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Destiny Development Profile July 2011


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July 2011

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design
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Destiny Development Profile July 2011

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONDestiny Development was Currently Destiny Developmentestablished in June 2008, a is one of the top five developersyoung, rapidly growing and publishers of MMOG incompany, specialized in the Russia. Destiny Development isInternet entertainment content also a unit of the cinemadevelopment and publishing network KARO Film, which isbrowser-based MMOG, as well the largest cinema network inas localization and publishing Russia. The company formsof client-based MMOG. Destiny Group.
  2. 2. DESTINY DEVELOPMENTCORPORATE STRUCTURE Kazan Branch offices: Barnaul Helsinki
  3. 3. DESTINY DEVELOPMENTCORPORATE STRUCTURE Game development. Creation of information European and Asian localization for Russian Purchase of informationmarket. resources about game industry Selling licenses on the US, and traffic generating recoursesEurope and Asia markets. to more effectively promote Cooperation with company’s game developersand launch of 20 other gamesfrom our partners within 3years. By 2015, take up to 15% market share in Russia More games Achieving the Team experience Expand markets capitalization of $300m Games quality Innovative game systems Preparing for IPO Partnership DEVELOP & LOCALIZE ASIA, EU, US 15% RUSSIAN MARKET 2009 2009-2011 2012-2015
  4. 4. OUR PROJECTSBOTVA ONLINEThis project will satisfy the most demanding taste of any MMO’s veteran oran office worker.
  5. 5. BOTVA ONLINEWEB: BOTVA.RU Fight for the real greens!MODEL: FREE TO PLAY The first game project of our company –PLATFORM: WEB-BASED (HTML)GENRE: the browser-based MMORPG «BOTVA HUMOUR, MMORPG online». It was launched in November 2008.AUDIENCE: > 2 500 000 The game has taken the position of one of theACCU: 13 000 most popular browser games in the Russian Internet. In May 2009, Moscow hosted a conference of game developers (KRI 2009), where «BOTVA online» participated in the «KRI-Awards» in categories «Best Online Game of the Year» and «The Best Start of the Year».
  6. 6. OUR PROJECTSMOSCOW WARThis game contains many famous internet memes of the RUnet: David Blane,Onotole, Medved, militia, (who never take bribes), gopnicks and other notless notorious personalities. Living in the in-game Moscow the player will visitmany places, which are thoroughly familiar from the very childhood: the darkalleys, underground, Cafes, night clubs, a factory, that has been closedbecause of the debts, etc.
  7. 7. MOSCOW WARWEB: MOSWAR.RU Capital residents vs. non-capital residentsMODEL: FREE TO PLAY While inside the in-game Moscow city, playersPLATFORM: WEB-BASED (HTML) will be able to visit many familiar places: darkGENRE: corners, subway, shaur-burgers, nightclub, a HUMOUR, MMORPGAUDIENCE: factory, which is shut down because of the > 650.000 debts and much more...ACCU: 14 500 Moscow War was launched in February 2010.
  8. 8. OUR PROJECTSTHE MAZE«The Maze» is the world’s first cyber-sport online browser game. You canuse your own skills to make real money inside this game!Everyone is equally free to choose one’s own way of actions in order toachieve victory inside The Maze. You may enter the maze, if you seek to testyourself. There are two ways for you, after you enter: to win the jackpot or dietrying. Either way, you get enormous pleasure while playing this game.You will find an exit in The Maze in order to leave it. And you will leave it inorder to return again.
  9. 9. THE MAZEWEB: LABIRINT-ONLINE.RU It’s a dream worldPLATFORM: WEB-BASED The project’s target audience consists ofGENRE: (HTML,FLASH) experienced fans of the Web-based ACTION MMORPG MMORPG games. We took all the bestAUDIENCE: (PvP oriented cyber- elements from the most popular games, sport) added an original storyline, a bit mixed up and the result was a unique, unparalleled project - BETA IN MAY 2011. a social MMORPG with PvP elements!
  10. 10. OUR PROJECTSMONSTERS VS!You are not satisfied? You are against everything?Want to burn with a laser your stupid neighbor and his annoying dog?Dreaming for a flaming asteroid crushing your school or workplace? So, youshould know – the Monsters are VS. everything too!
