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Minarets of punjab


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historical minerates of punjab pakistan..

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  • Marvelous work,to educate younger generation about the everlasting masterpieces of our historic past. Now its your turn to come forward to preserve them for future generations and to show the world that our history and heritage is far more amazing than theirs.No wonder of the world can match our beautiful executive minarets.
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Minarets of punjab

  1. 1. Minarets of Punjab<br />
  2. 2. Modern Islamic Architecture.<br />It was designed free of cost by Nasreddin Murat-Khan,an architect/engineer hailing from Daghestan and Usman Khan an architect/engineer from Sargodha .<br />The foundation stone was laid on March 23, 1960.<br /> The construction took eight years of time, and was completed in 1968.<br />Minar-E-Pakistan, Lahore<br />
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  5. 5. Ghanta ghar, Faisalabad.<br />British Architecture<br />GhantaGhar, a clock tower in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan, and is one of the oldest monuments still standing in its original state from the period of the British Raj. It was built by the British, when they ruled much of the South Asia during the nineteenth century<br />
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  8. 8. Jahangir's tomb, Lahore.<br />Mughal Architecture<br />Tomb of Jahangir is the mausoleum built for the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who ruled from 1605 to 1627. <br /> The mausoleum is located near the town of Shahdara Bagh in Lahore, Pakistan. <br />His son Shah Jahan built the mausoleum 10 years after his father's death.<br />
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  11. 11. BadhashiMasjid, lahore.<br />Mughal Islamic Architecture<br />The Badshahi Mosque the 'King's Mosque' in Lahore, commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1671 and completed in 1673, is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia<br />
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  14. 14. Masjidwazir khan, lahore.<br />Mughal Islamic Architecture<br />The Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, is famous for its extensive faience tile work. It was built in seven years, starting around 1634-1635 AD, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan. It was built by ShaikhIlm-ud-din Ansari,, the Governor of Lahore. He was commonly known as Wazir Khan.<br />
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  17. 17. Chauburji, lahore.<br />Mughal Architecture<br />Chauburji (towers) is one of the most famous monuments among the structures and buildings of the Mughal era in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.<br />the Chauburji gateway remains of an extensive garden known to have existed in Mughal times. <br />The establishment of this garden is attributed to Mughal Princess Zeb-un-Nisa, 1646 AD<br />