Problem related to Parrots' smell


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Problem related to Parrots' smell

  1. 1. This may be due to parrot’s feces/pooh, fallingfeathers or rotting food in the Cage.
  2. 2. 100 Possible Solutions:1. Give bathe to your parrot daily2. Keep the cage clean3. Prevent parrot from moving in feces.4. Use the perfume on parrot5. Remove all the feathers of parrot6. Use Potash Alum7. Use Air freshener in the cage8. Place the cage at distant place9. Massage Jasmine oil on parrot’s body10. Use fully sealed Glass cage11. Keep parrot away from anything stinky12. Sell your Parrot.
  3. 3. 13. Use powder on parrot’s body14. Put some pine shavings at the bottom of cage15. Change the bedding daily16. Use the Corn cob bedding17. Use the Alfalfa pellets18. Use pooh radiator19. Place thick layer of Newspapers at the bottom of cage20. Change bottom newspapers daily21. Go for Vet’s check-up22. Clean the cage with hot water23. Use vinegar solution to clean the cage24. Use an Air Purifier25. Change parrot’s diet26. Apply body cream to parrot every day27. Change the water in parrot’s pot daily28. Use the Bib while feeding a parrot
  4. 4. 29. Keep an Electronic Parrot30. Train the parrot to use Wash room31. Teach the Eating manners to parrot32. Hang the cage in Garden33. Teach the parrot to wash its paws daily34. Change the cage Daily35. Teach the parrot to wash its beak daily36. Let your parrot escape37. Give your parrot a mint chewing gum38. Get your parrot a Feather cut every week39. Teach them to Gargle40. Send it to parlor for manicure and pedicure41. Hire a servant to clean the cage every 5 minutes42. Keep the pots fixed in cage, clean43. Educate your parrot to use Mouth wash44. Give your parrot a hygienic food
  5. 5. 45. Keep your parrot’s nails clean46. Dry clean your parrot daily47. Use anti-odor wash48. Wash the cage with anti-bacterial liquid weekly49. Throw the Cage along with your parrot50. Soak a piece of cloth with any essence & knot it with parrot’s leg51. Use wipes for cleaning your parrot52. Use Air Wick in Cage53. Immediately cleaning up the occasional accident in cage54. Use naturally activated Charcoal odor absorber e.g. Inno Fresh55. Groom your parrot daily56. Give your parrot fresh food57. Use Plastic tray in the Cage58. Use Carpet piece as a bedding in cage59. Give consistent care to your parrot60. Get a smell proof cage
  6. 6. 61. Run away from your house62. Feed your parrot with fresh & healthy food63. Kill your sense of Smell64. Light-up aromatic candles near cage65. Don’t use Cage66. Get used to bad odor67. Put your parrot in a Crate68. Use Fan in Cage69. Put Cage in Neighborhood70. Lease the Parrot to someone who himself is smelly71. Get your parrot Married72. Replace the old pots with new ones monthly73. Loan parrot to a Poultry farm74. Place the Cage underground75. Sprinkle the Baking powder on the bedding/bottom of cage76. Brush your parrot daily
  7. 7. 77. Get a feather coat for parrot daily78. Provide a roll-on deodorant to your parrot79. Gift your parrot to a Cat80. Let the parrot go outside with bird feeder81. Use piddle pad in cage82. Put cage in a swimming pool83. Throw out rotting food daily84. Bring a pamper for your parrot85. Put your parrot in a Tree86. Put soil in the cage of your parrot87. White wash the cage monthly88. Get a bigger/ wide cage89. Use vacuum90. Place your parrot’s cage at the top of house91. Get rid of your parrot
  8. 8. 92. Spray your parrot with fresh & clean water93. Use Grape fruit extract94. Use steam cleaner95. Replace your parrot with plastic toy96. Give them unsullied fruits and vegetables97. Put perfume in your nose98. Train the parrot to clean its beak with tooth paste99. Give your parrot mineral water
  9. 9. Best Solution:We think the best solution is“To let your parrot fly away………..”• Parrots deserve freedom• Free birds don’t smell bad as petbirds• Let a bird to enjoy its life.