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Digital strategy for pure michigan


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Digital strategy for pure michigan

  1. 1. Digital Strategy for PureMichiganFan Ju
  2. 2. Introduction Goal: increase the viewership of some video commercials online. Target audiences: mainly Chinese, especially Chinese students in Michigan. Key performance indicator: total viewership of 5 Pure Michigan TV commercials on YouKu.
  3. 3. Social Network Platforms YouKu (like YouTube) Weibo (like Twitter) Renren (like Facebook) Uploaded the 5 commercials on YouKu with both Chinese and English subtitles and used them as the base for Weibo and Renren to post and share.
  4. 4. Own Social Influences Renren friends and Weibo followers Friend’s friend 1000 increase! Photo Shoot Campaign for MSU Chinese students 16 Chinese students (good looking & strong influence)
  5. 5. Chinese Influencers’ Power Millions of followers Generate impacts among others
  6. 6. A Third Party Company A middle man between people who want to promote something and those influencers. Post tasks Influencers share Commission fee is about 3 U.S. cents per flower
  7. 7. Successful Cases Small online stores sell about 1,000 more products after they used this method to promote their stores with about $8,000 more in profit per month. Budget: $1,000 per month
  8. 8. Conclusion Own social influences Photo Shoot Campaign Promoting our brand in China and let as many as Chinese people to see the commercials