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Fareed Uddin Khaja
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D.O.B : Apr 1973
: India
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Web audits, setting KPIs, marketing campaigns execution (emailing, PPC, newsletters, blogs, SEO, Website creation and o...
Key Goals
Conducting targeted lead generation activities
Conducting client market position research on their exi...

Recommend and advise management to give discount to selected customers in order to achieve sales targets
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Digital marketing manager_social_seo_sem_smm


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Digital marketing manager_social_seo_sem_smm

  1. 1. Contact Info Fareed Uddin Khaja Mobile : 0538287781 Email : D.O.B : Apr 1973 Nat : India Drv Lic : Valid I am a Certified WSI Internet Consultant for WSI Corporate and a Consultant for WSIWAVE. I am also the co-founder of WAVEKSA. Specialized in internet marketing SEO services digital performance and social media marketing. Certifications Certified by WSI (Canada) Bachelor’s Degree in faculty of commerce ( Specialize in Online Marketing Solutions. My area of expertise covers everything Social Media Marketing services | Online Marketing related, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO)| Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) | Social Media Optimization (SMO) | Social Media Marketing (SMM) | Online Marketing | Viral Marketing | Google Adwords | Analytics | Email Marketing | Digital Marketing | Social Media Strategy | Social Media Monitoring | Brand Awareness | Digital Strategic Planning | Online Performance | Event Marketing | Strategy Development | Web Analytics | Mobile Marketing | Online Reputation Management | Search Advertising | Content Marketing | Web Design | Digital Brand Platforms | Competitive Analysis | Sales force customization & management | Website Conversion | Blog Optimization | Online Consumer Behavior | Media Buying | Affiliate Marketing | Webinar/White Paper Promotion | Facebook Youtube twitter Marketing | Multimedia :- Modeling Texturing |2D&3D Animation |Dynamics Simulations |VFX Supervision | Compositing | Chroma shoot | 2D/3D Motion Graphics |Prints Media | Website Optimization | Community Management & development | Online Communications | Event Management & Crisis Situation Management | Web Developer | Flash Action Script Programmer | Industrial Photographer | Business Strategy | Business Planning | Team Leadership | Project Planning | Budgets | Business Development | Operations Management | Sales Management | Public Relations | Teamwork | Merchandising | Marketing Strategy | Inventory Management | Time Management | Sales Operations| New Business Development | Management Consulting | Developing DM Strategy | Telecommunication About WSI Corporate: WSI has been providing innovative Internet marketing solutions for clients around the world since the mid 1990s. Headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, but in fact WSI has a global reach, with a network of digital marketing consultants dedicated to region-specific solutions in over 80 countries. Assisting small- to medium-sized businesses (or SMBs) with “taking the next step” in their Internet marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Manager WSIWAVE Marketing Communication Co. June -2012 to present Job Profile Summary • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I am responsible for all the online/offline marketing activities, Business decision support analysis, Strategy building, Market Analysis Development and implementation of the group’s social media strategy Integration of social media in the (digital) communications strategy and campaigns to reinforce the brand and as lead generation Overall responsibility for dialogue measures and editorial planning of all central social media activities Development of the current social media channels to improve interaction with the target groups (B2B / B2C) and identification, preparation and development of the relevant channels and platforms including mobile Project management KPI development and the corresponding results-oriented activity planning as well as budget, controlling and timing Social media monitoring analysis, reports, interpretation and optimization Working as a member of and management of national, international and interdisciplinary project teams Defining, Implementation and Monitoring of the overall Social Media Strategy for achieving the objectives. Development and Implementation of Global Social Media Marketing initiatives and Integrated Marketing Campaigns Development and management of Social Media team members Strategic partnership and business development regarding social media products. Working with interactive media companies and agencies. Developing Social Media Projects/Campaigns and implementing them at global and local