Top Ten Vacation Spots in Jamaica


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Its several airports, highways and ports make it easy to travel and explore. And with Jamaica being the largest English-speaking country among the Caribbean islands, it sure is one of the world's most favoured tourist destinations.

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Top Ten Vacation Spots in Jamaica

  1. 1. Top Ten Vacation Spots in Jamaica Posted by Eva Krakowski on 05th, August 2012 Jamaica has been enjoying a growing popularity among tourists around the world. The 4th most populous island country in the Caribbean is becoming a top favourite of honeymooners and even family vacationers. Situated in the magnificent Caribbean Sea, it boasts of many vacation spots that cater to every individual's taste. Its several airports, highways and ports make it easy to travel and explore. And with Jamaica being the largest English-speaking country among the Caribbean islands, it sure is one of the world's most favoured tourist destinations. Here is a rundown of Jamaica's top ten vacation spots: First on the list is most definitely Montego Bay, or "Mo Bay," as referred to by many. It is the second largest town in the whole of Jamaica, and is the country's top tourist destination. Montego Bay mixes traditional Jamaican culture with modern luxurious amenities. Jamaica's top tier luxury resorts are situated in this town with the busiest international airport and cruise port. Its pristine beaches with sugary white sands and clear aquamarine waters are a favorite among tourists who unwind and relax at the area's most popular beach--Doctor's Cave Beach. The second top vacation destination is Ocho Rios. This location definitely has all you need to experience exotic and true Jamaica. This is the country's 2nd most visited town with many natural attractions just at its outskirts. The famous James Bond Beach is just nearby, which was the home of famous author Ian Fleming and the location of his Golden Eye Hotel. A famous tourist attraction in Ocho Rios is Dolphin Cove, where you can swim in crystal waters with dolphins and stingrays. A trip to Jamaica simply isn't complete without this experience that both children and adults can enjoy. One of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions is the Dunn’s River Falls, located just outside the town. The waterfalls cascade in stair-like levels with water that flows directly into the sea. You have to climb for 30 minutes to get to the top but it definitely is worth it as it will make you feel at one with mother nature. Lush, green vegetation surrounds the waterfalls, giving shade and rest to tourists who visit this famous tourist spot.
  2. 2. Jamaican culture is synonymous with reggae music and a day trip to Nine Mile is a must for those who are music and culture buffs. You can take a taxi or a bus to this small rural town which is the birthplace and final resting place of reggae legend Bob Marley. Set high up in the mountains south of Ocho Rios lies the Bob Marley Mausoleum that houses the many achievements of the music legend. The third top vacation spot is Jamaica's little piece of heaven called Negril. It is one of the island's most beautiful tourist destinations with its stunning coral reefs and clear crystal waters. One of the world's best beaches is located here--the Seven Mile beach-- a very long stretch of uninterrupted sand. It is not only one of the best diving places in the country, but also in the entire Caribbean. Places to Visit in Jamaica | Best Vacation in Jamaica Island Hopping Caribbean Fourth on the list is Port Antonio. It is an intriguing center of Jamaica, which has one if its biggest ports. A complete opposite of the crowded Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, it has a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere with a relaxed European vibe. Nearby tourist attractions are the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Mountains. The Blue Lagoon was made famous by the 1980's Brooke Shields movie with the same name. Its intense blue and green colors make it one of the most famous and stunning tourist attractions in the country.
  3. 3. Places to Visit in Jamaica | Best Vacation in Jamaica Best Caribbean Island If you want to veer away from the beaches and heat of the sun, you can explore the Blue Mountains, famous for the mountain ranges and the Blue Mountain John Crow National Park. You can take spectacular hikes in its trails, popular for its coffee plantations and rum factories. Falmouth is the fifth on the list, which is an emerging tourist destination due to its new cruise port that opened in 2011. For history and culture buffs, this town is definitely for you. It will take you back to early 19th century with its Georgian architecture. Falmouth's famous Historic District houses many buildings and mansions that are still intact. It is well positioned between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, making trips to famous tourist attractions just minutes away. Since it opened its cruise port, the local government has renewed and renovated the many Georgian wooden houses, brick mansions, and plantation complexes that will take you back in time. Sixth on the list, Kingston may be the busiest and not the safest city to take a vacation in Jamaica, it does has its own appeal to Jamaican culture enthusiasts. Kingston is a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Jamaica with almost a million in population. It has the most museums, galleries, historic sights and nightclubs in all of Jamaica. It has a vibrant nightlife with its many jazz and reggae clubs. The Rhodes Hall Plantation is number seven on the list of vacation destinations because it simply has everything you need in a relaxing and fun filled vacation for the family. A working plantation, it is named after its original owners, and is situated 8 kilometers outside Negril. Once you enter the area, you will immediately get a sense of what Jamaica used to be. Operating since the 1700's, the plantation has two private beaches, horseback riding though the banana and coconut fields, swimming pools, and a crocodile pond. You get history, the wonders of the Jamaican coastline, fun activities,
  4. 4. and most of all, privacy and safety, away from the crowds of the busier tourist spots. Eighth on the list is Runaway Bay. For those who do not want to follow the crowd, this is one of Jamaica's most notable tourist destinations. It has stunning white sand beaches and boasts of being the site of the 1st Spanish settlement in the country. St. Elizabeth became a significant tourist destination in the country in the 1990's. There are beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and factories. Most visitors head to Teasure Beach, the Appleton rum distillery, and the famous YS Rivers--a 7 tiered cascading waterfall with a wading pool filled with water from natural springs. And lastly, Duncans, named after its founder Patrick Duncans, is a small and clean town with plenty of beaches and historical sites to visit. Though it may not be the busiest of all of Jamaica's tourist spots, its appeal lies in its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Silver Sands beach is considered by many as the best in the country, with its reef-protected bay and white sands. Fisherman's Beach is also a famous area in Duncans, with a small but lively arts and crafts community. Jamaica is the perfect tropical vacation destination in the Caribbean and it offers everything you need under the sun. From pristine beaches to cool mountain parks, historical sites and charming towns, you will definitely have an unforgettable experience in this famous Caribbean island.