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my cv_US


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my cv_US

  1. 1. FARAMARZ SADIGHI 1008 Muirfield village , College Station ,TX ,77845-8936 (949) 483 0573 - .................................................................................................................................... permanent residence of the US. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Self confidence, Team working, Systematic Thinking, Self Motivate, Professional Ethics EDUCATION • Master Science Industrial Eng. Trends in Industrial Eng. , Jan. 2003 • Bachelor science Industrial Eng. Trends in Industrial Production,Feb.1996 • Technician: Statistics,Feb.1992 THESIS OF MASTER SCIENCE AND BACHOLAR SCIENCE • Out of Control Causes Identification in multivariate case. (Master Science Thesis) .2003 • Feasible study of designing & manufacturing & assembling of Electro filter in IRAN.1996 EXPERIENCES • Head Of Office Production Planning and Warehouses at Bahman Diesel Co.( A Branch Of Bahman Group and ISUZU in Iran)(Producer Of Variety of Joinery Vehicles and Passenger Vehicles Such as Heavy and light Trucks And Minibus).2005-Present , IRAN. Managed with fifty personals such as nine supervisors and experts. Inventories control and planning, Production control and planning , feeding and tracking systems, warehouses, strategic planning, After sale service warehouses were management sections of mine. • Manager of Industrial Engineering Dep. at Fouladfam Co. (Producer of Complex and Parts of Cars).2004-2005. IRAN. Managed with ten personals . All of them were experts. strategic planning , continue improvement , Training, Time measurement and method study (work study) , were management sections of mine. • Expert of Industrial Engineering Dep. at Parskhodro Co.(Producer Of variety Vehicles).2003- 2004 , IRAN. Expert of industrial engineering management. some basic task of mine were. to determine the best location for new facilities in production and supporting spaces . work study, capacity assessment ,to Improve of location of current facilities in order to new project and improvements . • Expert of Assembly Planning Dep. at Irannara Afzar Co.(Producer of Variety of administrative machines ) .2002-2003 ,IRAN. To prepare of MPS , MRP, BOM, Periodical plans for assemble lines , to control of production performance and prepare reports for plant manager. • Expert of industrial engineering Dep. at Saravel Co.( Producer of Air condition). 2001- 2002. Country : IRAN.I explain about it in project description
  2. 2. • Manager Of production planning Dep. at Electrokaveh Co.( Producer of selector keys and miniature fuses).1999-2001 ,IRAN. Managed with ten personals. I was at central office and went to the factory two per week by plant manager. Inventories control and planning, Production control and planning for ( parts manufacturing and products assembly) , Warehouses, Time measurement for product assembly were basic tasks of mine. Time measurement depend on classification Keys depend on layer number of keys, state number of keys , Keys amperage ,... were a critical activity of mine in this company and I made a regression model for it. • Expert Of Planning Production Dep. at Jahanro Co. ( Producer of Motorcycle).1998 , IRAN.I was an expert . I made basic documentation such as product tree, MRP, Part list, BOM, ... For motorcycles . • Expert Of Economic Studies group at Railway Research Center.1997-1998 , IRAN I explained about it in project section Training ( All of them was in Iran) • IT field FoxPro Course , Primavera P6 Training Course • Management field Quality Management Systems ISO 9001Training ,QMI .2000, Preventive maintenance techniques Course Of metal molds . Introduction to the course Nissan Management System( N.PMS) . International Course on Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P) . Participate in the First International Conference on Information & Communication Technology Management ICTM. Strategic Management & planning Course Presence of a workshop on supply chain management Principle Of Supervisory Course Interval Auditor Base On ISO TS/16949:2002 Training Course Requirements & Documentation Base on ISO TS/16949:2002 FMEA Training Course Introduction of Toyota Production System (TPS) Lean Production Course Introduction With EFQM model Self-Assessment based on EFQM Train The Trainer Course Principals Simulation Principals of Productivity Management Course 6th International Conference Strategic Management