level for different POPs (regions). Consultant of the local PRs on Online Projects, SEO, SEM and Social Media/Web 2.0/New Media projects and E-mail Marketing. Development and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns Trainer for new Social Media employees. Developing and managing new online marketing projects. • Project Manager (re-branding, re-designing, maintaining, SEO, SEM, analyzing the website with specific tools to optimize the website and content for better positioning in Search Engines, creating partnerships with other sites, localizing the website in Arabic, Social Media/Web 2.0 tactics) • Creating, updating and maintaining parts of the waveksa website, blogs and forums. Implementation of Google Analytics on websites and SM projects. SEO, SEM and Webmaster Tools (Google). Creation and maintenance of accounts on social media sites waveksa (Twitter, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn and others) and content websites. Creation and maintenance of YouTube channels, creating videos. Including product presentation videos. Finding new online ways and contacts to promote the products Supporting all marketing activities with Social Media tactics Translation of contents from English into Arabic Led digital projects such as websites, micro sites and social media applications. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Google Adwords. Email Marketing: Developed an in-house database to improve communication with leads and introduced marketing automation. Mobile Marketing – Google Adwords and AdMob. Web analytics Social Media Marketing (SMM) - Branding, Interactive and PPC Campaigns. Display Advertising. • • • • • • • • • • • •
  2. 2. • Web audits, setting KPIs, marketing campaigns execution (emailing, PPC, newsletters, blogs, SEO, Website creation and optimization, Web content, mobile marketing, social networks…) and performance measure and ROI. Part of WSI worldwide consultants team, focused on the area in KSA, helping companies leveraging the internet in developing and executing digital marketing strategies
 in order to: - Improve their Web presence & visibility and acquire more qualified traffic - Promote their e-reputation & credibility - Consolidate their clients & partners relations • Wave Marketing Communication Co. June 2012– to present Digital Marketing Manager • • • • • Waveksa Co-Founder Manage multiple projects from concept through completion Supervise and inspire the creative team Manage team members Provide quality control over concepts & projects Animation (In charge of Pre-Production, Animation & Overall Creative Supervision) Modeling Texturing Compositing 2D&3D ANIMATION Chroma shoot Dynamics Simulations 2D/3D Motion Graphics VFX Supervision Prints Detailed Skill Sets & Job Responsibilities: Client Interaction Understanding client/project requirement Create proposals & provide best possible solutions for client’s Define project timeline & expected results Send weekly/biweekly (or as agreed) work report to client with future action plan. Email Marketing • Create Newsletter/auto responder (with the help of designing & content team) • Email id list extraction • Setup the campaign, defining date & time of shooting mail, with corresponding newsletter. • Track & analyze the campaign results. Social Media Optimization • Identify the USP and target audience of the site (services/product). • List the sites on related Social Networking, Social News, and Social Book marking sites. • Study the problem/demand of the target audience & define/write the content to be distributed. • Monitor the content distribution in the relevant blogs/groups/forums/communities to create online buzz. • Monitor & analyze the campaign, implement the necessary changes if required. Viral Marketing • Forum discussion • Blogging • Video marketing Media Planning & Banner Advertisement • Identify the potential platform (sites) where the target audience is present. • Negotiate with the sites to get the lowest deals. • Coordinate with designers to create the banners to highlight the offers/product to promote. • Constantly analyze the ROI on various platform to optimize the campaign Market Research & Training • Keep track of latest trends & the emerging technologies. • Thorough study of the new technique • Document the findings • Deliver seminars to team members (sometimes content/designing team) • Implement the new techniques in web marketing process • Monitor & analyze the results • • • • Project Planning & Execution Understanding client’s requirement & project specifications Define the budget, scope & business plan Plan, prepare & implement the web marketing strategies Resource allocation Coordinating with other departments as per the requirement of the project • Define the weekly work schedule of web marketing team • Monitoring the campaign execution & progress • Training & development of the web marketing team Deliver seminar on • latest web marketing