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Curriculum vitae


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Curriculum vitae

  1. 1. What to Remember in Writing Your Curriculum Vitae
  2. 2. If this is your first time writing your own curriculum vitae, thereare some good points that you need to remember to make surethat you do it properly. Also, if this is not your first time to writea CV or a vita, then you should also check out these reminders sothat you can make more accurate ones in the future. Masteringthe skill of writing your curriculum vitae is takes a lot of practiceand effort from your part. First, you should know that there is a difference betweena curriculum vitae and a resume. You should double check ifyour potential employer is asking for a CV or a resume to avoidwasting your time in constructing any of these two.
  3. 3. A CV tells more about your academic achievements and skills,and this is usually required when you are applying for anacademic position or a study grant. Its observable differencefrom a resume is its total length.An average person’s resume only runs up to two pages or less,while a CV usually runs up to three to four pages. However, youshould not assume that the length of your CV would determinethe success of your application. Learn to tell only relevant andsignificant information in your CV or your resume.Another important difference between the CV and the resume iswhat each of them is trying to represent. A CV paints a scholarand academic identity of yourself, while a resume shows yourprofessional side. Knowing the difference between these twocan be a deciding factor for your future career.
  4. 4. What are the important bits of information that you shouldinclude in your curriculum vitae? First, you should include yourname and updated contact information. Also, it is very importantto include an overview of your educational attainment over theyears. If you have been employed in the academe or any otherrelated fields, then you should also include those.In addition, you should also include a list of the research projectsthat you have conducted, as well as those you are conductingright now. Cite also he conference publications and papers if youhave any. Do not also forget to include a list of your services tothe department or to the community. Finally, write down a list ofreferences for the hiring officials so that they can check if theinformation you have given them are factual and correct.
  5. 5. Another thing to remember about writing your own curriculumvitae is that you should not worry about following a single andstandard format. The different fields in the academic world havedifferent focus points in your CV, so you should consider that.Also, do not reuse your CV for another employer, unless you aresure that the CV you have submitted is relevant to the field youare applying for. Finally, just like in writing your resume, makesure that all the information that you have included in yourcurriculum vitae are updated and correct. curriculum-vitae/