Fans and gamification for business and marketing


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Meet Steve. He's about to go on a journey. Join him on this simple story about fans. Learn how brands can benefit from focussing on fans and how they can use gamification to do so.

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Fans and gamification for business and marketing

  1. 1. A small story on ! !fans and gamification
  2. 2. Meet Steve.
  3. 3. Steve Fantinuum! Marketing manager!Marketing manager at XBank.
  4. 4. Sustainable Safe Future " Forward proof thinkingXBank is the family bank that cares about the future.
  5. 5. Steve wrote the best selling books ‘How to win fans and motivate "people’ and ‘The 0% Churn company’
  6. 6. But! Want to hear a little secret?
  7. 7. Inspirator Steve used to have a different focus.He only read the first half of this book.
  8. 8. Had no trouble at all pulling the odd sales trick.
  9. 9. Bought a few customers here and there.
  10. 10. And hey, I don’t blame him. That’s exactly what he was hired for!
  11. 11. Happy boss!Steve produces the customer numbers. So his boss is happy.
  12. 12. Happy Steve! A big bonus! Happy boss!And Steve gets his reward.
  13. 13. What about the customers? Well, they’re not so happy.
  14. 14. This is what they got once they’d entered through the front door…
  15. 15. Yeah, they felt a bit abandonned.
  16. 16. Until that one day… when Steve sees the light!
  17. 17. The power of fans!!A workshop on the power of fans wakes him up.
  18. 18. The power of fans!!Let’s zoom in a bit on that presentation on fans.
  19. 19. Rockstars have known for decades: fans are committed, profitable and loyal.
  20. 20. They contribute from the heart with fair criticism and great ideas.
  21. 21. And they take over your acquisition by sharing their enthousiasm.
  22. 22. ! Fans are the hidden treasures of your brand! ! 1.  Fans are loyal and have higher margins! 2.  Fans are involved and constructively critical! 3.  Fans attract new customers!That’s the power of fans!
  23. 23. Duh…                                      Duh…                        Hmm…                                Duh…    Nothing new for these guys!
  24. 24. Questions! ?! ! Uhm… ! What do I ! do now?!Steve loves the idea! But how to make the most of that power?
  25. 25. Questions! That’s my next slide Steve…! ?! !The presenter turns to the next slide…
  26. 26. How do you put that power to effect?! ! 1. Recognize and interact! 2.  Acknowledge ! 3.  Activate and stimulate! 4.  Reward! Continuously!!And tells Steve how to unleash the power of fans.
  27. 27. Not as a smart PR stunt.
  28. 28. But for real! Based on real beliefs.
  29. 29. Steve returns home, sits back and lets the idea of a fan focus mature...
  30. 30. So  when  I  recognize   my  customers,  I  can   get  in  touch  and  share   ideas  on  the  future   of  XBank!  First: Recognize your fans, know who they are, get in touch, interact!
  31. 31. And  when  I   acknowledge  them,   they’re  more  likely  to   stay  loyal  to  XBank!  Second: Acknowledge your fans so they know you value them.
  32. 32. And  when  I  ac.vate   them,  we  can  work   together  on  further   building  XBank!  Third: Activate and stimulate fan behavior, help them share their ideas and love.
  33. 33. Wow! The potential!!All those existing customers… What if everyone introduced just one friend!?
  34. 34. And  if  they  do  all  this   good  stuff  for  us,  we   should  reward  them!  Finally: Reward fan behavior, show your appreciation!
  35. 35. Steve is back in the office early the next day, full of energy.
  36. 36. John B el Manage l! r Cust omer Con tact!He runs into John, head of customer contact at XBank. John is the silent type.
  37. 37. John! We need to focus on our fans. They are our hidden treasures. If we could just unlock their potential…!Steve gets all psyched about the endless opportunities of a fan focus.
  38. 38. We get all sorts of compliments and ideas in our contact center. Why don’t we do something with all that good stuff?!Even John is enthused and joins in on the excitement.
