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Pre-intermediate, Interchange, Unit 1 presentation


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Pre-intermediate, Interchange, Unit 1 presentation

  1. 1. Page 2: Unit 1: It is nice to meet you  Pre-Listening questions Look at your at the picture and answer these questions: 1. Where are these people? 2. Who are these people? 3. What are they doing? 4. Have you ever been in this situation?
  2. 2. Vocabulary of the Unit No Word Pashto M English meaning 1 Male ‫سړی‬/‫نارینه‬ Men or boys 2 Female ‫ښځه‬/‫ښځینه‬ Women/girls 3 Title ‫لقب‬/‫سرلیک‬ Word used before ones name 4 Miss ‫پیغله‬/‫میړوښه‬ ‫نا‬ Unmarried women or girl 5 Mr. ‫ښاغلی‬/‫اقا‬ Title used for men 6 Mrs. ‫واده‬‫ښځه‬ ‫شوی‬ Title used for married women 7 Ms. ‫پیغله‬/‫ښځه‬ Unmarried girl 8 Book ‫کتاب‬ A set of page under a cover 9 Class ‫صنف‬ Group of students taught together 10 Classmate ‫صنفي‬ Someone who is in the same class 11 Math ‫ریاضي‬ the study of numbers, shapes and space using reason
  3. 3. No Word Pashto M English meaning 1 Name ‫نوم‬/‫اسم‬ Word used for person, place, or thing 2 Nickname ‫غیر‬‫نوم‬ ‫رسمي‬ An informal name for someone/thing 3 Phone number ‫تیلفون‬ ‫د‬‫شمیره‬ Cell number 4 Teacher ‫استاذ‬/‫معلم‬ Someone whose job is to teach 5 Pronouns ‫ضمیرونه‬ Word used instead of noun 6 Subject ‫فاعل‬ Thing which is being discussed, studied 7 I ‫زه‬/‫متکلم‬ Person speaking 8 You ‫ته‬/‫مخاطب‬ Used to refer to the person or people 9 He ‫هفه‬‫سړی‬ Used for third person, singular, male 10 She ‫هغه‬‫پیغله‬/‫ښځه‬ Used for third person, singular, female 11
  4. 4. Vocabulary 1. It 2. They 3. We 4. This 5. That 6. Adjective 7. Possessives 8. My 9. Your 10. His 1. A thing, animal or situation 2. Subject (used for people, animal, or things) 3. Subject ( used for speaker and at least one person another 4. Used for a near, singular person, object, idea, etc 5. Used for a far, singular person, object, idea, etc 6. a word that describes a noun or pronoun: 7. Something you own 8. of or belonging to me 9. Belonging to you 10. Belonging to a man, male , boy
  5. 5. Vocabulary 1. Her 2. Our 3. Famous 4. First 5. Last 6. Married 7. Popular 8. Single 9. Article 1. Belonging to a female 2. Of or belonging to us 3. known and recognized by many people: 4. adjective, adverb, noun, pronoun 5. after everyone or everything else 6. Legally husband or wife of someone 7. liked, enjoyed or supported by many people 8. One only 9. Indicator(a, an, the)
  6. 6. Vocabulary 1. Verb 2. Am 3. Are 4. Is 5. Adverbs 6. Responses 7. Over 8. Too 9. conjunctions 1. A word or phrase that describes an action 2. Form of be used for I 3. Form of be used for you, we, they 4. Form of be use for he, she, it 5. a word that describes a verb, adj, or another adv 6. An answer or reaction 7. There 8. Also 9. A word which is use to join two words, or sentences
  7. 7. Post-vocabulary: Practice 1 S1: What is your……………..? S2: My…………… is Ahmad. S1: Are you……………..? S2: No, I am single. S3: He is known by many people. He is very______. S2: He teaches the student in a class. He is a______. S1: She is my______ . We study in a same class.
  8. 8. Page2: Conversation 1:  I’m Jennifer Miller Listen and practice the conversation B Pair work Introduce yourself to the partner Jennifer Miller Michail Ota
  9. 9. Popular Names and Nicknames in the U.S. For males Names Nicknames Anthony Tony Christopher Chris Joshua Josh Michael Mike Matthew Matt For females Names Nicknames Elizabeth Beth Jennifer Jen Katherine Kathy Nicole Nicki Susan Susi
  10. 10. P3: Grammar Focus  Possessive Adjectives Possessive Adjectives: Are those which are place, before noun and show possession or ownership. 3 Possessive Meaning Examples My ‫زما‬ This is my book. His ‫دهغه‬‫سړی‬ This is his brother. Her ‫ښځی‬ ‫هغه‬ ‫د‬ Her son is very talented. Its ‫بیجان‬ ‫هغه‬ ‫د‬ Its leg is broken Your ‫ستا‬ Your students are very lazy. Our ‫زمونژ‬ This is our family member. Their ‫هغوی‬ ‫د‬ Their house is very green.
  11. 11. P3 Group work Play “ The Name Game.” Make a circle. Learn the names of your classmates. A: My name is Ahmad. B: His name is Ahmad. I’m Jamal. C: His name is Ahmad, His name is Jamal, and I’m Khan. The Alphabet A Listen and practice the Alphabets B Class activity Listen and practice. Then practice with your own names make a list of your classmates’ names. 4
  12. 12. P3: LISTENING Spelling names  How do you spell the names? Listen and check the correct answers. Page4: Word Power Titles A Listen and practice Miss Ito (Single female) Ms. Chen (sing or married) Mrs. Morgan (M Female) Mr. Garcia ( Single or M male) 5 6
  13. 13. P4 SAYING HELLO  A Listen and practice Informal greetings: Formal Greetings: Don’t use Title in Use Titles in formal greetings Informal greetings. Good morning, Mr. Garcia. Hi, Matthew. How are you? How are you 7