clapping (denoting the benefits of cooperation).<br />العين بصيرة واليد قصيرة .<br />Literal meaning : The eye sees but the arm is short ( can't reach ).<br />Metaphorical meaning : When someone whishes for something beyond his means.<br />يد على يد تساعد .<br />Literal meaning : A hand in addition to another will be a help.<br />Metaphorical meaning: Two heads are better than one, many hands make light work.<br />تكون في يدك وتقسم لغيرك .<br />Literal meaning : You may have something in your hand, but then fate decrees that it goes to another.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Many a slip between the cup and the lip.<br />أعمل حاجتي بيدي , ولا أقول للكلب يا سيدي .<br />Literal meaning : I would attend to my own needs myself rather than address a dog as '' master ''<br />Metaphorical meaning : There is no benefit in seeking help from a bad person.<br />اليد البطالة نجسة .<br />Literal meaning : The idle hand is contaminated.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Idle hands are the devil's tool.<br />ما يمسح دمعتك إلا يدك .<br />Literal meaning : nothing can wipe away your tear except for your own hand.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Would you best be served, serve yourself.<br />صنعة في اليد أمان من الفقر .<br />Literal meaning : A skill in the hand is security against poverty.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Knowledge of a skill is insurance against poverty.<br />المال اللي ما تتعب عليه اليد , ما يحزن عليه القلب .<br />Literal meaning : The money that hand doesn't tire over, the heart doesn't grieve over ( when it is lost )<br />Metaphorical meaning : Easy come, easy go.<br /> اللي في يدك اقرب من اللي في جيبك .<br />Literal meaning : What is in your hand is nearer ( to you) than what is in your pocket.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Keep your property as much as possible at your own disposal, for you never know when or how fast you may need it. This proverb in particular urges us always to be prudent with money ( even if we have plenty of it )<br />اليد اللي تأخذ ما تعطي .<br />Literal meaning : The hand that takes does not give.<br />Metaphorical meaning : It is very hard for the selfish to start giving.<br />الكحكة في يد اليتيم عجبة.<br />Literal meaning : A cake in the hand of an orphan is a wonder.<br />Metaphorical meaning : A thing out of context may be a source of wonder.<br />جاي يد من ورا ويد من قدام .<br />Literal meaning : To come with one hand in the front and one hand in the back <br />Metaphorical meaning : To come empty handed.<br />يدي على كتفك .<br />Literal meaning : my hand is on your shoulder.<br />Metaphorical meaning : There I am ready to go along with you, I am completely with you on this.<br />لا تجن يمينك على شمالك .<br />Literal meaning : Don't let your right hand victimize your left.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Don't do any mistake that influence badly on you.<br />من يمسك يده صحيح لا يدمي ولا يقيح .<br />Literal meaning : Keep your hand tight, you won't bleed and you won't weep.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Organize your money spending and you won't have to feel sorry for yourself it in the future.<br />طلعنا من المولد بلا حمص, يد ورا ويد قدام .<br />Literal meaning : We came out of the carnival without chickpeas, one hand in front, one hand behind.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Everybody used to come out of carnivals with at least chickpea dips. The proverb is used to describe those who came out of a carnival with empty hands. <br />بوس الأيادي ضحك على اللحى .<br />Literal meaning : Kissing hands is fooling beards.<br />Metaphorical meaning : It describes those who try all sorts of winded methods to reach their desire, but not a single time have they tried to go straight to the point.<br />اجلس حيث يؤخذ بيدك وتُبر ، ولا تجلس حيثُ يؤخذ برجلك وتجر .<br />Literal meaning : Sit down where your hand is taken then taper, and don't sit where your foot is taken and conducted.<br />Metaphorical meaning : Warning that one puts himself in a position to be the cause of misery and humiliation and misery, and provides guidance as to the importance of choosing the correct position that fits you and he finds a designee on the consequences.<br />