  39. 39. But sadly the week ends. And Steve returns home….
  40. 40. How on earth do I stimulate fan behavior?!Over family breakfast, he wonders…
  41. 41. Steve’s son James has the answer.
  42. 42. World of Warcraft. Only the single most successful game ever created. Duh.
  43. 43. He starts a monologue on quests, instant feedback, progress, rewards, "XP and status. And why it makes his blood rush.
  44. 44. Quests,  instant  feedback,  progress,  rewards,  experience  points,  status    Steve is impressed and baffled at the same time. Only Google can help him…
  45. 45. gaŸmiŸfiŸcaŸtion [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] applying game dynamics and game thinking to non-game environments to increase engagement, loyalty and funGoogle says there’s a word for that: gamification.
  46. 46. Practically anything can be ‘gamified’ when you encourage intrinsic motivations!
  47. 47. Full of fans and gamification Steve joins the monday morning meeting.
  48. 48. Jane Moneypenny! Finance Manager!Oh sorry, I almost forgot… meet Jane! She’s responsible for Finance at XBank.
  49. 49. We need to focus on! our fans and gamification can help us!!Steve enthusiastically presents his vision and ideas.
  50. 50. I support you! But start with our current customers. They have lots of great ideas!!John adds the customer focus.
  51. 51. I like the idea, but what are the returns for XBank?!And Anne, as always, worries about the numbers.
  52. 52. Let me put all ideas into a fan program. Boss, what do you think?! Go!!Boss has the final say.
  53. 53. The  XBank  fan  program…     1.  Needs  to  fit  our  brand  and  vision   Customers  par,cipate  because  they  love     the  brand  and  share  our  values.     The  fan  program  should  make  them  VIP’s  and   allow  them  backstage  access.    He opens up Powerpoint and gets started…
  54. 54. The  XBank  fan  program…     2.  Needs  to  be  specific  for  our  target  group   Our  target  group  ac,vely  pursues  a  safe     and  sustainable  future  for  their  family.   Everything  we  do  we  should  do  with     them  in  mind.  Laying the foundation…
  55. 55. The  XBank  fan  program…     3.  Needs  to  persue  common  goals   We  can  use  our  customers’  ideas  to  truly   improve  and  build  long-­‐las,ng  rela,onships.     If  we  persue  common  goals  we  can  achieve   something  bigger  than  life!    Of the XBank fan program.
  56. 56. Help me out son! How can I use gamification to engage our fans?! I thought you’d never ask. Hang on! Let me slay this Level 60 Warlock first...!Back home he turns to his WoW-addicted son for advice.
  57. 57. Look… there’s a whole range of game mechanics.!James grabs a deck of cards with game mechanics.
  58. 58. Appointment   Levels   Badges   Epic  meaning   dynamics   Loss  aversion   Leaderboards   Achievements   Status   Infinite   Discovery   gameplay   Progression   CustomizaMon   Rando m  a Points   of  kind cts   CollecMons   Rewards   ness   Urgent   Community   opMmism   Easter  eggs   Quests   collaboraMon  He lays them out on the table and explains that not every game mechanic "fits every purpose or person. They need to be carefully selected to work!
  59. 59. Epic  meaning   Leaderboards   Achievements   Status   CustomizaMon   Rando m  a of  kind cts   Rewards   ness   Community   Quests   collaboraMon  Pieces of Steve’s puzzle are now coming together. Based on XBank’s target groupand objectives, Steve picks the most fitting game mechanics.
  60. 60. smile!Right on! Now Steve can make it more fun, easier and rewarding "for customers to interact with XBank!
  61. 61. John, could you do me a favor and group the best ideas and most common complaints we get from our customers? ! Sure. No probs. !Back in the office Steve lives up to his promise to start with the customers.
  62. 62. Well, this is how they feel ! we should treat them!! ! The key? Acknowledge their importance and cherish them. !Steve has the input he needs for a successful fan program.