trends/strategies & implement them in web marketing work flow • • • • • Paid Search Engine Marketing Plan, prepare and implement Strategy including keyword research, market & competitor analysis • Write and test ad copy, • Optimize landing pages • Ongoing campaign management and maintenance • Optimize bids and keywords across multiple websites in line with the overall marketing goals. • Track and analyze key search metrics and execute on your findings this may include bid adjustments and/or campaign optimization • Actively seek to increase the services offered and increase the income generated through cross selling and up-selling User Interface & Web Analytics • Google analytics customization & configuration • Goal, Funnel, Custom Variable, Filter setup in Google Analytics • Online consumer behavior • User interface analysis • Omniture Site Catalyst custom report • Strategic decision support reports Webinar & Event Management • Market research to come up with the ideas and strategies for Webinars/Events • Plan & build the material for webinar/events • Track & analyze the results with future action plan •
  3. 3. Key Goals Discovery Conducting targeted lead generation activities Conducting client market position research on their existing marketing activities and internet presence • Educate the prospect on the different components of a Digital Marketing Strategy • Determine best marketing strategies • Build & Maintain Online Credibility. • Plan and engage in targeted lead generation strategies. • Conduct prospect research. Internet Business Analysis (IBA) • Identify prospects business challenges, goals, KPI’s and budget expectations • Prepare the Digital Marketing Strategy proposal • Conduct the IBA meeting • Learn all of the prospects business challenges and goals • Educate the prospect on the different components of a Digital Marketing Strategy • Present case studies demonstrating the benefits and results of the individual DM strategies • Deliver a Digital Marketing proposal and Close the sale Build • Fully plan out the Digital marketing Strategies to be conducted with the client • Manage expectation using the SOW and “No Surprises” document to establish IC/Client roles + deliverables • Submit all of the deliverables of the DM strategy to the appropriate PC’s/Solution centers and Suppliers within the WSI e-Marketplace • Manage all of the project deliverables with the PC’s/Solution centers and Supplier • Conduct post-sale strategy meeting • Identify Suppliers. • Client sign off with SOW • Submit request for project build. • Conduct QA checklists and sign off with client. Manage Results • Track and measure DMS goals & KPI metrics via Analytics • Analyze client's current ROI • Enhance / continue / expand on Internet marketing activities • Attend monthly appointments to deliver analytic reports • Discuss and determine campaign changes and additions • Identify new business needs and develop applicable recommendations for cross sell • Always develop a customer for life • Conduct review meeting with client • Discuss and determine any necessary campaign changes • Client testimonial, case study and referral • Continue to upsell service packages based on any new business needs and goals. Implement • • Alpha Telecom (Callem LLC , Mobily partner) • • • • • • • • • Managing and monitoring PPC campaigns Launching and running email marketing campaigns + segmentations Creating and launching targeted landing page strategies Tracking and measuring campaign analytics Launch of DM strategies from enrolled PC’s/Solution centers Set up analytics and define goals and metrics for the campaigns Ensure quality assurance of the deliverables within the project Launch and execution of the of the Digital Marketing Strategies Final quality assurance (QA) on all deliverables. Client sign off and launch. Measure Track and report conversion targets using analytic software • Continue to test and enhance Digital Marketing Strategies • Compile analytic data into meaningful action steps to be presented to the end client • Set up analytics and define goals and metrics for the campaigns • Produce monthly analytic reports based on specific KPI’s being measured • Add analytics code to appropriate web pages to track • Track and measure KPI’S and business goals via analytics • Revisit client’s KPI’s • Compile monthly analytic reports • Benchmark campaign performance with KPI’s • Determine Return on Investment (ROI) • Marketing & Development Manager 21 March 2011–5th March 2012. Job responsibilities: • • • • • • • • • Managed the different regional requirements of administrative affairs. Managed the KSA marketsteams. Prepared region’s strategies and plans. Built & managed distribution/Partners channels competence in the sales, support and maintained good relationships. Managing Sales, Presales, and Support teams in Saudi Arabia. Managed, controlled and planned the various sales matter and prospect in Regions, led