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Film poster textual analysis


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Film poster textual analysis

  1. 1. Film poster textual analysis By Farah Warda
  2. 2. The target audience for this film is15 plus. It looks like it would appeal to teenagers and young adult males due to violent content and silver bat. The bat lets us know that it is a main prop in the way the narrative unfolds. The characters are all wearing urban street wear. Hoodies, jeans jumpers and a lot of children in the UK can relate to it especially those in inner city London. The Font is white which is a clean and pure colour and connotations of innocence . It uses capital letters and lower case letters possibly to symbolize some disorganization in the teenagers lives. The way they are all sitting and standing makes them look like there in a gang and also makes them look threatening. The characters also seem to be in there own little cliques or gangs and our sitting separately. The colours are very dark and dim but the font is white possibly to make it stand out. The darkness of the colours could have conations of a dark story line. The sky in this film is very open and light maybe in reference to the theme that the heavens are open which could mean forgiveness. KIDULTHOOD
  3. 3. ADULTHOOD This is the sequel to Kidulthood and the background seems to be the same location as the first one. This time the characters are all together in one large group representing there friendship. The main character is in the middle this time showing us how important he is and how he links all the other characters together. All the charcters are still wearing street and urban wear. Hoodies and jeans showing that they are all still in the same place in their life as the first film as their style hasn’t changed. All the boys wear dark colours whilst the girls wear reds, pinks and whites to differentiate them from the boys and possibly show their femininity. The silver bat is no longer in the main characters hand showing that he does not need it. This connotes that the violence is over in this film. Also the sky is brighter which could represent a happy ending. The white font is still in the foreground of the poster.
  4. 4. Green street The two main characters are at the front and the rest of the characters are in the background. Showing the importance of the main characters in the plot. They are wearing quite casual street clothing which indicates that they are young adults. This picture looks as if it is targeted at teenage boys or even older men. People who are football fans as well. The graffiti on the wall gives it a gritty urban feel. The characters also have bruises on there faces indicating violence and or fighting. The colours are very dark greens, greys and black which are usually associated with the gritty underworld which could represent how dark the film actually is. The font is white and at the bottom of the poster. It stands out against the dark background. The word Hooligans is also very big and my eyes are immediately drawn to it.
  5. 5. From Hell The posters background is black showing the darkness of this film and what could happen in this plot. The three main characters are in the poster. Johnny depps characters seems like his holding Heather Grahams character which could mean that there is a romance between them. She wears a light purple top which could represent her softness and gentleness. There is a jack the Ripper outline so we can not see his face meaning nobody knows who is. It seems as if he is walking out of hell or a fire which could be linked to the title of the film ( From Hell ) . The colours of black dark yellow and red give it a eerie, demonic vibe as if Jack the Ripper is from another world. The film title font is at the bottom of the left hand corner and is small. It is white to create a contrast on the black background. We can also see the females characters dark red hair which is her signature look.