  63. 63. Hi Steve!! ! Don’t forget to add this to your list…! ! Happy customers, more customers, better products, better service, higher loyalty and more sales!! ! "Cheers, boss!Boss adds his demands and Steve gets the project going!
  64. 64. XBank employees volunteer. "Everyone wants to join the positive vibe of the project.
  65. 65. The project team assembles all the elements and… "The XBank fan program is ready to launch!
  66. 66. Now let’s see how it works in practice…
  67. 67. Hi guys!!Meet Anne. She loves the outdoors and cares for the future of this planet.
  68. 68. Cause she wants her kids to grow up in a beautiful and peaceful place.
  69. 69. Anne just signed up online for a checking account at Xbank.After completing registration, she is welcomed with a personal video message.
  70. 70. That’s why we created the XBank fan community. You can meet other customers and XBank employees like myself. You’re invited to share your experiences with XBank freely. !Steve introduces the Xbank community. A place to share ideas and experiences.
  71. 71. 1.   Perform  a   But there is more! You can also challenge   engage in numerous challenges, from 1-minute questionnaires to epic quests. Uou unlock priviliges along the way and hopefully grow 4.   2.   out to be one of our biggest fans!! Unlock  new   Earn  points   challenges   and  rewards   3.   Gain  status   and  benefits  He also explains the fan progam. It rewards loyal customers, stimulates "them to promote XBank and asks them to share their opinion.
  72. 72. Wow cool! That was fun!! They actually like having me as a customer! !Anne is impressed.
  73. 73. This isn’t it. On the contrary… the fun has just started!
  74. 74. There’s an entire fan platform with all sorts of challenges and rewards!
  75. 75. Anne goes for profile completeness. Let’s see how that works out for her…
  76. 76. Hi Anne. Thank you for opening a premium checking account! Based on your profile, a basic account will provide you with all the services you need. Saves you a couple of dollars a month!! WOW! I’m in!!John calls her that same day. How’s that for instant feedback?
  77. 77. Money down the drain? No! Churn dropped drastically simply by offering "the best matching product for each customer.
  78. 78. Your products fit ! you like a glove. ! You’re well on your way to becoming future proof!!Anne gets an instant pop-up to let her know she’s leveled up to ‘supporter’.
  79. 79. She  connects   Pre-­‐screened  the   with  friends   new  ad  campaign   Commented   on  a  few  posts   Levels  up   Earns  and  shares  the   to  fan   futureproof  badge       Helps   Sent  her  kids  to   Fills  out  a   another   college  with     quesMonnaire   fan  on  the   XBank  personal     ‘Pay  ‘n  Save’    community   …       In the next months Anne get’s hooked. She engaged in all kinds of activities.
  80. 80. Until one day she unlocked the secret room.
  81. 81. Should we go for A. or B. Anne?!There she participates in shaping the future of XBank.Together with the board and other top fans.
  82. 82. This preso is about to end. You probably get why Xbank loves its Fans
  83. 83. Co-­‐created   products  and   Media  a[enMon  and   service   word  of  mouth   Shorter  Mme   to  market   More  ideas,   be[er  insights   Lower   contact  costs  Why XBank became the number one brand in the industry.
  84. 84. Churn   Sales   COA   Customers  Why the numbers are through the roof!
  85. 85. Why?!You really want to know why?
  86. 86. Cause we warmly welcome every new customer. ! We invest in keeping and pleasing them. ! We facilitate real conversations.! We challenge them to challenge us. ! We continuously improve based on their feedback. ! We help them share their enthusiasm & promote us.! We reward loyalty, recommendations and feedback ! We make it fun to be our customer.!Cause XBank focusses on their fans. Nothing more, nothing less.
  87. 87. Fanmind your company!! We are Fanminds. ! We believe in the power of fans. !We help brands to focus on their fans. ! To establish real relationships. ! To stimulate and reward fan behavior. ! To supercharge loyalty. !