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  1. 1. EntertainmentPart 2 – sample questionDescribe a film you found interesting.You should say: - when you saw this film - why you decided to see this film - what happened in the filmand explain why you found this film interesting.Part 3 – sample questions 1. Is the cinema a popular form of entertainment in your country? 2. Which do you think is more enjoyable, watching films in the cinema or watching films at home? 3. Do you think that films shown in cinemas should have an educational value? 4. Is it important for governments to support film-making in their countries? 5. Do you think the Internet has already had a big impact on the entertainment industry? 6. In what ways do you think that entertainment media may develop in the future? Useful VocabularyCinema (advantages) - the thrill of watching something on the big-screen - more exciting/intense atmosphere - big screen really brings the characters to life - able to appreciate the cinematography - can enjoy a night out with friends - the excitement of watching a premiere screeningWatching TV (advanatges) - can sit in the comfort of your own home - can choose what you want to watch - can flick through the channels - can invite your friends round - can watch a variety of programmes - can switch it off if you get bored
  2. 2. Film-making - social responsibility to make educational/informative films - good media for reaching wide audiences - has high impact on the public - can get worldwide recognition - can deliver social messages - can bring widespread attention to social/world problemsTechnology & Entertainment (examples) - online gaming / games / gambling - downloading films / videos (YouTube) - downloading music (iTunes) - computer game consoles (PlayStation / Wii) - social networking (Facebook / Twitter) Useful Linking ExpressionsGiving more exact information - in (actual) fact … - actually … - as a matter of fact … - … to be more exact … - … to be more precise … Sample AnswerQu. Do you think that films shown in cinemas should have an educational value?No, I don’t think that it’s necessary for all films to be educational. In fact, Ithink people go to the cinema because they simply want to be entertained, notalways educated. Watching a film on the big screen is a form of escapism andso people want adventure, romance or fantasy. As far as I’m concerned, if I’mlooking to be educated I would choose to read a book or watch adocumentary, although actually I do also enjoy historical films which teachme something about the past.