Jane the ripper


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Jane the ripper

  1. 1. Jane The Ripper A short film
  2. 2. Inspiration for Jane the Ripper <ul><li>When me and our group were brainstorming ideas for a thriller/horror short film we talked about what the narrative would involve. We all agreed that it would involve a psychotic female killer. With this said I had the idea of Jack the ripper coming back to modern day London. As the thought process went on we collectively thought of the idea of Jane the ripper. The female version of jack as the weeks went on we fleshed out what the characters motive was and we agreed she was a scorned women who was left at the alter. We got this idea from the poem Lady Havishim and thought it would be fitting to out character Jane. She is a women taking revenge on man who left her at the alter and cheated on her with another women . </li></ul>
  3. 3. Jack the ripper Research
  4. 4. Who was Jack the Ripper? <ul><li>Jack the Ripper is a serial killer who murdered prostitutes in the East End of London. Whitechapel. He was never caught and till this day his identity is still shrouded in mystery. Most experts point to the deep throat slashes, abdominal and genital area mutilation, removal of internal-organs, and progressive facial mutilation. </li></ul>The canonical five Jack the Ripper victims Mary Ann Nichols Annie Chapman Elizabeth stride Catherine Eddowes Mary Jane Kelly
  5. 5. Weapon of choice <ul><li>Just like Jack the Ripper our antagonist Jane will also be using a a sharp object like a knife to kill people. Using a knife in our film is also another convention of a thriller film. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Jack the Ripper costume/ Jane the Ripper costume This is what Jack the Ripper supposedly wore. In 1888 it was the fashion for men particularly those of the middle/upper class to wear a suit and long tail coat, top hat and sometimes carry a walking stick. Our character Jane will wear two outfits one is a white wedding dress and the other a casual outfit of jeans and cardigan/jacket. This is due to the fact the story is set in 2011 and this is what young women usually wear. This also adds to the normalness of the character as you wouldn’t expect a girl like that to commit these type of acts.
  7. 7. Books and Films inspired by Jack the Ripper <ul><li>Since 1883 there have been numerous films and books about jack the Ripper. Here our a few who have been inspirations to us and our short film Jane the Ripper. </li></ul><ul><li>From Hell is a 2001 crime drama horror based on Jack the Ripper starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. The story is set in 1833 and is about a detective who has physic visions and his hunt for Jack the Ripper who is prince Edward. I liked this film as it was original and gave me the idea to base Jane the Ripper on Jack the Ripper but create a completely different plot. </li></ul>