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PDF documents what you get when you enter your email address at :)

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  1. 1. Centralway is an investment company that focuses on companies in the Internet sector. It was founded in Switzerland in 1999 by Martin Saidler. During the first ten years, Centralway managed to generate shareholder value to the sum of 500 million Euros. Centralway participates in companies based on the following investment criteria: ... companies in the Internet sector ... with clear, short, simple business models ... which already have a management team ... which already hold a top position (1st or 2nd place) ... with a positive cash flow ... with clearly recognizable growth and profit potentials ... which already have a "proof of concept" ... which are not in a "turn-around" situation ... in which no other strategic investors or financial institutions hold shares Our core competences relate to the recognition of trends, finding suitable companies, targeted strategic product development and company positioning. Centralway invests in companies, increases their value and sells these later on with a significantly higher corporate value. In doing so, Centralway represents the interests of the founders. Centralway's management team consists of three members, Martin Saidler, David Dostal and Thomas Czekala.
  2. 2. "Centralway met our expectations, we obtained not only the strong partner, but also the new look to our posibilities of use. Due to Centralway we found the way to our new know-how for another steps, leading to our actual progresses." Mojmir Vacek, CEO Ceknito s.r.o. "Centralway quickly understood the global potential of and actively helped us with our international roll-out." Vit Vrba, CEO and founder Westcom s.r.o. "Centralway was recommended to us and after the first meeting we knew: Centralway will move us forward. Many thanks to the whole Centralway team." Alfred Rossi, CEO and founder Proseller AG "It was a great experience for us during last two years we spent together with Centralway. Mr.Martin Saidler has helped us a lot to prepare the company and offer the unique projects as well as our excellent position on international market to big international investors. Together we rounded it off on 9th March 2007 - Axel Springer has acquired AUTO and Roadlook network!" Ondrej Bobal, CEO and founder Anima Publishers s.r.o.
  3. 3. "Martin Saidler opened our eyes to new trends in online marketing and sales. We realized we could do a lot more with our company" Radek Stavinoha, business development director and founder INVIA "The extensive network of Martin Saidler and Centralway gave us the critical head start to expand to Europe successfully." Michal Pysik, CEO and Founder "We chose Martin Saidler and Centralway because of their impressive track record and their deep insights in the European internet markets" Lukas Thoma, CEO and Founder Preisinsel AG "We have decided to cooperate with Centralway because of three major issues. First, Centralway has a great reputation which helps us to persuade new customers. Second, Centralway connected us with other companies in its portfolio and therefore we can cooperate with such companies as Invia or Jyxo. Third, Centralway also helps us to promote our own business because of Mr. Saidler's great experience and knowledge. All of these issues are very important for our company." David Spinar, CEO and Founder H1
  4. 4. "Cooperation with Centralway brought us so far some international cooperations ( and, interesting discussions and we expect it will help us in the exit process of one current project." Michal Illich, CEO and Founder jyxo
  5. 5. Centralway Holding AG Bahnhofplatz 6300 Zug Switzerland Phone: +41 41 752 08 67 E-Mail: office [at] If you come by car Please use the following link for driving instructions. Indicatively, the ride from Zurich to Zug takes about 40 minutes. If you come by train Please use the following link to see the timetable. If you come by plane From Zurich Airport, Zug can easily be reached by train. Take the train to Lucerne and get off in Zug or to Zurich main station and change trains to Zug. It will take you about 60 minutes incl. a short walk to Centralway. If you take a taxi from Zurich Airport, it will take you about 45 minutes to Centralway.