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Bp travel ci detail


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Customer Intelligence video from Emailvision for truly integrated targeted marketing based on customers behaviour, past transactions and influences.

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Bp travel ci detail

  1. 1. Powering Smarter MarketingEmailvision2012Fareita UdohChannel Sales Manager
  2. 2. Our mission Integration Emailvision APIs powers smart Emailemail, mobile andsocial campaigns Customer that deliver Intelligence results Custom Applications Custom Apps
  3. 3. Technology Alliances We’re integrating with a growing list of complementary Marketing, eCommerce & CRM Solutions
  4. 4. Technology Partners
  5. 5. Enterprise Edition Video
  6. 6. Deliver smarter online marketingDevelop more intelligence Build ‘smart segments’ about subscribers, for more targeted followers, fans marketing campaigns Customer Intelligence Send integrated social Send email and campaigns across mobile campaigns the major social with 2x the open networks rates
  7. 7. Customer Intelligence Marketers rapidly visualise their customer data, identify high value segments and immediately integrate them in marketing campaigns
  8. 8. Customer Intelligence● Query hundreds of millions of records and display customer segments in seconds● Explore detailed profile data including purchase behaviour and responsiveness to past marketing campaigns● Test and adapt strategies „on the fly‟● Instantly create and execute campaigns with campaign management integration● Increase customer lifetime value with insight that maximises acquisition and retention, as well as cross-sell and up-sell
  9. 9. Customer Intelligence Database Marketing E-Commerce Brand Emailvision Campaign Commander & Customer Intelligence Platform Call-center Direct mail Email Mobile Co-ordinated Single Customer View Integrated response tracking Consistent customer experience 9
  10. 10. Customer Intelligence• Instead of sending lots of deliveries, Customer Intelligence can send a single highly personalised delivery to any channel with content decided by Customer Intelligence‟s real time data insight programme.. One-to-one Content Offer personalized contentTouchpoint proposition catalog proposition strategy Recommendation engine Reports and History Marketing database Other databases The Best Content, For Each Interaction! Real-time behavior Interaction history 10
  11. 11. Enterprise Edition Customer “We have now started to use Emailvision’s Customer Intelligence and within a couple of weeks we had access to our data. We were easily able to start applying information about our customers directly into our campaigns. With access to deeper insights into our data, we have quadrupled our conversion rate; significantly improving our customer marketing lifecycle and Customer Intelligence engagement and it’s just the beginning.” helped Republic increase their conversion Laura Henderson rate by 4 times Online Marketing Manager UK
  12. 12. Customer Example0.450% 2.000%0.400% Hard Bounces % 1.800% Soft Bounces %0.350% 1.600%0.300% 1.400% Non-CI Non-CI 1.200%0.250% CI 1.000% CI0.200% 0.383% 0.800% 1.725%0.150% 0.600%0.100% 0.400%0.050% 0.025% 0.200% 0.08%0.000% 0.000% 100.50% 100.00% Delivered % 99.50% 99.00% Non-CI 98.50% 99.90% CI 98.00% 97.50% 97.89% 97.00% 96.50%
  13. 13. Before / After CI20.00% 5.00%18.00% Opened % 4.50% Click Throughs %16.00% 4.00%14.00% 3.50%12.00% 3.00% Non-CI Non-CI10.00% 2.50%8.00% 17.69% CI 2.00% 4.43% CI6.00% 1.50%4.00% 7.95% 1.00%2.00% 0.50% 1.39%0.00% 0.00%
  14. 14. Before / After CI0.0500% 0.0600%0.0450% Conversion % Purchases % 0.0500%0.0400%0.0350% 0.0400%0.0300% Non-CI Non-CI0.0250% 0.0300% 0.0472% 0.0502% CI CI0.0200% 0.0200%0.0150%0.0100% 0.0100%0.0050% 0.0118% 0.0136%0.0000% 0.0000%
  15. 15. Email and Mobile Customer “With Campaign Commander‟s intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, we manage all our email marketing campaigns in- house. The Emailvision Service team is always available to understand our problems and give us accurate solutions. Since we have been working with Emailvision, our deliverability rate is excellent and our open and click-thru rates have increased by 20%.” Campaign Commander helped David Bastien increase open and click- CEO of thru rates by 20% France