Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide for 2011


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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide for 2011

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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide for 2011

  1. 1. Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Guide for 2011Fantasy football is an awesome gamingactivity, to say the least, as it allowspeople who are looking for hugeparticipation and interact with oneanother to have a good time. Do you wantto play a little game with your friends?Go for it. Do you want to engage in ahighly competitive campaign against self-proclaimed fantasy football gods from all over the globe? Bring it. However, before youjump the gun and start getting involved in a fantasy football draft, here are threeessential tips you need to keep in mind to have a successful draft this year.1. Mock Drafting Is a NecessityGoing through a fantasy football draft and ending up with an awesome looking teamis all about preparation. Unfortunately, no, picking up the fist football magazine youcome across with before draft day doesn’t count. The only way to get a feel of the trendsof this year’s drafts is to join mock drafts, join another, and then mock draft some more.After reading this piece, go look for quality mock draft sites and do a mock. After a fewdays, do another. Keep on doing this every few days and observe the developing trends.Doing multiple mock drafts allows you to play around and adjust your strategies fromthe start of your draft until the end. You may find yourself preferring to draft aquarterback in the seventh or eighth round, or you may make the right decision to graba tight end in the third or fourth round. You will never know until you give it a shot,making your draft without mocking takes away the opportunity to iron out potentialdraft mistakes.
  2. 2. 2. Safe Early, Upside LateMany fantasy football players have become reliant on stat projections to measurefantasy values. While these projections have their place and can be nice discussionmaterial, they shouldn’t be the holy grail of your preparation. A single stat line is nevergoing to capture a player’s full fantasy value.Now when I say “safe early,” this means drafting the players with the highest floors,meaning they have the lowest chance to be early-round busts. You may not agree withrankings based on upside, but I advise you to manage your risks wisely at the beginningof your draft.Conversely, all you want at the end of fantasy drafts are players with sky-high upsides.Don’t waste your time getting Lee Evans, Mark Sanchez or Reggie Bush. They mayperform at their draft level, but there’s not much opportunity to profit from these picks.Alternatively, you would want to have a quarterback like Tim Tebow, who could be afantasy football monster if gets to start for the Broncos. If you see any room for a late-round guy to wind up with significant playing time, pounce.3.Avoid Kickers and Team DefensesYou may have already bitten into the kicker concept and probably have jumped on theconcept of devaluing team defenses, but this is not saying you have to leave them out forthe end of your draft. This means you should not draft a kicker of defense AT ALL. Itmay be counterintuitive, but there is good reason for this strategy. As we havementioned, you want to find some risky picks that have the chance for big payoffs at theend of the draft. You already take away two chances of finding that golden egg bypicking a kicker and a defense. Instead, focus on getting more running backs than you
  3. 3. could possibly need. Pre-season injuries do happen, and fantasy contributors dosometimes come from the ranks of pre-season warriors.