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Ppc management

  1. 1. PPC Management: How to Get the Most of a Cost-Efficient Online Advertising
  2. 2. PPC stands for pay per click. It is an online advertising systemwhere the advertisers sign up on a website or search engine tohave their ads placed whenever possible. They don’t paywhenever the ad appears but only when a user clicks it. It is abudget-friendly advertising online solution that attracted manyadvertisers in the past. Some have seen great results whileothers felt that they wasted money. To avoid wasting money ona cost-efficient online advertising solution like PPC, it is best tolearn some tactics on PPC management.Track You Ad ViewsMost websites offer a way for you to see whether your ads get tobe viewed or not. For example, Google launched its newmeasuring tool that allows you track your ads visibility. It is agreat way to ensure that you are not overpaying.
  3. 3. Apply NegativesGood PPC management involves constant tracking of your bids. You need toapply negatives whenever and wherever appropriate, too. It is yourresponsibility as the advertiser to track your bids and apply negatives if youwant to overpay for PPC advertising.Review and Test KeywordsYou can get good results in a short span of time if you know the rightkeywords. Spend a few hours on testing keyword and always modify yournegative list. There are tools like Google AdWords to help you get somerelevant keywords that you can test. You should also regularly review thekeyword aspect of your PPC campaign. Look at your conversion rates as wellas click through rates.Take Advantage of Auto FeaturesThe Google AdWords is a good example. It has an auto alert function thathelps users for better PPC management. You cannot be in front of yourcomputer 24 hours a day so it is better if you utilize the auto alert feature. Youwill be notified if there is a change on your keyword or campaign.
  4. 4. Your AdAn advertisement that is excellently located on top of Googlesearch results or on Yahoo’s FrontPage is useless if it will notinterest the viewers. Aside from ensuring that it has the rightkeywords, it will be better if your ad will make the viewers thinkthat there is something in it for them.Your Landing PageGood PPC management may also cover your landing page – thepage where the users are redirected to when they click the ad. Itis crucial for your conversion rate. Remember, you pay wheneveryour ad is clicked but what is its use if the user won’t avail ofyour product or service?
  5. 5. RetargetingIf you have done everything and still no success, you may wantto consider retargeting. Think of your prospects that click the adsand cost you money but do not convert. You can easily identifythe ones who will never convert by looking at their activitiesafter they reached the landing page. Observe if they leave rightaway, browse a few of your web pages, or add products to theshopping cart/bag. If they don’t reach any stage of theconversion process, maybe it’s time to delete such kind of usersfrom your prospects list.http://pay-perclick.net/ppc-management-how-to-get-the-most-of-a-cost-efficient-online-advertising/