==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====Its all over the news these days that we Americans, al...
So we live and diet in what I call a "Circle Of Stress."Stress Leads To Weight GainA sad part of The Circle Of Stress is t...
How do you diet with the least amount of stress?The 2 main reasons you "fight" with your diets and cause yourself dieting ...
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Diets - Are You In A Dieting Circle Of Stress


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Get more information here: http://ndleads.com/Ebook

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Diets - Are You In A Dieting Circle Of Stress

  1. 1. ==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====Its all over the news these days that we Americans, although more overweight, obese, andunhealthy than ever before, are also obsessed with dieting.Recent reports say about 75 Million of us are doing it right now. And well "try" 4 new diets a yearon average.Wow! Thats a lot of diets.Fueled by a constant bombardment of TV commercials touting all sorts of diets; obnoxiouslyunavoidable tabloid and magazine covers at the grocery checkout line extolling thin models, fatcelebrities, and lose 30 pounds in 30 days "miracle" diet plans; and, a plethora of exercisemachines, programs, and gurus, its no wonder were obsessed with thinking we should be supermodel thin and Superman strong.The Circle Of StressThis is a lot of pressure and it causes stress.And thats not to even mention the stress in ordinary life. Your job is hanging by a thread - or thethreads already broken. Your 13 year old thinks its time she started dating - an 18 year old.Theres a tsunami on the way. Gangs are taking over your neighborhood. The economy is in thedumper. Theres war breaking out or about to break out somewhere.It never ends.Plus, when you go on a diet you really start stressing yourself out.In my personal informal and unscientific study/poll/research, I learned that people on diets rate thedifficulty level of following and sticking with a diet at an average of around 8 on a 10 scale -regardless of the diet. No one rated the difficulty less than 5 and many people had it at a full 10.Also, most people dieting allow their diet to consume their lives. They think about it, plan around it,and yes, stress over it, 24/7.The diet controls you - you dont control the diet.We stress because of life in general, and then add to it because were overweight, feel pressuredto lose weight and stress about that. Then we finally go on our diet and majorly stress ourselvesover that, too.
  2. 2. So we live and diet in what I call a "Circle Of Stress."Stress Leads To Weight GainA sad part of The Circle Of Stress is that stress has been directly related to weight gain.According to Elissa Epel, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at theUniversity of California at San Francisco, "While the immediate... response to acute stress can bea temporary loss of appetite, more and more we are coming to recognize that for some people,chronic stress can be tied to an increase in appetite -- and stress-induced weight gain." (From anArticle Published in WebMD, "Can Stress Cause Weight Gain?" by Colette Bouchez, March 27,2011.)Stress and weight gain appear to be related to cortisol, one of the hormones released as a resultof stress that can cause us to eat more. Cortisol is sometimes called the "stress hormone"because excess cortisol is secreted during times of physical or psychological stress.Excess cortisol that is released because of stress, can not only cause you to gain weight, but itcan also affect where you put it on.Bad news: elevated cortisol tends to cause abdominal fat which is now being shown to correlatewith the development of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes...and evencancer.Its ComplicatedThis Circle of Stress business can get really complicated. But heres the bottom line.You want to live the longest healthiest life you can.To look and feel your best you need to maintain a healthy weight.To do that, you may need to diet (formally or informally).While dieting, you dont want to deprive yourself of good food or starve yourself in the process.Stress is a fact of life. There are many causes that are pretty much out of your control and that youcannot avoid.You can, however, avoid the stress of dieting.You can do that by not dieting. But if youre overweight, unhealthy, not feeling strong, confident,filled with pride and self-esteem, not dieting can also cause plenty of stress.So if you need to diet to look your best, feel your best, and be your healthiest, its important tolearn how to diet with the least amount of stress - in ways that dont overtax you or your will powerand help keep you from fighting your diet day-in and day-out.And, you especially want to make sure your whole life does not become consumed by your diet24/7 which seems to be one of the biggest causes of dieting stress.How To Diet Without Stress
  3. 3. How do you diet with the least amount of stress?The 2 main reasons you "fight" with your diets and cause yourself dieting stress are that you eitherchoose diets that are not consistent with your innate Temperament or nature or you dont use yournatural strengths (as determined by your Temperament) to diet in easy and successful waysregardless of the diet of your choice.For example, if because of your innate Temperament, youre the type of person that doesnt likechange and is slower paced in life, you cant expect to do well trying to strictly follow a diet basedon radical changes and fast action. Youd be fighting your nature the whole time and you cant winthat fight. And vice versa if you are fast paced and more aggressive and adventurous byTemperament (your innate nature) and you tried to stick to a slow, gradual, boring weight loss planyoud be fighting your nature, causing yourself stress, and likely fail.There are actually 4 different Temperament Types and corresponding Dieting CompatibilityStyles™. How you should diet for maximum ease and success is dependent on which typeyou are.A good way to eliminate at least some of the stress of dieting is to get a good handle on yourTemperament and Dieting Compatibility Style and use them to select your diet or learn how toalter your approach to any diet in ways that are compatible with your Temperament and DietingStyle.Copyright - 2011 - Dexter Godbey - All Rights ReservedClick here for instant access to a FREE, Unique, Personalized, Online Temperament And DietingCompatibility Style™ Analysis and Profile: http://www.DietingLaws.com. It takes less than 2minutes to get your complete Profile.Uncover your unique Dieting Compatibility Style™. Learn how using the power of yourTemperament and Dieting Compatibility Style can make your dieting virtually stress-free. You willlose weight easier and more successfully than ever before - guaranteed - regardless of your diet.Make your next diet your last diet. http://www.DietingLaws.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dexter_Godbey
  4. 4. ==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====