  11. 11. MONSTERS VS!WEB: MONSTRILLO.RU Real Monsters Life!PLATFORM: WEB-BASED (HTML, In this fun role-playing game for children andGENRE: FLASH) adults much more than that is possible! MMORPG Colorful graphics, an extremely simpleAUDIENCE: controls, breathtaking combat capabilities, (tactical battle) funny monsters and malicious Corporation, BETA IN MAY 2011 and a gameplay which has no analogs in Russia – all of this awaits you in a world of the Monsters! Find out, why the Monsters VS.!
  12. 12. OUR PROJECTSTWO TOWERSUnforgettable adventures awaits you in the world of islands, scouts andglorious deeds. Defend your land against the monsters, attack Towers, laysiege to other players’ islands! Use exquisite strategy and ingenious tactics!Cunning, stealth, conspiracy – use everything to achieve dominance andbecome the Guardian of your own Island.
  13. 13. TWO TOWERSWEB: 2TOWERS.RU Win the battle, defend your castle, andMODEL: FREE TO PLAY become famous!PLATFORM: WEB-BASED (HTML, It is a new type of a browser based massivelyGENRE: FLASH) multiplayer online game. You can joinAUDIENCE: MMOGRPG associations, improve your skills and > 50 000 equipment, develop unique tactics and form your own team; you will make the way of the glorious general. Only the most worthy warriors with distinguished fighting skills and achieve the highest reward – become the Master of the island. From that moment the game will go in the absolutely different way.
  14. 14. LICENSINGWEAPONS OF THE GODS GENRE: 3D MMORPG Weapons of the Gods is a free-to-play MMORPG of a new generation, which is based on the next generation graphic engine Unreal 3 Engine.NEMEXIA GENRE: MMORTS Nemexia – is a modern online space strategy. Offering the best that was in the predecessors, we have added a unique graphic effects for this project. In fact, its better to see it once than hear about it a hundred times.HEROES WAR GENRE: MMORPG Incredible adventures, epic battles and treasures awaits you. Join the vast and living world, which is inhabited by thousands of players, build your fortress, gather military forces, equip and educate and develop your heroes – and finally become the ruler of this world, with mortals tremble before you.
  15. 15. LICENSINGCITY OF TRANSFORMERS GENRE: 3D MMORPG «City Transformers Online» – a new MMORPG- project on universe designed in cyberpunk style. Latest technology, multi-channel surround sound and colorful animation make world of space more realistic and beautiful. More than 50 models of transformers, different and interesting features of characters, variety of quests and locations, possibility to travel the world using teleportation and even the opportunity to visit past and future. Join the confrontation of people, clones and cyborgs! Run transformers!BUTTERFLY SWORD GENRE: 3D MMORPG Butterfly Sword Online is full-3D massive multiplayer online martial arts & action role- playing game. This game features the multiphasic monster design and nonlinear parameter calculation, trying to present the audience a vivid martial arts world of righteousness and wrongness.
  16. 16. June  2009.  We have signed On  20  September  2010  the December  2008 .  Anan agreement for promoting Destiny Developmen t agreement was signed witha popular Russian game Company and the 9you Innova Systems company.«Botva Online» on the Company have declared The parties have agreed portal. This establishment of cooperation jointly promote Lineage IIlong-term partnership allows between these two game on the Russian users to use the companies. According to the The fan-website of officialregistration data of to bilateral agreement, the Russian servers was testedregister in «Botva Online» Destiny KARO Company and launched successfully.and play it. becomes the publisher of the project «Weapons of the Gods» on the territory of Russian Federation and the Independent States.qraut.deMay 2010. A popular Russianbrowser-based game «BotvaOnline» was successfullylocalized and launched inGermany.
  17. 17. snailgame.netDestiny Development and XS June 2010. Development of a March  2010 .  DestinySoftware signed a new social oriented browser- Development and Russianlocalization agreement , based MMO was started branch of SnailGameaccording to which Destiny jointly with the Melesta company jointly launched aKARO will localize Nemexia company. Melestas high new browser-based gamegame for Russia and CIS. level professionals and «Heroes War» (original nameThe release of localized Destiny Development staff, is «Castle of Hero» «Heroesversion of the game has which has rich experience in of Gaia»).taken place on February  01,  online games developing and2011. publishing, will provide to users a new high quality game.
  18. 18. If you have any questionsor offers, please, email us!For offers of cooperation:zfan@ddestiny.ruwww.ddestiny.ruPhones:+7 (499) 265-32-36+7 (499) 261-32-27