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Geeky Wedding Planning


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Your groomsmen and bridesmaids will like you forever if you select a medieval, renaissance, Elven or fairy-type theme. This means they get to carry swords.

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Geeky Wedding Planning

  1. 1. Best Ideas For Planning A Geeky Wedding Part 2 Posted by Angella Grey on 05th, October 2012 Welcome back to our second part in this two part article series on the 'Best Ideas For Planning A Geeky Wedding' in part one we discuss some Geeky Themes today we we look at some brilliant reception brainstorms ideas. Some brilliant reception brainstorms. Back in time Your groomsmen and bridesmaids will like you forever if you select a medieval, renaissance, Elven or fairy-type theme. This means they get to carry swords. While you, the bright-eyed, glowing newlyweds, parade in to the reception room, your wedding party members will hold their swords aloft in a graceful arch for you to walk under. This is a U.S. military tradition that makes for an entrance worthy of royalty. Pause for applause. If you have a small reception hall, seat everyone at one long medieval-style banquet table, with you lovebirds at the head. Pets are welcome, especially the dogs. Royal hounds always snack on the leftovers. If you have a creative baker in your circle, use bread trenchers instead of plates. Employ a strolling lute player to flow and play authentic period tunes, such as the music from “The Legend of Zelda.” Hey, you can even throw in an ocarina player. Gain levels Playtime is over? Not a way, man. It’s just beginning, particularly if you have chosen a fun and funky video-game theme for the wedding. It will be so beautiful that you will have no words left. Trust us. Now. Pick your preferred game, and start planning your reception using its colors as your colors. After that, it is easy to fill your celebration space with characters, icons, images and catch phrases from your game. You can also mix and
  2. 2. match various universes. Just remember, should you spill any food at the reception, make sure to do your very best Mario voice and yell: “Whoops! I just invented the tossed salad!” Some good favors Circuitboard Cool More costly, but still reeking with geek cool, are items produced from recycled circuit boards. You might choose these as bridal-party or groomsmen gifts when they would be out of your budget range as guest favors. Customized Dice All of your wedding guests might not be D&D fans, but everyone will understand the supreme crafty cuteness of the customized set of dice, with your names and wedding dates engraved there. There are lots of places online to order customized dice, even pink ones, at pretty decent prices. Pez Dispensers Can there be anything more we need to say about this iconic, enduring indication of geekosity? Well, maybe you could write the wedding date on them in silver paint. What about Cake-Toppers? If you don’t have hundreds of extra dollars to invest on the wedding cake you've always dreamt of, are you relegated to the land of drab, flat grocery-store cakes which make you yawn as you cut them? Heck no! One way of showing your style on a tight budget is to have a rather plain cake, which a family member or friend could bake, and adorn it with a stylish cake topper, which could cost much less than the usual bakery creation. You can design and make your own pair of toppers from any material you can imagine: cardboard, plastic, cookies,
  3. 3. Shrinky Dinks, etc. Make sure they are personalized with your game avatars, or simply go with your favorite fictional set of characters. Mario and Princess Peach are particularly popular, as are Han and Leia. Conclusion Have you ever imagined, in your weirdest, wildest dreams, that you'd have so many possibilities, a lot of decisions to make, and thus many bills to cover for one single day? Remember, this whole wedding planning thing is supposed to be fun. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Don’t hesitate to delegate responsibilities to family members. Chances are, they’ll be thrilled and honored to be a part of your day. You now have more options than ever before for crafting a unique, geeky wedding. Look into your new spouse’s eyes and get started on the next chapter of your life. Go and invent tomorrow. Photo Credit Photo Credit ** Here are some great wedding resources for you and yours success: 1. Father of the Bride Speech 2. Wise Wedding Planning: The Perfect Theme Wedding 3. Best Man Wedding Speech