Amazing Things to do in Barcelona


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Weekend Break In Barcelona - Barcelona can really claim to be a multi-season town as bad weather is the exception rather than the rule. As a result it’s possible to enjoy a weekend in January through to July.

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Amazing Things to do in Barcelona

  1. 1. Things to Do in Barcelona on a Weekend BreakPosted by Angella Grey on 23rd, August 2012Things to Do in Barcelona on a Weekend BreakThe city of Barcelona has something to offer all visitors. Barcelona is an ideal location for any vacationit has superb beaches, a rich culture, modernist architecture (for example Gaudi) and a mixture ofexcellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This makes Barcelona a perfect destination all year round,whatever your interests or aspirations for that perfect spanish getaway.As the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona (the capital of the Catalonia province) has a veryefficient transport system and a first class economy that depends heavily on tourism, which meansvisitors are all always welcomed whatever their country of origin.The city is served by many airlines and airports and flights to Barcelona are available from all majorhubs throughout the year. All these factors add up to a weekend in Barcelona being very good value formoney with no hassles.What to Do During a Weekend Break in BarcelonaA Weekend break in Barcelona,may include various holiday activities. You can spend time at the beach,explore the old town, or take a trip out of the city. Barcelona has many neighbourhoods with modernarchitecture, but the city is primarily a Roman settlement and all those interested in the history ofBarcelona should be able find something to satisfy their curiosity.Despite its long history, Barcelona is not just a city of ancient monuments; those who visit the city willfind some excellent examples of modern architecture, especially the creations of Architect andFigurehead Antonio Gaudi. Gaudí’s works reflect his highly individual and distinctive style and arelargely concentrated in the Catalan capital of Barcelona It goes without saying that the beaches are verypopular and enjoyable during the summer.Weekend Break In Barcelona | Weekend In Barcelona
  2. 2. Barcelona SightsBarcelona is all about the Spanish way of life - it is recommend that every tourist should explore thecity lanes for a weekend at the very least. The streets of Barcelona are pleasant throughout the year andnot just during the holidays.Barcelona is a Safe City for TouristsBarcelonas popularity has also been enhanced by significant improvements in safety and in particularby a massive reduction in the number of pick-pockets which was formerly a major problem in the city.Today, a high police presence makes life very difficult for these opportunistic thieves. The old city ofBarcelona is a mixture of history, old buildings and beautiful squares, while providing an idea of whatthe lifestyle was like for the previous inhabitants many centuries ago.If you spend a weekend in Barcelona,you should check out the city museum which has galleriesdedicated to Picasso, as well as the numerous parks, some can be reached by tram or bus. If you decideto take a walk through the old city, you will see the merger between the old districts and the newermodern neighbourhoods, including stunning buildings, and the amazing creations of Gaudi which werebuilt at the turn of the last century.Best Time to Visit Barcelona | Weekend In Barcelona
  3. 3. Most Popular Tourist DestinationsExplore the Architecture of GaudiGaudi is perhaps the most famous (and favourite) son of Barcelona. His architecture includes curvesand very unusual drawings which help to make Barcelona unlike any other. His buildings are unusual,flamboyant, and have helped to define the character of Barcelona.If you are thinking of spending a weekend in Barcelona, it is definitely one of the best vacation spots inSpain where you can find chic designer boutiques and a large quantity of relaxing coffee shops. Youwill find many gift shops and souvenirs, most of which are of a high quality and locally made.The sea and the port areas also offer something for tourists with its many restaurants and bars - as wellas the largest aquarium in Europe. When it comes to eating out, Barcelona is known in the rest of Spainfor its tapas bars surprising offering dozens and sometimes more than a hundred dishes to varied tastes.A weekend in Barcelona should include a visit to at least one of those tapas Spanish.The Best Time of the Year to Visit BarcelonaBarcelona can really claim to be a multi-season town as bad weather is the exception rather than therule. As a result it’s possible to enjoy a weekend in January through to July. The winter months areslightly cooler in temperature, but the weather is still pleasantly mild, and for those who want to see the
  4. 4. city rather than the beach, a trip in the off-season in Barcelona is the best choice for you.Early spring and late fall are good times to visit for one weekend, especially for those wishing to avoidthe crowds and see the city where the majority of tourists are absent. That said, Barcelona shines allyear around.Weekend Break In Barcelona | Weekend In BarcelonaVacation Spots in SpainMore Wall Street Journal Weekend Break IdeasIf you want to know more about places to visit, and where the best tourist destinations are to spend aweekend break, then you should subscribe to the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition. It includeshints, tips, suggestions, and travel guides. Visit this website here to get the best subscription deals onthe WSJ Weekend Only Edition.