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M6.2 AKB 48 Increase the Fans with Social Media


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M6.2 AKB 48 Increase the Fans with Social Media

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M6.2 AKB 48 Increase the Fans with Social Media

  1. 1. AKB 48 Increase the Fans with Social Media
  2. 2. BACKGROUND AKB48 is a Japanese female musical group  Established in 2005  Usually activate in Tokyo Japan  More than hundred performers  The largest musical group in Asian 
  3. 3. ALBUMS  Sakura no Hanabiratachi (2006)  Sakura no Hanabiratachi (2008)  Skirt, Hirari (2006)  Ōgoe Diamond (2008)  Aitakatta (2006)  10nen Sakura (2009)  Seifuku ga Jama o Suru (2007)  Namida Surprise! (2009)  Keibetsu Shiteita Aijō (2007)  Iiwake Maybe (2009)  Bingo! (2007)  Boku no Taiyō (2007)  Yūhi o Miteiru ka? (2007)  Romance, Irane (2008) And more……
  4. 4. VOTING SYSTEM Every time they release a new album, they will start a voting, the Fans how by the album can vote for their favorite performer. The performers how close to the top in the ranking will have more chance to performing. The performers in the toper ranking also have more chance to got job on TV shows and special events.
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA AKB 48 actively to use different social media to communicate with Fans and doing propaganda. They have their official pages on the social medias Asian people usually uses, such as Twitter, Facebook, google+, YouTube, Even the Chinese Weibo.
  6. 6. NEWS SHARING The main appltication of their they page on differen social network is to release the news of their groud, such as the new album, event, side products or concet. Fans who following the pages can share these news to their friends conveniently.
  7. 7. LOCALIZATION AKB 48 have different social network pages with different languages the Asian people usually speak. They also have different pages for the Fans live in different countries in Asian.
  8. 8. PROMOTION VIDEO AKB 48 use YouTube to be the platform to post promotion video of their music. The new Fans of people just know them can listen the music on YouTube to know does the music meet their taste. Their YouTube also have some video about the event they attended or the interview of the performers.
  9. 9. FANS CLUB Some AKB 48’s Fans build some unofficial online community to discuss of share information about AKB 48, these online community can be a BBS, online forum or social network page. Fans in this unofficial community usually are very actively.
  10. 10. LOCAL FANS The different local AKB 48’s unofficial Fans online community usually can gather the Fans in their location. When AKB 48 are making some performance tour, those local Fans will meet together and do some welcome activities.
  11. 11. PERFORMERS THEMSELVES Except AKB 48’s group pages, all performers in AKB 48 have them personal pages in different social network, they use it to communicate with their own Fans.
  12. 12. INCREASE THEIR OWN FANS Because the voting system, the performer who want more chance to performing should have enough Fans to voting her. Social network is the best way for the lower ranking performer to increase their Fans.
  13. 13. WORKING REPORT The lower raking performer usually only have chance to perform in some short radio program or small local event . They can report those works on the social network to let their Fans and public know what performs they did.
  14. 14. EVERYDAY LIFE The performers usually post their every day life on the social, like what they just eat, what movie they just watched. These post makes the Fans feel the performs just one of their friend.
  15. 15. RETWEET AND SHARE The performers’ Fans will retweet of share their post, more people will saw the performers'’ Face by this retweet or share post. On of these people may become the performers’ new Fans.
  16. 16. MORE FANS MORE CHANCES The social network effectively help the lower ranking performers increase the Fans. Even the number of their Fans are still lower than the toper ranking performers, but the AKB 48 will offer them more chances to meet their Fans’ require. AKB 48 may open some side concert for them, or help them publish their own Albums.
  17. 17. MINIATURE The AKB 48’s performer have to increase their own Fans to increase their chance to perform. It the miniature of the music industry. How they survivable in the larger member group is a reference for the musicians to learn how to survival in the music mark.