==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====Consistent overeating and no exercise turns every extr...
which tones the upper body while burning fat from the whole body.However, no exercise regime will be successful without th...
==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====
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Burning Fat Abs


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Get more information here: http://ndleads.com/Ebook

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Burning Fat Abs

  1. 1. ==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====Consistent overeating and no exercise turns every extra calorie into fat. This fat accumulatesaround the belly area and after a while a potbelly is formed. While a potbelly may once have beena sign of status and wealth, today it is a sign of ill health in the making.Underneath a potbelly however are the abdominal muscles - the abs. The only way to get themout is to lose belly fat. Not only will it improve health but it will also improve looks, strength andstamina.Fat not only accumulates around the waist it also accumulates in the artery walls. This can causemajor heart and vascular system disease which can quite easily lead to either a stroke or a heartattack. Getting rid of belly fat is the first step to exposing your abs; and to do this you must loseweight. The way to take the pounds off is by melting the fat and you can accelerate the process byeating a fat burning diet and doing fat burning routines.Exercise will help develop muscles which are needed to maintain and increase metabolism.Exercises you can do in 15 minutesMulti joint exercises will burn more calories and melt fat faster. These types of exercise take theform of leg squats, lunges or leg curls. Chest press ups using a dumbbell or presses work well forburning calories.If you want to train only your abs then there are certain exercises that can accomplish this.Crunching exercises moving forwards and backwards. Side bends and rotational movements.First complete one exercise for around 30 seconds. Immediately following this concentrate on theother set of exercises for another 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the process 10 times.While it may sound easy, it is very challenging when put into practice.Fat burning exercises designed for the absThe key to exercising is to burn the most fat you can. In the process your abs will benefit. Thesquat for instance may not be targeted at abs but it has the ability to burn off a lot of calories andin the process build lean muscle. It also boosts your metabolism which helps burn body fat faster.Chin ups is an exercise that works on several muscle groups including the abs. Cardio typeexercises such as jumping ropes are one that burns a surprising amount of abs fat. Another absfat burning exercise is chest presses. They are a good way to work muscle groups and as theytake a great deal of energy to perform, they burn a lot more calories.Running is a good way to burn stomach fat while rowing combines cardio and strength exercise
  2. 2. which tones the upper body while burning fat from the whole body.However, no exercise regime will be successful without the correct diet or correct way of eating.Abs fat burning for women they can do at homeA hula hoop: use a weighted one. If they are too light you might not be able to control them andwill spend most of your time picking them up. By concentrating on this exercise you are workingdirectly on the problem area. Just a few minutes a day is all that is needed.A mini trampoline: while not strictly designed for the abs a trampoline will burn fat fast. How it doesthis is through the use of abdominal muscles needed to stabilize the body during exercise.The best and fastest way to burn fat and create lean muscle is by a combination of cardio workoutand weight training, diet and a metabolism that is working at optimal speed.There are many exercises designed to burn fat which will have a direct impact on building muscle.Muscles burn calories and when calories are being used there is no opportunity for them to beconverted into fat.If you want to build abs you first need to work on burning fat. Once there is no fat to burn leanmuscle is built.All it takes is a regular exercise regime, healthy diet and the willpower to continue.Once youve developed those beautiful abs, your abs will burn more fat. In effect you will createburning fat abs.Note: Always remember to check with your doctor first before starting a new exercise program.About the Author:Tim Lazaro is a Fat Burning Nutrition enthusiast. Visit List of Fat Burning Foods for more expertadvice on Burning Fat Abs [http://www.listoffatburningfoods.com/Fat-Burning-Abs.xhtml] andother tips you can use right now to burn fat off and keep it off.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tim_Lazaro
  3. 3. ==== ====Get more information here:http://ndleads.com/Ebook==== ====