to achieve the proposed sales Developed different opportunities directly and jointly with Partners. Service existing direct customers in order to ensure that the overall sales objectives for the region are met as per agreed sales plan Identify and develop potential direct customers in existing / new markets and launch new products as and when available in order to meet the sales plan objectives • Identify and recommend resellers for branded products and develop established distributors in order to achieve sales targets for branded products • Prepare and recommend sales forecast and sales plan and provide input for business planning so as to establish and agree sales plan and sales objectives for the region Provide market intelligence on competition, pricing trends, sales promotions and customers etc. in order to enable effective implementation of business plans Prepare agreements and promotions Responsible for different regions Operates in a highly competitive market with price sensitive markets due to the bulk / commodity nature of most of the products • • • •
  4. 4. • • • • • • • • Recommend and advise management to give discount to selected customers in order to achieve sales targets Prepare offers, proposals and professional submittals to clients based on their needs and pains Staff Responsibility: Marketing Dept. / Market Operations / Marketing Surveys To check sheet & Monthly Marketing Report. Service Centre Report - Collect from Service Supervisor & submit along monthly marketing report. Hospital Update – coordinate with Corporate Manager & update same as its part of marketing report. Merchandising Diagram – Along with above & its implementation / check. Magazine – Products / Offers / Printing Coordination with Sales / Graphic Designer • SMS–Coordination with Marketing Assistant/Retail Manager with New Promotions, Bundle offer–Handsets+Accessories OR Mobily Products. • • • Joint Promotions – Food Companies / Travel Agencies etc / MEED / SASCO / BANKS etc. Ministry of Health & Other Government Offices –produce Links & Business Leads. Showrooms & Kiosks – Display & Maintenance Issues. • • To collect customers Feed Back Boxes–Forms/Boxes at Counters/Collection & Coordination with QC for Reports, take action required for improvements. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Recommendation of New Products for our Sales Outlets. New KIOSK Implementation & Completion. Products Purchase – As per new purchasing procedure, supervise Purchase Team. Handle major projects accounts in the market Maintain a clear end-user focus, find & drive new business opportunities Develop new direct and indirect sales channels Successfully write/execute sales strategies to exceed the sales and profitability targets Managerial experience Handling vendorsdistributors relationshipscontacts Distributor view prospective Performing presentations, holding seminars & meetings with clients Customer oriented Define a market plan for the regions with all related required marketing tools Define a business plan , with all required information , to put expected forecasting based on yearly quarters Direct all dedicated Sales Executives to achieve their sales targets according to the committed business plan Involved in meeting with Business users, Systems Analysts and gathered the requirements with Presales & Internet consultants. Collaborate with leads to understand business problems and enhancements. Prepare Business Plans and define Pipeline Plans according to the market sectors. Make Presentation & run Demonstration Developed the business flow Managed, controlled and planned the various sales matter and prospect in Regions, led to achieve the proposed sales Controlling Key accounts business. Developed different opportunities directly and jointly with Partners. Shop Rental – Review: Our Rent VS other shops in same Mall. Current Malls where we are present and other where we should can Open New Sale Points. To close sales any outlet if not good sales coming out of it. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Senior Multimedia Developer JAN 2009 – 2010 King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz for Education Development.aspx ALESSA INDUSTRIES Web Developer / Industrial Photographer / Flash Action Script Programmer July 2005 – 4 June 2008 L'AZURDE Web Developer / Industrial Photographer / Action Script Programmer January 2000 – July 2005 Worked as a Web & Graphic Designer, Designing Flash Presentation's, & shooting photos making catalogs & Flash presentation for Exhibitions held in European & Middle East, maintaining Company web site flash & graphic works & CD-Rom / micro sites, video production, design / maintenance of alessa internet/extranet/intranet sites and also graphic design - brochures, magazines and flyers. Adobe Flash Action Script Programmer Corel Draw Dreamweaver HTML Illustrator Java Script VB Script PHP Industrial Photographer MySql Photoshop XML CSS