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Opening Sequence Evaluation - 6064


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Opening Sequence Evaluation - 6064

  1. 1. Evaluation - Kidnapped By Akam Faraj 6064
  2. 2. <ul><li>My media product uses many of the conventions that Crime Thrillers use in their movies. I had done a lot of research of other crime thriller such as Payback, Man on Fire, and Law Abiding Citizen. All these films have something in common which is someone always dies, and that there are always two sides of people. We used this in the character (Greg), as the audience can see he is a family man who is married and has a daughter but once he realises what has happened and answers and phone, he become’s a different character, more dark and scary. Also the colour and lighting, in the morning its bright and colourful, but as the killer comes to kill Greg’s wife its dark with the lights on. As Greg walks in to the living room to look at the picture, its dark but with one lamp on. Relating this back to my target audinece, they will want to watch my media piece because it hits all the perspectives a thriller movie should have. Its has blood, fast pace music, dead person etc. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>My media video represents some particular groups. These include Business, working class adults, young children, hooded people, and parents. The characters in the video, such as Greg and Sheila, are represented as parents and Greg as the provider, the one who goes to work. Lucy, their daughter, is represented as an 7 year old girl who loved her parents. The killer is represented as an independent person and just wears black, a hooded group because of the woolly hat. The way I have done this is in the way of the characters costume and what they are wearing. Greg is wearing a grey suit, tie, shirt, and as he leaves he wears a black coat with a work shoulder bag. This shows the audience the sort of class he is and that he is a working class. Sheila is wearing a basic white top and jeans, she represents a parent, a housewife, who takes care of their daughter, Lucy. Now Lucy is wearing her pyjamas which represents the morning and that she is young. The suspected killer is wearing all black which represents darkness, and wears a black woolly hat. Relating this back to my target audience, they will expect to see all of the social groups described above and that my target audience want to see those certian social groups because that is what crime thriller is about, killers, murderers etc. </li></ul>
  4. 4. <ul><li>The company that would produce our films are “Paramount Pictures”. Paramount Pictures is an American film production and distribution company, and Paramount is consistently ranked as one of the top-grossing movie studios. The reason for this is because they are well known and are a very big company. They have produced many crime thriller films such as Payback, Mission Impossible, Four Brothers. Collateral etc. This is a great company to produce with because many people recognize the production company and all the major films that have had good hits have been produced by “Paramount Pictures”. </li></ul>
  5. 5. <ul><li>The audience for my media video are mainly aimed at young teenagers aged between 15-18, but also adults (males/Females). The reason for the teenagers is because the video has a killing scene and a blood scene. Teenagers get the adrenaline of watching blood scenes in any movie and like to watch films with excitement, killing, action etc. Now the adults would go because of the same reason but the females would go because they would want to know what happens to the young daughter who gets kidnapped. Really, the audience of the video can be anyone who really enjoys crime thriller, a film which makes you jump but also want to see more, knowing what will happen next but continue and look and stare as a mother dies in front of her young daughter. These are people who enjoy horror, action, thriller, police movies similar to films such as Death Sentence. </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>We attracted our audience by the genre of the video and also because of the story plot of the video. One part of the scene is where you see the killer, you assume it’s the killer because you don’t actually see him murder Sheila (Greg’s wife). He is wearing all black, a black coat with a black hat and looks back at the house as Greg leaves, this leaves the audience want to know who he is, what he will do, and what Greg has done to make the killer murder his wife. This is the one and only time you see the killer throughout the intro of the video. Another scene is where Sheila dies and you see the blood go onto the floor. The audience might get a little squeamish but also still want to watch and murder happening. Another reason is the sort of music I used throughout the video, I used guitar Mexican style music for the intro and set the mood but for the ending I used action which makes the audience fell like Greg will seek revenge </li></ul>
  7. 7. <ul><li>I knew a bit of knowledge of editing and using software's such as ‘Garage band’ and ‘iMovie’ from the podcast and the preliminary task. Once we started to use the camera I knew how to use it and the different shots I could have used to then choose which one best suits best. There are a variety of different technologies, such as the video camera we used throughout out media project. I have learnt to use the camera in different ways, such as the ‘Dolly Zoom’ as Greg walks in and see’s his dead wife. This creates tension and they audience know how the character feels. Also the different editing software that were available and how I got used to using them. Another technology we used was the tripod which I used for the most of the time throughout the media project, I used it on different levels such as the height so that it can be steady. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>I feel that I have learnt to use different camera angles and try different angles to then choose which one best fits and looks good. I have learnt the use of editing on iMovie and different ways to edit, adding fades, trimming clips, sound effects etc. For the still picture below, the scene we wanted to use a two shot so that you are able to see Sheila and Greg, the married couple, and also just be able to see their daughter Lucy drawing in the background. The second image on the right is of Greg waking up in the morning, the camera is ‘blurry’ because it shows the character waking up and the sun at the background which is setting the time of day. I have also learnt mise-en-scene, what’s in the shot, lighting, costumes, characters etc. I took this in consideration once we were filming. </li></ul>
  9. 9. <ul><li>I could have improved in some of my shots to make the video better but we didn’t have the equipment. One shot was the ‘Dolly Zoom’, this was hard to get right because we didn’t have the equipment so we had to do it free hand which was difficult to do. Another scene is the blood scene were Sheila dies and the blood splats on the floor. This could have been more realistic but again we didn’t have the right equipment to use. </li></ul>