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Funny quotes

  1. 1. Funny Quotes
  2. 2. Funny quotes are always fun to read. In life, laughter is one of the many necessary and important ingredients for a fulfilling and happy life.Its the kind of medicine that you can never get over the counter; its free and it can be found everywhere you go just as long as you keep your eyes open the possibility of its existence.It doesnt just make your heart happy, but Funny Quotes keeps you healthy in mind, body and soul.
  3. 3. You can have many uses for Funny Quotes. Some people use them as tattoos. The body is a canvas, people who love to add a little ink on the skin wouldnt mind having funny lines printed on them.In fact, this has become an ongoing trend within a group of people who love having the humor inked onto them. Its a great reminder that no matter what the problem should be; a little humor can help you go a long long way in life.Some people who love to create scrap books wouldnt mind having a funny quote in their collection of pictures. Quotes will always help your pictures look more expressive and fancy. Its nice to have that one funny quote over a few of your most memorable pictures.
  4. 4. Funny quotes can also be on your online profiles. Witty words will never fail to create an air of fun in your social networking profile.The way you create and design a profile, helps with the people’s opinion about you, this is why it should be something unique and impressive.The funny quote itself should be enough to represent your real personality. With these quotes on your profile, it will come across as humorous to those who’ve seen it, giving you a friendly and full of life attitude to those who do or do not know you across the internet.
  5. 5. You can use a funny quote on a birthday card! What finer way to express your love for a friend, family member or an important person than to have or use a funny quote?It adds a dash of humor to the card that will certainly put a smile on your friends face.The next time you want to send out a birthday card to your loved ones, don’t forget to put that one funny quote to add that finishing and humorous touch!
  6. 6. Funny quotes are not hard to find. In fact there are some books that are filled with them; a whole compilation of jokes as well as humorous quotes to those who just can’t have enough of the laughs.If not, you can always find them around the World Wide Web.You can read them with family and friends; it’s a great way to have fun with your loved ones. Humor will help create a bond between you and the members of the family as well as your friends. Funny quotes always find a way to brighten up the day, even for those who seem to be struck by gloom.