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Cheap Airfare To Europe


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Faretex is the best services provide in cheap airline tickets. You can book inexpensive airline tickets online at discounted prices. Check airfare special on Faretex.

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Cheap Airfare To Europe

  1. 1. Faretex TravelFaretex TravelOnline Travel AgencyOnline Travel Agencyserving business and leisure travelersserving business and leisure travelers
  2. 2. About USA based Online Travel Agency Specializing in Air Travel from Canada andUSA to European countries Over 15 years of experience in TravelIndustry in the US and European markets Offering lowest negotiated (consolidator)airfares to countries in Europe and Far East
  3. 3. Services Airline tickets to any country in theworld Best Coverage Travel Insurance Hotel room reservations Cruises Car rentals
  4. 4. Airline Tickets Bulk (consolidator) and Publishedairfares 24/7 Online Travel booking Stopovers allowed on manydestinations Huge discounts on economy andbusiness class fares More flight options, better prices andavailability
  5. 5. Airline Tickets continued… Preferred Airline(s) selection Simple flight booking process Instant flight booking confirmation
  6. 6. Hotels Economy to Luxury Hundreds of options available Huge selection of hotel chains
  7. 7. Flight Booking Process Book a flight ONLINE yourself or onbehalf of someone Hundreds of airlines to choose from View all available flight options on aresults webpage Choose airlines, price, # of stops, flighttimes
  8. 8. Hotels and Car Rentals Book a hotel or car rental ONLINE Huge selection of hotels and car rentalcompanies View all available options on a resultwebpage Any number of days bookings
  9. 9. Travel Insurance Protect your travel investment The best coverage and reputable travelinsurance Plan descriptions listed
  10. 10. Reservations Online Booking Engine24 hoursat Choose when to book and what to book Unlimited customer assistance