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What To Do In Barbados


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Beach Break - After a busy day exploring all that Barbados to offer or a relaxing day on the beach, a sunset cruise at dusk is the perfect way to spend the evening

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What To Do In Barbados

  1. 1. Shore Excursions In BarbadosPosted by Tony - Guest Blogger on 29th, November 2012Barbados is a delightful island and one of the Caribbeans most popular tourist destinations. It is easy tosee why as it has plenty to offer visitors, including those who arrive by cruise ship. Barbados was aBritish colony for around three hundred years and though it is now independent, it retains the Britishmonarch as head of state. As such, it has good relations with the UK and is very welcoming to visitorsfrom across the world. There is a lot to do on the island, though the great weather and gorgeouslandscapes are enough to satisfy many visitors.Coast to CoastPerhaps one of the best ways to get an overview of the island, this great excursion really takes in allthat Barbados has to offer. Starting with the gothic structure of St Johns Church perched on the cliffsoverlooking the islands east coast, the trip then moves on to the Highland Centre, situated at thehighest point and thus offering spectacular views in all directions.Beach Break | Discover BarbadosIsland Hop
  2. 2. This is also a great place to enjoy the local speciality of rum punch before heading out to see other keysights such as Heroes Square, Gun Hill Signal Station, Holetown (where the first settlers arrived in the1600s) and Sandy Lane and then returning to the capital, Bridgetown.Beach BreakOne of the main attractions of Barbados is its sweeping coastline and the beaches that can be foundalong it. From the main mooring spot for cruise ships a transfer will take you through historicBridgetown, past the parliament buildings and out to Carlisle Bay one of the widest and longestbeaches on the island. A refreshing drink and a deckchair are all included and you will be left to spendthe day in peace, relaxing and enjoying all the delights offered by the classic combination of sun, seaand sand. As the day draws to a close, the transfer will be ready to return you to the ship for theevening.Beach Break | Places To Visit In BarbadosHurricane Tips SafetyCaribbean SunsetAfter a busy day exploring all that Barbados to offer or a relaxing day on the beach, a sunset cruise atdusk is the perfect way to spend the evening. The yacht will cruise along the western coast, offering thespectacle of a tropical sunset combined with the beauty of the shimmering sea and the pleasure of a
  3. 3. warm evening breeze. The crew are there to meet your every need and you will be able to sampletraditional Caribbean hors doeuvres and sip Champagne as you sail to truly complete the sense ofluxury on this excursion.Discover AtlantisIf an adventure on land or above the waves isnt enough, why not try an excursion on the Atlantissubmarine one of the Caribbeans most popular attractions. A short boat trip takes you out to thesubmarines mooring spot and once you dive below sea level you will encounter a fascinating world ofwildlife, all identified and explained by expert guides that form a part of your crew. From yourporthole, you will be able to see myriad species of brightly coloured fish, remarkable sponge gardensand spectacular coral formations, all part of this incredible aquarium in reverse. For your comfort, theinterior of Atlantis is kept at sea-level pressure and air-conditioned temperature.Places To Visit In Barbados | Discover Barbados
  4. 4. Caribbean All Inclusive TripsCool RunningsCool Runnings offer catamaran trips around the coast of the island, stopping off to swim with turtles,go snorkelling around a ship wreck and sample the local speciality; flying fish. There are cruises everyWednesday; one in the morning and one in the afternoon allowing you to watch the sunset from theCaribbean Sea.Barbados has plenty to offer every visitor, especially those who arrive by cruise ship. Having mooredup in and explored, historic Bridgetown, the rest of the island is your oyster, whether you choose todrive across it, sample the beaches or take to the sea.