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Change Now


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This Work Make By Fares Elsissy To Improveing Our Company.
How Can We Do Change To Better ?

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Change Now

  1. 1. Do You Want Change To The Better?? If Your Answer Is Yes Continue With Me
  2. 2. The Change Is a Natural Phenomenon Based On The Administrative Operations, Resulting In The Introduction Of The Development To Some Degree On The Person, And Can Be Seen As a Series Of Stages Through Which The Transition From The Current State To New Status The Change Is a Shift From The Current Point Of Balance To The Point Of Balance Target . Change
  3. 3. 1- Change Helps Us To Correct Errors . 2- Change Helps Us To Develop Spirit Of Sharing . 3- The Multiplicity Of Ideas is The Biggest Success Of The Change . 4- Break The Routine That Leads To Boredom . 5- Change Leads To Motivation People To Succeed . 6- When the Change will discover latent energies when others . The Positive Factors Affecting Change We All Need To Change. Why ? We Are Developing Day By Day. Why ? In terms of intellectual, social and physical So We Must Live The Case For Change And Have To Be Ready
  4. 4. Personal factors : As Fear Of The Unknown & Worry & Preference For Stability. Implementation factors : We Think That We Have Not Skills, Time & Available Resources . Social factors : As Saving The Principles & Force System . Why You Fear Of Change ?
  5. 5. Before Every Thing We Must Solving The Factors Negatively 1- We Must Remove Wrong Ideas Direction Of Change . 2- Change Is Through Faith In Change . 3- Apply The Process Of Change In Stages . 4- Choose The Best Time To Do Change . 5- The Encourage People Is The Best way To Change . 6- Cooperation Team To Success Change . Solution This Fear is
  6. 6. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret One: Love Your Employees : Explore The Importance Of Building The Company By Focusing On Both The Supervisor , Staff And Merchandising And The Community. The Key Is Enabling Staff To Learn Continuously. Secrets Of Change
  7. 7. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret Two: Connect Peers With Purpose: Interaction Between Colleagues Is Very Important And Helps Both The Supervisors And Merchandising To Apply All The Instructions Of The Company's Leadership To Change . Secrets Of Change
  8. 8. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret Three: Capacity Building Prevails : Capacity Building Depends On The Skills And Resources And Motivation Of The People And Groups Inside The Company Because Develop Their Skills . Secrets Of Change
  9. 9. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret Four: Learning Is The Work : Professional Development (PD) In Workshops And Courses Is Only An Input to Continuous Learning And Precision In Merchandising. Successful Growth Itself Is Accomplished When The Development Of Company The Company Supports Day-To-Day Learning Of Merchandising Engaged In Improving What They Do In The Market . Secrets Of Change
  10. 10. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret Five: Transparency Rules : To Develop Merchandising We Need To Do Two Things : 1- Measure Ourselves . 2- Be Open About What We Are Doing . Secrets Of Change
  11. 11. We Have Six Secrets Of Change Secret Six: Systems Learn : Continuous Learning Depends On Developing Many Leaders In The Company In Order To Enhance Continuity. It Also Depends On Company Being Confident In The Face Of Complexity And Open To New Ideas . Secrets Of Change
  12. 12. The A ct ively C ompany Take C aref ul St eps To Manage Change Smoothly And a Good System And Effective The Change Effect @ 1 2 3 ShopperCustomerUnilever The Change & Effectiveness
  13. 13.  Knowledge Is The Duty Of The Change In The Administrative Organization .  Identify The Degree Of Resistance To Change At The Company and Outside And Kinds .  Measuring The Change In The Desire Of Workers . Identify Experts Who Will Supervise The Process of Change . The Role Of The Company
  14. 14.  Create New Vision Inside The Company .  Management In Good Way For The Process Of Change And Organization .  Apply The Process Of Change In Stages .  Consolidate The Strong Relations Between The Technicians And Administrators .  Training And Encourage Innovative Ideas .  Maintaining The Continuity Of Change Efforts And To Encourage And Support The Results .  Motivation And Reward . The Role Of The Company
  15. 15. The Role Of The Customer Understand Customer To The Nature Of The Shopper And Improve The Performance Of The Service Quality . There Are A lot Of Species Causing The Profitability Of The Customer . Profit For Customer From The Base Of Win Win . Discover New Ways To Display Product .
  16. 16. The Role Of The Shopper Helps The Shopper To Take a Buying Decision .  Get The Shopper On The Quality And Speed Of Performance .  Satisfy The Desires Of The Shopper And Provide All His Needs And Replacement .  Keeping Trustfulness Shopper Of The Product At The market .
  17. 17. Result  Be a Leader For Change And Do Not Be a Victim Of His .  Innovate Or Evaporate .  Succeeded Yesterday Is No Guarantee Of Success In The Future . Now We Are Change
  18. 18. Thanks Presented By Fares R. El-Sissy