  3. 3. Balance Score Cards (BSC) Training Course Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Training Course Complete Performa for Self-Assessment Base on EFQM model Introduction With Radar Logic in EFQM Strategic Management Training Course Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)Training Course Benchmarking (BM) Training Course Self-Control Training Course • Site Visit Visit Of Isuzu Factories in JAPAN Such as Manufacturing of Parts and Sets and Assembly Lines and Engine of Heavy and Light Trucks. 10 Days .2010 College Projects • Systematic Review Of Problems in Jig &Fixture Factory of IRANKHODRO Group.1993 • Project Control in Aseman Tower . 1994 • Analysis and Planning of Warehouses Systems In Asemen Tower.1994 • Improve in Layout of Machines and Facilities in Behran Oil Co.1994 • Review the existing situation of preventive maintenance system in Parskhodro Co. 1993 • Review the existing situation of Planning Inventory Control of National Shoe Co.1995 Projects • Design and mechanization of Cargo and passenger Transportation Final Price System in Economical Studies Group of Railway Research Center . 1999. Expert at this center. I designed a mechanize system to calculate ticket price or price of a cargo unit in new lines . some important variables in this model were head way time , kind of train , station number ,.... I made this software by Foxpro. • Plant Layout Implementation in Saravel Co. 2000 .such as three cover production spaces each 6000m^2 and one cover warehouse space with 10000^2 . I was a supervisor a team with three people . I used S.L.P(Systematic layout planning) method for plant layout and Auto-cad software for drafting alternatives and Craft and Coffad software for selected best alternative . Our goal was establishment facilities in the best State until we had economical material flows in production departments and relationships in administrative departments. • Head of Increase Body Production Capacity of Pk. Vehicle in Parskhodro Co. 2004.Supervisor of a team with four people . Top management wanted to increase Body line capacity of PK vehicle from seven unites per day to ten unites per day. In this projects I used capacity techniques of production stations , reliability systems, Jigs &Fixtures, Time measurement , Method study , project management. • Improve Transportation System Through define Indices of Costs of Cargo Transportation In Fouladfam Co.2004. I was a manager of a team with 5 people . I used transportation systems for reduction transportation costs for cargos(final products) .This cargos loaded by different trucks and transport to the customers . We prepared a plan to determine kind of transportation system depend on variables such as size,
  4. 4. weight, distance ,...we used of Excel software for it. Our goal decreased annually transportation costs amount of 5% . • Improve Flow of information in Warehouses ,Foladfam Co. , 2004 Manager of a team with three people. we used of diagnostic techniques in industry places such as method study at warehouses ( to prepare special checklists) and prepare context diagrams and flowcharts for information and then designing an acceptable systems for deferent warehouses depend on deference variables such as input times of entities , input between times of entities,... • Design Planning and Project Planning Systems and Management Information,5S,Tasks Description , Training , Strategies and Goals Review , Foladfam Co. , 2004. Managed a team with seven people . We prepared executive procedures and instructions and forms for above systems. • Designing and Mechanization Planning and Project Control in Mashinsazan kosha Co.(Producer of Jig and fixture and Special Machines).2005 Implementation of dispatching Mechanization System of Chassis assembly in shasizaz Co. 2005. Manager of a team with three fix people for planning ,organization ,designing , implementation, Installation project planning for a company that it was a designer and manufacture , installation of special machines and jigs and fixtures with high varieties . I used of activities classification for project manufacturing of jig and fixture depend on high volume them and complication them ,... and determine an activities list for all of them. To prepare requirement reports for bosses was another task of our team. • Implementation of Internal Purchase System in Shasisaz Co. 2005 Supervisor of a team with three fix people. We implement a mechanize system for buying requirement consume materials and technical goods for production lines . this system was a module of ERP solution . Culture building and training were in scope of this project. • Implementation of feeding system in assembly lines . Shasisaz Co. 2005 Supervisor of team with three people. We implement a feeding system for send on time and enough materials from warehouses to assembly lines depend on MPS(Master plan schedule) and MRP(Material requirement plan) ,lot size, package plan, BOM(Bill of material), OPC(operation process charts),...Our goal eliminated wastes such as decreased inventories amount of 15% and decreased down time assembly lines due shortages ... • Consultant of Diagnosis in Pooya Pishro Eng. Co.,2006 I was a colleague of project . I was doing systems diagnosis for companies for improvement activities them (both performance and efficiency) depend on productivity cycle model. Software • Spss Software • P6 Software • M.S.P Software • Ms.Office Software • Stat graph Software • MathCAD Software • Internet
  5. 5. Skills & Interests • Production planning • Inventories planning • Production control • Systems analysis • Strategic planning • Plant layout • Systems Designing • Warehouses • Research • Quality assurance
  6. 6. Skills & Interests • Production planning • Inventories planning • Production control • Systems analysis • Strategic planning • Plant layout • Systems Designing • Warehouses • Research • Quality assurance