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Seo web design

  1. 1. SEO Web Design Tips and Tricks
  2. 2. SEO web design matters to get a good ranking and placement inthe search engine results page or SERP. The goal of everywebsite to place and rank higher in the search results to earnmore natural and highly targeted traffic. Most times, onlineusers focus on organic searches than paid searches. You will havehigher chances to increase your targeted traffic from the formerthan the latter.Here are some tips and tricks to choose or create SEO webdesign that has favorable impact to search engine placementand ranking. With these, you expect to do well and get betterplacement in the results page. They will help you come up witha stylish design that works well with search engine optimizationor SEO.
  3. 3. Ease of NavigationOne of the first things to consider in designing your website is ease of navigation. Unless you know how to make it search engine friendly, you should avoid using flash. Practically all search engines will stay away from flash-based designs as their crawlers find it difficult to do their tasks with such websites. There are methods that can add creativity to your navigation without compromising SEO.Readable ContentThe life of any website is its content. This is a major element of your SEO web design. Your content is what feeds the crawlers, and what will satisfy your visitors to make them visit your site repeatedly. You have to find the right balance between content and style for optimization purposes.
  4. 4. It is a good thing that SEO is a dynamic process. For instance, with therelease of Google updates that focus on relevant content, you caneasily add beauty to your site as long as you have good qualitycontent. You do not have to choke your web pages with keywordssacrificing the design in the process. These days, search engines arelooking more into quality and unique content more than keyword-stuffed content.Links SpeakMake the links or URLs in your web pages talk loud. Do notunderestimate the online population, as this will limit your SEO webdesign. They are smart enough to understand how they can click ondescriptive phrases that link content within your web pages andbetween your site and other websites. Design your links or URLs insuch a way that they carry your keywords to make it easier for thecrawlers to know what is on the other side or what your link is about.
  5. 5. Less is MoreLimit each article in your content to 250 words and up but not toexceed 1000 words. This is because online readers do not have asmuch time to read your content. They typically have short attentiondue to several factors including the competitive nature of the internet.But you also have to see to it that your articles are long enough tocarry enough information. A 500-word article is a good balance.Make your SEO web design a good mix betweencreativity, uniqueness, and style on one hand and quality relevantcontent on the other. If you do, you will find how your website cangain higher ranking and better placement on SERP to give you moretargeted traffic for profitability.