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Proverb Translation


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Proverb Translation

  1. 1.  Arabic proverb include the word : ‫ انشأس‬
  2. 2. .‫حط ساصك بيٍ هبنشوس و قىل يب قطبع انشوس‬ Put your head between these heads and shout "cut our heads off!".  The meaning: would you do whatever anyone else is doing, even if it means your life?. Compare with English proverb "If your friend › jumped from a bridge, would you as well?".
  3. 3. .‫ سأس انؼقم بؼذ اإليًبٌ انتىدد إنى انُبس‬  The top of mind is to woo people .  The meaning:  It is better to be good with people and the best way of that is to fawn them. Compared with English proverb good talk saves the food.
  4. 4. ‫ انزيت سأس انًبل‬  Honesty is the best policy.(literal meaning)
  5. 5. ‫ َىصيك يب واكم انشاس في انببش إسو ػظبيه‬  We recommend you eat the head and toss the bones in the beer.  The meaning:  Be careful in the way you are hiding your secrets .compared with foreign proverb Don’t speak of secret in a field that full of little hills.
  6. 6. .‫ كم سأس به صذاػب‬  Each head has headache.  The meaning:  Every one faces problems and struggle during his life. Compared with the English proverbs every head has its own kind of headache.
  7. 7. ‫ يٍ نى يكٍ نه سأس يبل هبٌ ػهيه رهبة انقهيم‬ .‫يُه‬  it is easy for those who dose not have the fund of money to lose little of it.  The meaning:  The person who dose not have ethics would not care if he made something amoral.
  8. 8. .‫ األيبَي سؤوس انًفبنيش‬  Aspirations are the dreams of impecunious.  The meaning:  Lazy people have nothing to do unless dreaming.
  9. 9. .‫ ػهى ساصه سيشه‬  There is a feather on his head.  The meaning:  This proverb is said about proud person or discriminated person.
  10. 10. .‫ سأس انذيٍ انًؼشفت‬  The head of religion is knowledge.  The meaning :  The one who have the knowledge will understand the religion better.compared with the English proverb come to you with gifts of knowledge, wisdom and truth.
  11. 11. .‫انًتؼىس يتؼىس ونى ػهقىا ػهى ساصه فبَىس‬ The unlucky remain unlucky even if they hang a lantern over his head The meaning: there unlucky people even if they have the opportunity to be happy. Compared with the proverb fate can not be escaped.
  12. 12. ‫ نى تبجش انًُحىس ببنطىاقي كبٌ سبُب يخهق انُبس‬ ‫يٍ غيش سوس‬  If unlucky person takes up trading in caps, god would start creating people without heads.  The meaning: there is unlucky people even if they have the opportunity to be happy. Compared with the proverb fate can not be escaped.
  13. 13. .‫ جيبت األقشع يىَضُي كشف ساصه وخىفُي‬  I brought in a scabby-headed fellow to keep me company, he bared his head and frightened me.  The meaning: this proverb is said in situation where the help requested causes problems.
  14. 14. .‫ انؼهى في انشاس يش في انكشاس‬  Knowledge is in the head not in the notebook.  The meaning: it is what one knows ,not what one writes down in a book that counts.
  15. 15. .‫ اتؼهى انزيبَه في سوس انيتبيى‬  He learned barbering on the heads of orphans.  The meaning : he took the advantage of the defenseless.
  16. 16. .‫ انهي ػهى ساصه بطحه يحضش ػهيهب‬  He that has a head wounded keeps feeling it.  The meaning: a guilty person will give himself away through his guilt feeling. compared with the proverb the tongue ever turns to the aching tooth.
  17. 17. ‫ حط ساصك في انجشاة‬ To put some one’s head inside the ruck – sack. The meaning : to deceive or trick someone.
  18. 18. .‫ انهي شبيم فضه يخزويت تخز ساصه‬  He that is carrying a basket with hole in its bottom will spill its content on his own head.  The meaning: if you crack up dirt you will be smeared with it yourself
  19. 19. ‫ نى تخهق انًشأة يٍ سأس انشجم نئال تتؼبنى ػهيه‬ .‫وال يٍ سجهه نئال يحتقشهب‬  Woman did not create from man’s head in order to not be proud of her and did not create from his leg in order to not disposed her.  The meaning: this proverb is about the woman’s perch.
  20. 20. .‫ سأس انجهم االغتشاس‬  The head of ignorance is ego.  The meaning : the one who is proud is living in the darkness.
  21. 21. .‫ ضشبتيٍ ببنشاس تىجغ‬  Two-stroke in the head will aches  The meaning: this proverb is said in which a person exposed two conditions and without having take a lesson.