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Narrative theory’s


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Narrative theory’s

  1. 1.  Tomorrow has written that all narratives begin with equilibrium where in which everything is good and balanced. ( the initial situation )  Then there later is a interruption, which is solved in the end.  When everything is resolved at the end of the narrative a new equilibrium is restored or established.
  2. 2.  Equilibrium ( a normal state, neutral, good or bad)  Interruption of the equilibrium ( action or characters)  Protagonist realises the equilibrium has been disrupted and tries to correct and restore the equilibrium.  When the equilibrium is restored ( good, bad or neutral) a totally new equilibrium is established.
  3. 3.  Propp thought that there are seven roles which any character may assume in a story.  Villain – fights with hero  False hero- Someone claiming to be a hero often seeking but reacts like a real hero.  Hero- ( seeker hero) Searches, has help from the donor and often gets married at the end.  Donor – Prepares provides hero with magical fix.  Helper- Helps, rescues, solves.  Dispatcher- sends hero off  Princess – A wanted girl, she exists as a goal and of recognises and marries hero.